You Be the Critic: Wednesday Night

With this TV Addict desperately scrambling to catch up on my television viewing after returning from Los Angeles [LOVED HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER! Was anyone else disgusted by HEROES painfully awkward Nissan product placement?] I leave it to you, my fellow TV Addicts to point me in the right direction.

PRIVATE PRACTICE, DIRTY SEXY MONEY, BIONIC WOMAN and LIFE — What did you think? Did they accomplish a pilot’s most important [and only] goal — get you wondering what’s next? Will you be tuning in next week? Post away with your thoughts.

A quick note though with regards to DIRTY SEXY MONEY, which I simply had to check out even in my jet-lagged exhausted state. Is it just me, or are the Darling Family just a drunker, meaner, less like-able version of ABC’s other family on BROTHERS & SISTERS — The Walker Family?

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  • SuperChris

    I watched Private Practice last night. I liked Grey’s Anatomy and loved the character of Addison, but I wasn’t too into the show last night. Other than Addison, I didn’t feel drawn to any of the other characters. As for the stories, I think the only thing that really kept me watching was because it was a medical drama. I always feel the need to know how it ends.

    I think I liked Addison more on Grey’s Anatomy. Just doing the maternaty ward is a little too focused for me. It was better in moderation on Grey’s Anatomy.

  • Jim

    Private Practice…..ughhh! Couple of things:

    1) Did they have to make every character so dumb? Addison to Tim Daly….Are you sure you know what you are doing? Really Really? Good dialogue Shonda

    2) Addison took a job without knowing she would not be working in a hospital? Didn’t have a large staff, etc??? Did she even ask questions in her interview.

    3) The setting up of characters while Addison is talking to the Chief was painful. Like he cared who all these people were and their names?

    4) Amy Brenneman when her character confronts the tile counting lady–What happened to her? Nice dialogue again Shonda…every character is dumb

    I can go on and on…

  • Linda B.

    The new shows i’ve started watching so far are: Chuck, Journeyman, Bionic Woman, and Private Practice (I tivo’d Reaper but haven’t watched it yet).

    So far the best of all these is Journeyman. I really enjoyed it. I thought the use of music through his time travel was a great idea.

    Anyway, Chuck was okay, as was the Bionic Woman. Did anyone else hear her british accent slip in on occasion?

    Private Practice was awful (I pretty much agree w/ everything said above). Addison was such a strong, confident character on GA, and now she’s anything but. I really didn’t care for the show, and i think it was worse than the preview they showed us back in April/May. I really hope it gets cancelled and Addison comes back to Seattle Grace.

    I think i’ll give Big Shots a shot tonight and Moonlight tomorrow night. Also will preview Viva Laughlin when that begins (I love Hugh Jackman) and of course can’t wait for Pushing Daisies.

  • TV Addict, I know what you mean about trying to catch up. I still haven’t gotten around to the pilots for Chuck, Journeyman, and Private Practice, nor the season premiere of Boston Legal. I did skip straight ahead to the premieres of Heroes, House, and Bionic Woman, and the 2nd episodes of Prison Break and Kid Nation. As for Wednesday night goes…

    Bionic Woman Pilot: To be honet, not too much to react to quite yet. The pilot episode was all setup, not a lot of surprises or intrigue yet. The rainy rooftop fight scene was pretty good, but I’m not as much a fan of Katee Sackoff as most people are, and the dialogue in that scene wasn’t very good. I’m interested and hopeful enough to continue tuning in, but now that the basic concept is established, I’d like to see deeper layers evolve in the story.

    Kid Nation 2nd Episode: I still want to continue giving this show a chance too, but the 2nd episode did concern me a bit. Why is it that they give the pioneers yet another water-based challenge on the same day that the kids wake up to a frozen water pump (the only one in town) and frozen buckets of laundry. Are they trying to give these kids pneumonia? Thank goodness Michael had the sense to use some of the rationed water to boil and then poor on the pump. Also, giving kids the option to kill some of their chickens for protein is a little disturbing. I love chicken, but even I wouldn’t want to have to kill my own. Luckily (and also creepily), Greg, the oldest pioneer at 15, happens to have worked with a butcher and has experience preparing half a dozen different types of animals. Kids killing chickens, weird. Still love the concept and some of the pioneers, so I’ll keep watching.

  • Josh

    Private Practice: I was disappointed by last night’s “premiere.” I thought the backdoor pilot last May was actually somewhat better. I’m not ready to give up on the show yet, but hopefully it’ll improve in the next few weeks.

    Dirty Sexy Money: I hate to compare this to Brothers & Sisters. The only thing the two shows have in common is that they’re about wealthy families. I prefer B&S, but this was pretty good last night. The concept of watching these insane people might get old after a while, but it’s good for right now.

