The TV Addict is Off to Los Angeles

TV Addict local time: 3AM. No doubt you’re wondering why I’m not sleeping.

Well, since you asked. Tomorrow, or more accurately a few hours from now, this TV Addict is off to Los Angeles — or as I like to call it, the ‘mother ship’ — in order to obtain some first hand television news, interviews and scoop. But more on that later.

For some inexplicable reason, the night prior to any trip, I simply can’t sleep. Scared of flying? Absolutely not. Okay, so I’ve probably watched a little too much LOST and let’s face it — I still have no idea as to how a metal canister can hurdle through the sky — but the reality is I’m far too excited to sleep. That, or I simply can’t stop watching the fifth season of BEVERLY HILLS 90210 that I PVR’d all week long courtesy of TVTropolis [Valerie Malone is such a Bad Girl!].

This weekend I’ll be interviewing numerous stars from your favorite shows, attending what’s shaping up to be one helluva Fall TV Launch Party and touring the set of one of the new season’s most highly anticipated shows. To find out which stars, what party and what set, just check back later this weekend. [Holy Frak! A coked up Dylan McKay just drove off a cliff!]

Speaking of next week, will be celebrating the new TV season in style. And by ‘style’ we mean the unveiling of the TV Addict’s ‘Must Watch’ Fall TV Schedule, fantastic video featuring some of your favorite stars and one interview a certain ‘army’ has been patiently waiting for. So don’t miss it, it’s going to be a great week, or as Barney Stintson might say… LEGEN….wait for it….DARY! [Does this joke ever get old?]

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  • Mel

    Truly, TVAddict, you have THE coolest job in the world. Srsly. Coolest. Job.
    Have fun – – I mean, work hard in L.A.!!!!
    I know you’ll bring us back lots of great stuff!
    (Can’t wait to see you Must-Watch grid!)

  • I am jealous. =) And I can never sleep the night before a trip, medical appointment, or day of reckoning. lol Good luck and have fun above all else!! This former College Virgin is taking the semester off due to health issues, so I strongly recommend you take time for YOU while in LaLa Land. Hey, if u see Troy/McNamara, tell them I need some pro bono work done. LOL Look forward to reading you more this fall with my free time. Take care. Timothy Wilkins

  • Rae

    Lucky you! Have fun.

  • tdot

    I am SO jealous. You have the best job ever, or should I say side job. I hope you have a blast in L.A. and you better bring the scoop back!This week is so exciting so many premiers!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sheindie

    Have the funnest time.. man! what an awesome job you have..
    Anyway, this is one SArmy member who is totally excited for your Heroes interview that ‘went down’ in Toronto. YAY!!!…and THANKS!!

  • phunkyb

    Hope LA is super fun! What a job, what a life.
    MAC and Wally were walking in the ravine today…they would like LA too!