Fall TV’s MONDAY Must Watch

fall tv must watch

Nine great shows, seven hours of must watch television [seven and a half when NEW CHRISTINE finally returns] — when did Monday became the new Thursday?

Josh Schwartz’s new show CHUCK. Adorable and slightly nerdy, it’s as if they looked at my life and put it on TV. I wonder if Chuck needs a brother? [For a great interview with current CHUCK and former BATTLESTAR GALACTICA writer Anne Cofell Saunders head on over to SyFy Portal]

Whoever thought Chuck Lorre’s BIG BANG THEORY would be funny and watch-able (certainly not this TWO AND A HALF MEN hater). And to think, I spent my entire summer crafting witty headlines like this one — ‘Big Bang Big Bust.’ Chuck Lorre, you may have just made up for giving Charlie Sheen another job.

Amidst the endless hype for BIONIC WOMAN and CHUCK, odds are good that you may have forgotten about a little show called JOURNEYMAN. Starring ROME’S Kevin McKidd and from the minds that brought you THE WEST WING (Alex Graves and Kevin Falls), JOURNEYMAN revolves around a San Francisco newspaper reporter and family man who inexplicably begins to travel through time and change people’s lives. The TV Addict encourages you to check it out, or else NBC may quickly decide to send JOURNEYMAN packing.

Enjoy the night fellow TV Addicts. Say hello to new TV. Goodbye to friends, family and free time.

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  • Josh

    I hate to say it, but I would rather watch Two and a Half Men than Big Bang Theory. Not only did I find the show completely unfunny, but the characters were so damn annoying. Every single one of them. I can’t believe The Class and Old Christine are MIA so that this can air.

    I also wasn’t impressed with Journeyman.

    But so that my post isn’t all negative, Chuck rocks. I loved the pilot. Watch it!

  • JOURNEYMAN prediction: canceled before november sweeps

  • Scott

    Loved The Big Bang Theory. Best new sitcom in a while. I suggest Josh go back and see it again. It is hilarious.

  • Linda B.

    Before i even started reading i looked at the chart and thought, wow looks like my Thursday nights. Anyway, the only ones i’ll be watching are Heroes and Journeyman. Chuck doesn’t look all that interesting to me, and TBBT looks awful. I watched the CBS new fall shows special a week or so ago and thought the show looked terrible. I predict it will not make it past season 1.

    BTW – I love your last sentence. Yup, that’s me.

  • CC

    I dled the free pilot for Big Bang Theory on itunes.
    Yea.. not watching that.

  • Donkey Kid

    Big Bang Theory is horrible and you should be ashamed for laughing at such rehashed material. It tries so hard to be nerdy that it’s laughable in a sad way.