    In response to Linda’s mention of Big Shots, I have to say, I get more annoyed by that show every time I see a commercial. I have zero interest in watching it. It looks awful.

  • Josh

    BTW, about Dirty Sexy Money. This might be a minor *spoiler*… it just me, or is the death of Nick’s father really uninteresting? It just seems like the storyline is so out of place with the rest of the crazy drama, like it was thrown in as an afterthought.

  • Bionic Beats Practice in the 18-49 demo, Gossip Girl ratings dropped. Life beats Dirty and CSI NY in the 18-49

    very exciting wednesday

  • Linda B.

    Crap, i wonder if i should’ve started watching Life. I thought it looked pretty good, but damn i can’t watch everything.

    Or can I??? 🙂

  • Let’s keep in mind Grey’s didn’t start out all that successfully either. I agree Addison was a far more interesting character on Grey’s and they’ve kind of turned her into a hybrid of Addison and Meredith on PP. I’ll keep watching, only because I hope the show will find its footing and will start to mesh. You’ll notice the Chief’s line during the opening, “I’ll keep your job open as long as I can…” Supposedly Kate Walsh has it written into her PP contract that should the show get cancelled, she can head back up to Seattle Grace with her tail between her legs.

  • Linda B.

    Even if GA wasn’t a critical darling, it had ME hooked from the start. PP has me as a viewer only because of my loyalty to GA, and i wouldn’t doubt others would agree.

  • Mel

    I really liked Bionic Woman. I’m not quite sure where they’re going with it — but so far, so good. And we watched Life and quite liked it. Its an interesting premise. The lead kind of reminds me of Hugh Laurie. The character is just quirky enough to be interesting without being annoying. I always love Adam Arkin.
    DVR’d Kitchen Nightmare — its like that train wreck you can’t look away from– even though I wanted to . . . . .
    I caught up in the 8pm hour — on my DVR’d stuff from Tuesday. Bones and the Unit — we watched Eureka and Cane. Loved all four. Also liked Chuck and of course Heroes on Monday. Jury is still out on Journeyman — I’ll give it another go before switching back to CSI Miami.
    Smallville and the Reaper rerun tonight
    I don’t like sitcoms. 🙂

  • Sabrina

    Private Practice isn’t totally horrible, which is the best I can say about it. Amy and the guy from Prison Break are the only truly bright spot. Tim Daly is solid but has no spark with Kate Walsh, who totally grates. Addison manages to be both stupid and bitchy, while thinking of herself as awesome. How the hell does a so-called top surgeon not know about midwifery and/or acupuncture? Maybe she should try closing her legs and opening her mind, since ignorance is not sexy.

  • Finally caught up to Private Practice…

    What’s Good:
    * The acting. Say what you will about the script, the actors do the most they can with it.
    * I like Paul Adelstein as the horny pediatrician (ala ER’s Doug Ross) on PP better than the maniacal Secret Service agent on Prison Break. It’s refreshing to see him as a nice guy rather than a villain.
    * I was worried that Amy Brenneman’s character would be annoying because she’s so fragile and immature, but she’s growing on me, mostly because….
    * I loved the subplot in which Brenneman’s character was helping the woman counting floor tiles in the store. I wasn’t sure where it was going, but I liked where it went. I liked the interaction between her and Adelstein’s character who shows up to help out. Most of all, I liked the writing and performances during the crying scene. It was effective because it made me tear up quite a bit. Good drama.

    What’s Bad:
    * Addison. Her character has become too talky, too quirky, too silly. Overall, the episode was pretty well written, but her lines of dialogue were usually the worst. It’s a good thing this show has a strong ensemble cast and that the show is not named after her, because she’s not that interesting a character in the first place.
    * Tim Daly’s character thinking someone would change jobs and move hundreds of miles over a kiss. Tim Daly’s a great actor, and his character is cool in other ways, but that one aspect is arrogant and unrealistic.

    Overall, I’d say it was better than I was expecting, considering the negative reviews it’s getting, but I also see it as having fragile potential. I already don’t like Grey’s Anatomy quite as much as the rest of human civilization. So, both shows will need to improve or else I’m tempted to dump Grey’s Anatomy and/or Private Practice to make time for other shows.

  • Michele

    Dirty Sexy Money:

    Casting is all wrong. Peter Krause and Donald Sutherland and the older woman are right on but all of the other cast is really wrong. This had potential to be a hit, but I think it will go by the wayside. Too bad.

    Big Shots: Another miss. Take Dylan out and you have an interesting group. Dylan’s character is so cliche. Over it.