Download FOX Shows Free on iTunes

Fox Broadcasting Company (FOX) and Apple today announced that for the first time ever, series and season premiere episodes of FOX’s fall series will be available free on the iTunes Store beginning this week. Series include the debuts of new shows BACK TO YOU, KITCHEN NIGHTMARES and K-VILLE, as well as returning favorites PRISON BREAK, BONES, AMERICAN DAD and ’TIL DEATH. These FOX premieres will be available free on iTunes beginning the day after their respective launches for two weeks. [click here to head on over to iTunes]

“iTunes customers are going to love being able to purchase new and returning FOX shows on the iTunes Store,” said Eddy Cue, Apple’s vice president of iTunes. “We’re thrilled FOX decided to kick off the fall season with such an incredible promotion on iTunes.”

Eddy Cue, we at couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Who doesn’t love effortlessly [and legally] being able to purchase their favorite TV shows on iTunes to play on our iPods and iPhones. Free downloads will certainly make this TV Addict’s upcoming five hour flight to LA a lot easier. Here’s hoping NBC starts to take note. Because not only does Amazon Unbox not work on a plane, I’m sure it doesn’t fit on my Mac, iPod or iPhone.

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  • Rich S

    And for those who don’t own an iPod or a Mac, NBC will be offering free downloads of their programs on a service call NBC Direct starting in October and someitme early next year they will set up their own service similar to iTunes. A PC will be required to use the service and the show can only be viewed for 7 days.

    Yes, I know The TV Addict, loves his iPod/MAC/Apple TV and believes that Apple will one day dominate the world.

  • Rich, at this point, really who doesn’t own an iPod. But seriously, the fact that NBC’s new Direct service doesn’t work with MAC’s is absolutely ridiculous. How can NBC ignore a large segment of the population. Yes I realize PC’s still dominate the business world… but millions of potential television fans own MACS.

  • Rae

    Whatcha going to LA for, you addict you? Work or pleasure?

    To be fair to NBC, they did say they are working on getting it available for MAC users. That doesn’t help me watch it on my iPod when I’m traveling but at least I’d be able to catch up on a show if I miss an episode.

  • Mana

    I don’t own an ipod…

    Anyway, why am I not American again? I feel so left out.

  • Rae… to answer your first question, stay tuned 🙂

    To reply to your second question…. I’m aware that NBC is ‘working’ on a MAC compatible version of whatever they’re going to offer us. But frankly, that isn’t good enough. I want to be able to watch their shows on my iPod and I’m more than willing to pay for it. As a fourth place network, you’d think they’d be a little more receptive to their audience.

  • leoguy72388

    What about house? … I hope they have the premiere free! (although it certainly doesn’t need more viewers)

  • Rich S

    TV Addict, I only keep bringing up what NBC is doing as I don’t know many people that have a video iPod and most of my friends and co-workers have a PC. Then again most people I know watch tv the traditional way–that is when it originally airs. You and I are not in the majority. Most people only think of watching their favorite program on a TV.

    I support NBC’s decision to move away from iTunes as one form of distibution should not dominate. In the announcement from NBC they stated the video quality should be better than what is currently available on an iPod. Maybe that could put pressure on Apple to improve their video quality and that would benefit you.

  • Rae

    I knew that’s what you were gonna say!! Tease.

    I know, I know… but I do give them a little credit for not blocking out MAC users completely.

  • CC

    Wow I just noticed the only show I watch on Fox is Prison Break.
    Fox has really gone down hill. (thats what they get for becoming notorious for cancelling shows)
    What viewer wants to take a chance on them now?

  • Yeah – I’m with you CC. You guys have fun with “Till Death’. I’ll be watching my Arrested Development DVDs from now until the end of time.

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  • Anonymous

    No thanks. I think I need to rearrange my sock drawer.

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