Fall TV’s TUESDAY Must Watch

fall tv must watch tuesday

Before we dive into Tuesday night’s schedule, please pause for a moment and remember two dearly departed shows that are no longer with us. GILMORE GIRLS and VERONICA MARS — thanks for the memories, Tuesday will never be the same.

Moving on — in a dignified and respectful manner — this TV Addict is almost relieved that we get a break after Monday night’s must see TV marathon. With a mere three shows on Tuesday night — including HOUSE, REAPER and CANE, this TV Addict might actually have room for those important little things like friends, family and food.

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  • kevin

    How is SVU not a must watch show? What, just because it doesn’t have a British doctor with attitude?

  • starbase135

    SVU is IMO just another crime show clone. I was surprised to not find the different and unique Bones on your must watch list though.

  • Josh

    Reaper is the only thing for me to watch on Tuesdays. I guess it’s good to have a break, with how overloaded Monday and Thursday are.

  • Monkey

    Ummm, how could Bones not be a must watch!!

    PS-Doesnt Boston Legal start @ 9:30?

  • I agree about Bones & SVU being on the Must Watch list. 😀 I will also add NCIS to that list. Far from being the same old same old forensic/cop show. 🙂

  • And what about Damages? We’ve only got four weeks left!

  • Anna

    Bones is seriously underrated.

  • tdot

    Ill be watching Gossip Girls on CTV. cause then tommorow I can watch Bionic Women and Private Practie!

  • Jenny & Kevin, enough awful things happen in the real news. Do I really need to see more awful crimes ripped from the headlines. I watch TV for enjoyment, not to be depressed.

    Jenny & Anna, truth be told, I never watched BONES. But after meeting the incredibly nice cast this weekend, I’m definitely going to give the show a shot.

    Monkey — yes BOSTON LEGAL tonight starts at 9:30pm, but usually at 10PM

  • ewanspotter

    Food? BAH. Overrated.

    NCIS and House, here I come!

  • CC

    Tuesdays make me sad in the TV world lol
    I’m watchig Repear because there’s nothing else..
    It’s an ok show, but not something I’ll care about much.
    I’m pissed People Magazine rated it better than Chuck. In my opinion Chuck is soooooooo much better, and not only because it’s NBC and not CW. Just better overall.

  • Donkey Kid

    Cane is soooo boring and contrived. Every plot twist was as predictable as the next. Batmanuel needs to find out if they still need him on Lost because this baby isn’t making it to midseason.

  • i miss gilmore girls

  • Pinwiz… I absolutely love DAMAGES. But this is a Fall Preview! DAMAGES premiered this summer.

  • As my free time and nonexistent social life continue, I’m glad to know what to look for to watch on regular tv. Thanks for the day by day blow. Too bad I don’t have cable. LOL I don’t watch tv on Mondays or Tuesdays. I use to watch this little show called “VERONICA MARS” but not many others joined in. =) I’m still in mourning. Tuesdays haven’t been the same since “Buffy” left the airwaves! Now, that was Tuesday TV! LOL

  • jess

    What about BOnes? It totally rocked the premiere was awesome