The TV Addict Goes Hollywood

fox fall tv launch party area 2007 kelsey grammer

On Monday night, the TV Addict attended his first ever Hollywood Party. By all accounts I played it cool, suave and sophisticated. Breezing through the room like I belonged. Not at all like the television obsessed stalkarazzi who casually took it upon himself to interrupt nearly every actor and actress within earshot to get a quick photo.

But seriously, who am I kidding — suave and sophisticated? Not a chance! This TV Addict was at a party with Kiefer Sutherland! [You may have read about it here, here and here.] And no, contrary to online speculation, I did not drink Kiefer under the table. THE OFFICE’s Kate Flannery, well that’s a different story entirely.

The party at AREA [an uber-trendy club you may have seen on THE HILLS] was everything you’d imagine. Stars where everywhere [I quite literally almost bumped into Emily Deschanel], very strange food [Shrimp pizza? what’s wrong with regular pizza!] and did I mention the stars?

Enjoy the first round of photos, including my ‘what I did say’ vs. ‘what I wanted to say’ comments. I’d post my Kiefer Sutherland photo but I’m shopping them around [US Weekly, People Magazine.. I’m waiting for a call!].

fox fall tv launch party area 2007 rashida jones

What the TV Addict said: Rashida, I absolutely LOVE YOU on THE OFFICE.

What The TV Addict was thinking: Please don’t ever come back so Jim and Pam can live happily ever after.

fox fall tv launch party area 2007 thomas dekker

What the TV Addict said: Congratulations on the SARAH CONNOR pilot, it was fantastic.

What The TV Addict was thinking: Come’on Thomas, spill. Why did you really leave HEROES?

fox fall tv launch party area 2007 Stephen Root

What the TV Addict said: NEWSRADIO is one of my all time favorite shows.

What The TV Addict was thinking: No really, I absolutely love NEWSRADIO.

Be sure to check back later in the week for more great photos including Emily Deschanel, John Cho, Omar Epps, Kate Flannery, Janeane Garofalo and the much talked about Kiefer Sutherland.

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  • Hmmm, you sure see to be thirsty in all those pics. Just how much time DID you spend with Keifer at the party? I still can’t believe my frenemy, Rashida Jones, was gone by the time I finally made it to the party. So bummed!! A good time overall though…gotta love swag.

  • Kudos TvAddict, looks like fun from a fan prospective. Stars, free food, free booze, and u looked nice. =) So, dish. . . any “white” noses? Who was under the table? Who stayed in the bathroom too long? Who didn’t want their photo taken with u? Best overheard line of the night? Come on tvaddict, we’re waiting. LOL Glad u had fun. I don’t expect answers to those ?’s. he he

  • Aileen

    What I would want to say to Thomas Dekker: Love the outfit! Now please cut your hair and put on those glasses! (TV addict, do you happen to have a picture of him where he DOES wear the glasses?).

  • Great meeting you, dude. I wish we’d had more time to chat. I don’t know, that party turned into a whirlwind… poor Kiefer 😉 Um, by the way, not on purpose–it was my last clean t-shirt–i’m wearing my Save Everwood apparel right at this very moment 🙂 Hope you had fun this week!!

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