You Be the Critic: The TV Addict on FLOW 93.5

Thanks to, I get to spend an awful lot of time voicing my opinion with regards to everything good, bad and ugly in the world of television. Now it’s time for payback.

Last week, the TV Addict was asked to talk about the new Fall TV Season on FLOW 93.5 with JJ and Melanie in the morning. Tuesday inexplicably due to popular demand [thanks Mom!] he was asked back again. Take a listen if you can spare a few minutes and let me know what you think. Good? Bad? or Ugly? You be the critic.

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  • youknowwho

    Why didn’t you tell me you were going to be on?

  • tdot

    Speaking of radio show, when is the next podcast!

  • tdot…. we’ll have a new podcast for you next week and *fingers crossed* there will be a new microphone!

  • NikkiHolly

    awesome! so is this gonna be like a weekly thing with you and the radio station now?

  • Nice job, Daniel! Welcome to the world of radio! You did all of us TV addicts proud. I do a weekly radio gig, too, at Magic 106.5 to give the Tube Talk report, and I’ve really enjoyed it. Hope to hear you again.

  • Jennifer

    way to go, tvaddict!