First Look: NIP/TUCK Season 5

nip tuck season 5

With season five of NIP/TUCK just around the corner [October 30], we at thought we’d share some fantastic new fifth season promo pics. Not surprisingly, FX takes NIP/TUCK’s mantra “Make me beautiful” to heart. For more great pics, click the link below.

nip tuck season 5

nip tuck season 5

nip tuck season 5

nip tuck season 5

nip tuck season 5

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  • Where is Kimber?! If she doesn’t stick with the show I’m going to be really disappointed. I thought I read that she would be around…

  • CTV sucks! They have no respect for the Canadian fans of this show. Pick a date, stick to that date and air the damn program with some consistency.

  • Hannah

    Does anyone have any idea when season 5 will be premiering in Canada??? I’ve waited all year and was under the impression it was supposed to be tonight.

  • Alexis

    This new season is off to a suckful start. My husband gave up trying to watch the show. I however, continue to watch, hoping and waiting for something exciting to happen.

    Christian and Sean are way too old to be carrying on like they are in their 20’s, especially Christian. Christian, you are like 45 now, grow up, let go of the past.

    And now Julia is a lesbian. Show just blows now.

  • Geen

    this show is the best!!!! I love it!!! the beginning of season five wasn’t the greatest but 10 episodes in it was the same amazing writting as the past four seasons!!!! I am upset because the first 15 episodes of nip/tuck aired like last april (2008) now i find out there are 8 more epidodes being released!!! When are the new epidodes going to be on tv? in canada!!!!!!!