They Suffer, You Win!

Over the next few weeks, TV execs are going to be as nervous as Britney Spears before her VMA performance as they anxiously await each morning’s ratings report. Will their new shows prove to be LOST-like hits or ANCHORWOMAN-ish flops? (You almost have to pity the poor assistants who will come bearing the bad news. That’s gotta be almost as tough as handling OJ’s public image!) We hear at The TV Addict, however, admit to taking a certain pleasure in this annual rite of passage, especially since it’s all played out in a very public forum and rests entirely on the whims of the viewing public! This year, in order to take part in the bloodshed that is the Fall TV Season, we’re offering up a very special prize to the person who correctly picks which show will be the first to bite the dust. That’s right… the exec gets headaches, you get a cool prize package!

The rules are simple: By Monday, October 1, leave a comment with your prediction for the first show to be cancelled. Only one guess per player, please. The first show to be cancelled AFTER OCTOBER 1 will be considered Fall’s first fatality for the purposes of this contest. All correct answers will be gathered together into a random drawing, with the winner receiving a nifty prize package featuring everyone’s favorite family, THE SIMPSONS.

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  • Jocke

    I’m guessing “Samantha Who?” is the first show to be cancelled

  • h

    Nashville. Fridays and Fox, nuff said.

  • I vote for Nashville, already getting beaten by all of the major network shows [even reruns]

  • Chris

    Third-ing Nashville. I’d say Viva Laughlin, but that premiers after October 1.

  • Geri

    Dang, I wanted to be the first to say Nashville. =P

  • I vote K-Ville!

  • Josh

    Life Is Wild

    My prediction is Nashville will either be canceled before Oct. 1 or it’ll be kept on the air until after Next Great American Band airs. So I went with a different show.

  • Marie

    Even though it’s a later premiere, I’m going to say Cavemen.

  • Tim

    my vote goes to Cane

  • Sheindie


  • Kelleh


  • Alyssa Montgomery

    CW Now or Online Nation

  • Em

    Going for something different…let’s try Big Bang Theory.

  • Aileen

    As much as I want it to succeed because I love Jason Dohring…Moonlight. It’s on Friday night and the initial press isn’t stellar.

  • Linda B.

    I just heard Nashville was cancelled, so i guess that voids everyone’s guess on that (since it’s 9/26 today).

    Anyway, i think i will guess……uh, give me more time to think.

  • Tom

    Gotta go with Moonlight, i’ll be surprised if it makes two episodes…

  • Linda B.

    Big Shots. Just a wild guess.

    they say it will be the male version of Sex and the City. I know they tried to do a male version of The View several years ago and that bombed. I somehow think this will do the same.

  • Zeus

    Hi. I’m definitely going to have to say Moonlight.

  • Courtney

    i’m going with Viva Laughlin, even though it premiers later than Oct. 1