Fall TV’s WEDNESDAY Must Watch

After somewhat of a lackluster Tuesday night, Wednesday puts my life back on pause with six highly anticipated shows and two shows that I am definitely trying out on a probationary basis [KID NATION and LIFE].

ABC owns my soul on Wednesday with three fantastic hours of television back-to-back-to-back. PUSHING DAISIES is unlike anything currently on television [that’s a good thing by the way.] Shonda Rhimes has earned a little goodwill courtesy of GREY’S ANATOMY so I’m going to trust her when she promises that PRIVATE PRACTICE will be fantastic. And with a title called DIRTY SEXY MONEY, what’s not to love?

BIONIC WOMAN, while not perfect has a few things not to love. Namely an uneven script and a lot of behind the scenes changes [never a good sign]. That said, Michelle Ryan fighting Katie Sackhoff on a rain drenched rooftop. We reiterate, what’s not to love?

BACK TO YOU is bringing back [get it?!] the traditional three camera comedy. If you loved Frasier [like this TV Addict does] you’ll thoroughly enjoy this show.

And finally, GOSSIP GIRL, the ultimate guilty pleasure. THE OC on steriods, 90210 to the extreme. Josh Schwartz is my God.

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  • Josh

    I’m not sure what my Wednesday will consist of yet. Obviously Pushing Daisies is a lock. I’m hoping Private Practice will be good. I was one of the few that liked the backdoor pilot. Dirty Sexy Money seems like it might be a great guilty pleasure, but I’ve gotta see the pilot first.

    You’re right, Gossip Girl is the ultimate guilty pleasure. I liked the pilot more than I’d care to admit. haha And I don’t know about Bionic Woman. I guess I’ll check out the first episode tonight.

  • Pushing Daisies has its premiere next week, 10/3. DWTS has the results show tonight. 🙁 Sorry guys.

  • the-good-shepherd

    What about Life? The Trailers i’ve seen so far were promissing, i think it could be a great show, but i’m afraid it won’t last, since the name of they show is (due to the lack of other words) silly.
    It’s a show about a cop who has been innocent in jail for 12 years and has to deal with the ruins of his former life, couldn’t they find a better Title for the Show? How about “Framed”? Oh, i’ll retire my suggestion, now that the names “Vanished” and “Kidnapped” come to my mind…bad idea… but seriously, they could have chosen a far better name for that show…

  • CC

    Is it sad that I want to watch Gossip Girl instead of Private Practice? lol

  • No Top Model love = no credibility. 🙂

  • Matt P

    I saw the Life pilot from Amazon Unbox and I have to say it was one of the best pilots I have seen for a show in a long time, and one of the better hours of television I have seen this year so far, so I am eager to see if it can continue with that quality in the new episodes.

  • I don’t get why everyone hates the name Life. It’s like the promos say: Life is what he got and life is what he got back. *shrug* I like it fine.

  • tdot

    DAMN. there is just to much to watch!
    I really need a PVR. I wanna watch all the stuff on ABC,Till Death,Back to You. ANTM, Gossip girls, and Bionic Women. and then in Feb. Lost.,Wensdays is overload. Everyday there is like 10 shows i need to watch!AHH so crazy.lol But i love it!!!

  • Sad to report that I found the Bionic Woman pilot to be less than awesome, especially compared to the other pilots NBC is rolling out this year. There is absolutely zero development of the main character. We really don’t know a single thing about her other than that she fights with her sister and is a cyborg. Hopefully it will shape up in the future!


  • Shane

    Oh my man! Dirty SEXY Money, was crazy. But good crazy… I can’t wait to see the Darlings more and more in the weeks to come. This show just seems so current and appropriate. Brian Darling is by far my favorite Darling, he’s just so blunt… I also love the youngest members of the Darling family. They remind me of the crazy “celebrities” on the cover of US Weekly and all over MTV.

  • Sabrina

    Dirty Sexy Money lives up to its name; it’s fabulously over the top and quite funny. Private Practice, however, is totally ridiculous. The character interactions are flat, which is odd for such an experienced cast, and their relationships don’t ring true. And Kate Walsh cannot dance, even if she does have good legs, and her character is just bitchy and smug. Too bad for Amy, who was about the only bright spot.