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Wish you jumped on the HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER bandwagon last season? Wondering why all your friends are randomly referencing Robin Sparkles, ‘suiting up’ and steak sauce. Wish you were as cool as all of your friend who are clearly cooler than you because they watch HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER and you don’t? Well now’s your chance. Simply click here to download the hilarious and legendary [please note, in an effort to avoid overkill, I did not add a ‘wait for it’ to my ‘legendary’] final two episodes of season two for FREE courtesy of iTunes and CBS.

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  • Mel

    *sigh* Why oh why do I live in Canada???

  • ct

    great show

  • AM

    i love this show

  • axl

    Legen…(wait for it) – dary!!!

  • Emma

    Don’t you have ALL the episodes, not just the last 2 of season 2?

  • Rimei’u

    This is really a good one.

  • metto

    i love how i met your mother
    i love everyone

  • Foxerine

    cool site dude…

  • rems


  • R

    This is the best show what i have ever seen!!!!!

  • ashlee

    why the hell robin and ted brroke up, they look sooooooo cute together, as i thought finally robin’s gonna live with ted, n she was pregnent, they just broke up, its sooooooooooo sad, why should that happen, they must be togethrer, they r made for each others, i hope in the next episodes they will go back together, and live a such beautiful love story

  • Shahbaz

    great show…i just love it..

  • judd

    i love this (wait for it) show

  • avianico

    that s why tonight it s gonna be LEGENDARY , wait for it …………. DARY! (3×18) soooooooo funny

  • Spain

    Could someone tell me when the 4th season begin? I am impatient!!!!

  • Femi Toyinbo aka FEEzO

    look, i think the crew responsible for “how i met your mother” should be handsomely rewarded by the world cuz “how i met your mother is one of the best things that happened in this world. for a group of people tocome together and then “how i met your mother” springs up, they must be geniuses cuz its not just a film. its a piece of art, in relation to our daily life activities ,to top it up in a humorical way.
    God bless Pamela Fryman and her crew
    i dont like HIMYM ,I LOVE IT!!! i’m in Africa yet, i cant afford to miss 1 single episode, infact i alrady have the compiation of the 2 seasons in 2 DVDs,. i watch them over and over again, virtually every single week!!!

  • namnam


  • avinash – mauritius

    its legendary!!!

  • nitynity

    great show…i just love it..

  • Mahendran

    hope to get this series

  • George Nesta

    The barnico is gre… Wait for it!…at, great

  • shane

    I want to down it

  • amna

    this is a lot of fun in it
    i enjoyed it alooott

  • anonomus

    this program is good but i want from the first episode so i dont get confused but there is lot of laughter so its good.

  • Jacob Zuma

    This show is great. I would be honoured to take part in it.(hint,hint)Keep it up

  • Robyn

    I have to say that this is a great show that I ever met. My friends and I love it pretty much!

  • Chris

    This sucks I live in Canada. Why can’t we get this show available to download? This sucks

  • elvis

    its the best comedy ever

  • Lacshay Shekhar

    I just got one thing to say for this show, i.e. its LEGEN…….. its coming, wait for it DARY….!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Saman

    I just love Robin be the mother. because ted & Robin are so cute together.
    i will be so angry if robin is not the mom and i will stop watching TV shows

  • mehdi

    I think robin is not the ” mother” !
    but this show is still (wait for it ) awesome !

  • Berke

    this is te most legendary tv show i’ve ever watch

  • Tinika

    This Show Is Awesome!!!

  • Juzer

    barney is god

  • bernard hiemanto

    i wish barney is the mother…
    doesn’t it sounds LEGEN……. wait 4 it… DARY
    Hopefully pam fryman adding more crazy funny guest like owen wilson, ben stiler, sean penn.
    what about in special hilarious episode pam combine HIMYM n Friends altogether.
    greatest shows very entertaining

  • sina

    God.I love this show

  • Mayank

    After watching dis show, all i wanna b is BARNEY!!!
    AWESOME!!! Every1 around me likes TED d most. even my gf. I admit he is cute but BARNEY is ………. No words!!!! Simply Awesomely AWESOME!

  • Mayank

    One thing i 4got to write in ma last comment.
    If i become like BARNEY, dis is gonna b LEGENDARY!!!!
    getting inspired by him, i wear only suits nowadays. thanx bro… wat up!!!!

  • pezhman

    i love them, i wanna download season 5, but how?

  • pie

    love this show soooooooooooooooooo much…
    love barney….that guy is legend…wait for it…dary

  • Karim molljy

    We really will be saved in 2012 because Ted Mosby lives in 2030!!!

  • drazen1

    serija je ekstra

  • Dr Kartik

    this show is awesome..

  • Mamalex_hadian

    just make it easy 2 download every one who see that will be in love with that

  • Nr_hmc