Got a Question for REAPER Star Bret Harrison?

bret harrisonDo you lay awake wondering what it’s like to have your soul sold to the devil? Curious as to how it feels to star in your very own hit CW show? Did you love Tuesday’s REAPER series premiere as much as this TV Addict? If so, today is your lucky day.

The TV Addict himself will be talking to REAPER star Bret Harrison on Sunday. Please post away with your questions priot to Sunday at noon (eastern) and I’ll endeavour to get them answered.

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  • NikkiHolly

    How do you feel about Reaper being compared to Supernatural so often?

    How psyched were you to work with Kevin Smith?

  • Huh, that’s the first I’ve heard Reaper compared to Supernatural… lol In my opinion, that’s like comparing apples & oranges. Comedy vs drama… *shrug*

    Ask what he thought about the crappy treatment The Loop (a comedy I also loved) got. and tell him I love him and want to have his babies. LOL (Seriously, tell him that. 😉 )

  • Epiphany

    Hey Bret,

    Do you have fun on set?


  • wall

    how will the format of the show change as time goes on?
    will there be time for you to flex your dramatic muscles? or will this just be a pure comedic show?

  • Common Sense

    Following up on Jenny’s comment, was it a blast co-starring with Philip Baker Hall—the funniest older actor this side of Jerry Stiller?

    After The Loop and Reaper, are you being typecast as a “SAM”…or do producers just think the name suits you?

    Can we expect some type of “darker” mythology undercurrent in Reaper, so the demon-of-the-week doesn’t become too formulaic?

    Are you still rooming with Adam Brody? Any chance he’ll be guesting on Reaper, since he doesn’t have a current series on the air?

    What is your anti-aging secret? You never look any older? Beauty cream?

    Ray Wise seems like a larger-than-life presence every time he appears on the screen. Talk about what he brings to the set and show… (And has Bret ever seen the Twin Peaks scene where Laura Palmer meets her demise—by the mysterious “entity”?)

    Do you stay in touch with any of your old Grounded for Life co-stars?

    I was surprised to see that your parents on Reaper will not be aware you are still working for the devil. Seems like a hard secret to keep…

  • VeronicaMarsLoveLogan

    I was just wondering what your faith is in real life? If you are religious, was this a hard or an easy role for you to take and why? I watched the pilot and it was great! How do you feel the show will fair?

  • Crazy4Supernatural

    I was wondering if you still kept in touch with the cast of Grounded 4 Life (I’m obsessed with it!!) and how do you feel about them replacing Nikki Reed (which I was very disappoint was recast) And I also wanna know if Adam Brody will ever guest-star. I love seeing u guys 2gether!!