HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER in Three Minutes

In anticipation of Monday’s third season premiere of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER this TV Addict thought he’d take the opportunity to do two things. First, thank the TV Gods for smiling upon us and giving us a third season of television’s most underappreciated comedy gem. Second and more importantly, give HIMYM virgins an opportunity to jump on the bandwagon with this brilliant three minute HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER mashup narrated by none other than ‘future’ Ted himself Bob Saget.

Trust the TV Addict. Three minutes is all it takes to fall in love with Ted, Robin, Lilly, Marshall and Barney.

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  • Truly underappreciated. Hey, at least it wasn’t canceled 🙂

  • CC

    Yes thank you tv gods!!!

    Also, I noticed on comcast on demand, along with this retrospective, theres are four clips showing Marshall and Lily on their honeymoon. They’re pretty funny too!

  • The best traditional sitcom on air

  • tdot

    I wish the season 2 DVD came out before the premiere. The DVD doesnt come out until oct. 2. ARGH/ damn CBS, Ohwell looks like i will have to tape the first couple of episodes. and then watch All of season 2 on one weekend.