The one and only drawback to attending last night’s incredible FOX Fall TV Launch Party in Hollywood? This TV Addict missed everything on TV. HEROES, HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, PRISON BREAK, all the new shows, everything. Okay, so it’s a small price to pay considering I pretty much had the coolest night ever. And yes, presumably all of my shows are safely stored away on my PVR anxiously awaiting for my return. But still, I’m a genuine TV Addict. Seriously, addicted to television! Can I help it if a little part of me — even while borderline stalking Kelsey Grammer! Keifer Sutherland! Emily Deschanel! Omar Epps! Stephen Root! Rashida Jones! and Janeane Garofalo! for photos still wanted to be curled up in front of my TV, cheering on Hiro as Hiro found himself stuck in Feudal Japan?

So I gotta know [in a spoiler free fashion please!] Did HEROES live up to the hype? How hard is it to watch Ted and Robin broken up? Was PRISON BREAK’S second episode as good as last week’s first? Was the BIG BANG THEORY a big Bust? And is ‘Chuck’ this season’s Jim Halpert? What should this TV Addict be watching first upon his return to boring and celebrity free Toronto?

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  • chris

    so how drunk was kiefer?

  • Linda B.

    that was funny!

  • kevin

    Heroes and Chuck were great. Heroes was mostly setting up the groundwork for this volume’s story, but it was still awesome. And Chuck was one of the most refreshing shows I’ve seen in a while. I didnt get a chance to watch anything else yet, though. Also, Aliens in America wasn’t on last night when your guide said it would be (the CW ran another episode of Everybody Hates Chris). Any idea what’s up with that?

  • Heroes was awesome & I am very excited!

    How I Met Your Mother is legend (wait for it) ary. It was not weird at all seeing Robin & Ted broken up, in fact you are excited to see more of the Adventures of Barney & Ted.

    Big Bang, got under my nerd skin & although not as great as How I Met Your Mother, it is good television.

    In between commercials I caught some Chuck, but it seemed like the Scrubs (without singing) of spies. I will give it another chance & watch it online.

    I did not want to watch Journeyman, because honestly I thought it was a remake of Quatum Leap or that other show where the guy gets a newspaper from the future (I can’t remember the name). But Journeyman surprised me & I will tune in!

  • Josh

    Heroes was a great opening episode. I’m excited for the rest of the season, although I already was anyway. How I Met Your Mother was pretty good. I actually prefer Ted and Robin to be broken up.

    I didn’t watch Chuck, since I saw the pilot a few months ago. Great show.

    Aliens in America doesn’t debut until next Monday, 10/1.

  • h

    Heroes was BORING. People who shouldn’t have survived did with no explanation. Other things changed with little or no explanation. They barely used any powers and I don’t know what the new one was other than gross. But it has potential. I didn’t like the Hiro story line. The idea that Mohinder and Parkman are going to outsmart people is laughable. Thankfully they have HRG. We’ll see. The next episode needs a lot more direction and action that moves the plot rather than merely moving the location.

  • I think heroes is off to a good start. I think the image Nathan saw in the bar window reflection is a clue.

  • JennyC

    I will have to agree with h totally. I thought the episode was bland. Tim Kring should leave it to the other writers to write an episode. Too many cheesy dialogs. However, the Petrelli, Kaito, Alejandro, Maya, and Molly storylines were interesting. I am glad for the latinos in the show. Shalim is a somewhat popular Spanish pop singer. His mother is legendary entertainer via TV, music: Chariytin. Anyway, they seem to be great characters. However, Alejandra’s Spanish needs a little fine tuning. I am spearing away from that tangent. The Petrellis don’t disappoint. I have to know about Nathan and Peter. I agree with Kevin that the first episode is the base of the whole season.
    The negatives of the show besides the dialogue, is Hiro’s storyline! He was one of the best characters season 1 and now whenever I see him appear on the screen I get annoyed because this episode made a mockery of Hiro. Same goes with HRG. Claire is becoming annoying.

  • I think Chuck will be a great lead in for Heroes. Just glad Adam Baldwin is back in primetime. I missed Jayne ever since Firefly was canceled.

  • SuperChris

    I agree Jenny, I’m not crazy with Hiro’s storyline. I wasn’t a major fan of Hiro in the first season and now I’m almost tempted to just fast forward through his scenes in this latest episode. HRG and Claire’s storyline seemed bland until the last scene with the reveal of HRG’s newest alliance. I’m looking forward to that. Molly’s story I’ll be watching carefully and I’m still looking forward for Sylar’s return.

  • I am a big fan of Hiro, but I think this storyline is predicitable and doesn’t add to the overall show. I like Hiro best when he’s interacting with Ando.

  • CC

    I agree with h and Jenny about Heroes… sigh
    Waiting for Kristen Bell is going to be difficult!

  • Mel

    I liked ‘Chuck’ a lot. (Loved Adam Baldwin, BTW.)
    Heroes was — OK. Where’s Nikki? I loved David Anders on Alias and he’s off to a good start but I don’t like the storyline of Hiro in the past. I hope they do something more interesting than have Hiro engineer all the derring-do for his idol so he can live up to the stories Hiro grew up on.
    Journeyman was kind of a slow start. The last 15 minutes was much more interesting than the first 3/4’s of an hour — unfortunately I doibt most of the audience stayed around to find that out. Next week will be when I make the decision to keep watching or go back to CSI Miami.

  • annsensei

    I must be the only one, but I LOVED heroes last night!!! my favorite storyline is the hiro in feudal Japan. I have studied ancient Japan (and I teach Japanese), so I am very biased in my opinion, but I’m LOVING the twist that kensei isn’t even Japanese!!! I have a feeling that beyond the predictable storyline “twists” (hiro has to become the hero he has always worshipped), I keep waiting to see his father show up in the ancient past. I think his power has been immortality or something similar. I think hiro’s dad’s secrets don’t end with the older generation group. it’s going to be a GREAT season!!!

    as for the other shows, I loved how I married your mother and even big bang. I thought big bang had over-exposed the funny jokes in the commercials, but it was still funny!!!

  • I like How I Met Your Mother, we finally saw the “mother”, sort of. The slap bet countdown in the last part of the episode was hilarious

  • Elliot

    First off, this was my first time getting to watch these shows in HD. What a difference 🙂

    How I Met Your Mother was amazing. A more then good episode that shows how much the show has matured and how well the characters work together Ted’s mistake will live in infamy.

    The Big Bang Theory has a lot of potential. The geek in me liked the premise of the show. I don’t know if it’s just because the show is new but sometimes the show just felt awkward- and not that “wow he’s a nerd awkward” because that’s usually funny, but more like a “the show hasn’t quite found itself yet” kind of awkward. I laughed as many times as I thought jokes were lame though so I’ll give it another shot.

    Heroes was good. The episode was solid with some interesting developments. The only disappointment was that I was waiting for a plot to develop… and am still waiting. Maybe next episode. But still, it’s Heroes and I like it 🙂

    I was into Journeyman but for some reason reception kept going in and out so I only saw about half the episode. Did get to see the end though, and that made for some great TV. Heroes was fine so I dunno what happened between it airing and Journeyman. Made me mad tho. I’ll have to catch up on it later at a friends house.

    ok, I’m done now.

  • I actually enjoyed The Big Bang. I think it makes a nice partner show for How I Met Your Mother. I laughed my butt off

  • I like CHUCK!