Your Daily Dose of DEXTER

In honor of DEXTER’S second season premiere this Sunday September 30 at 9PM on Showtime, will be offering up a daily dose of DEXTER.

Today’s dose — how does being able to watch the season premiere online right now sound? Simply click here and enter the password “Killer Shows” to discover the brilliance that is DEXTER.

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  • Gotta wait to watch with the hubby. We didn’t get into this show until a couple of weeks ago when we realized we had Showtime on Demand and could watch it. And we were HOOKED. Instantly. Fantastic. lol Love it. 😀

  • I just recently started watching Season 1 and at first I liked it ok, but wasn’t too excited about it. But the more I watch the more I love it. I finished the third DVD today and almost cried because I have to wait to get the fourth DVD. I love “Dexter” now.
    You can bet that once I have finished the first season I will watch the premiere of season two. Thanks for the tip.

  • Natalie

    Thanks for the advance…got caught up this summer on S1 and can’t wait for S2!!!

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