Fall TV’s FRIDAY Must Watch

After garnering headlines such as “This Show Bites” and “MOONLIGHT a draining experience”, you may be surprised to discover that this TV Addict genuinely found MOONLIGHT entertaining.

Now, before you accuse this TV Addict of being an unapologetic VERONICA MARS fanboy. Consider this. My positive review isn’t at all related to the fact Jason Dohring is now a series regular on the show. In fact, he does such a poor job in his opening scene that I can only assume he was doing a cold read of the script. Thankfully, his second scene is a vast improvment and somewhat of a depressing reminder that Logan Echolls won’t be returning to television anytime soon.

Simply put, MOONLIGHT is pure escapist entertainment. The ideal Friday night antitode to a long and stressful week. The story is intriguing and leading man Alex O’Loughlin will no doubt one day light up the big screen.

Decide for yourself, tonight at 9PM on CBS.

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  • CC

    Well Moonlight def. wasnt what I expected.
    I thought it was going to be dark and mysterious, but at the same time not really pulling it off.
    It actually turned out to be kind of campy and sweet.. for a show about vampires?! Not taking itself too seriously, and yet interesting. Though, I hope Jason’s character gets better. I also really liked the leads, so the show won me over there. The show ended up surprising me.
    But who knows how long it’ll stay on the air.. and how many fans had the same reaction I did.

  • Tim

    really enjoyed Moonlight. although, using Celine Dion in the previews for next week basically tells you all you need to know about why CBS never attracts younger viewers.

  • I liked the Moonlight pilot too. It might be too early to form a full opinion about it, but I think it at least has potential. I’ll stick around a while longer to see where it goes.

  • KayDee

    While I think its clear the Moonlight production/writing team hasn’t gelled yet and they tried to cram WAY too much into the pilot episode, I still enjoyed the premier enough to hang in there while everyone gets settled. I think the show has potential, and hope CBS hangs in there long enough for the show to gain its own identity and voice.

  • Jessica

    The show wasn’t great, but it wasn’t awful either. I’ll watch it again next Friday.