THE OFFICE: Be More Funny!

From the moment Michael accidently hit Meredith with his car to the big reveal that Jim and Pam are finally together, last night’s episode of THE OFFICE felt more like THE OFFICE: 90210 18501.

Which begs the question, why exactly do you watch THE OFFICE? If you’re tuning in for straight out hilarity, we have a feeling you’re going to find this season somewhat disappointing. Yet if you’re more into the relationship melodrama and far more subtle humor last night’s episode was what you’ve been waiting three seasons for.

A happy Pam, Jim dumping Karen, JAM, sorry PB&J together. What shippers aren’t on cloud nine?

Yet it’s pretty clear that the ‘funny’ took a back-seat last night. Sure there were a few laugh-out-loud moments [Michael presenting a cheque to ‘Science’ comes to mind], but they were few and far between. So much so that Creed is slowing creeping up [in more ways than one] as the show’s break-out star. Who didn’t love his take on cults? “I’ve been involved in a number of cults, both as a leader and a follower. You have more fun as a follower. But you make more money as a leader.”

Creed, if when you start a cult, sign this TV Addict up.

That said, it was great to return to television’s funniest OFFICE [with apologies to BACK TO YOU]. It will be fascinating to watch how the writers continue to balance the comedy with the funny.

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  • I could not disagree with you more, I’m sorry to say. We in the House of Thruple laughed our asses off — collectively, that is — while watching last night’s episode. Everything about it was spot on. The Jim/Pam reveal was played perfectly, and was completely and totally charming. The Dwight/Angela stuff showed how this is a show that can go to a very dark place — he killed her cat for God’s sake! — and yet keep us watching by revealing that he truly believed hew as doing the best thing for both Angela and her pet. The brief shots of Ryan’s increduality (is that even a word) at the world of Dunder-Miflin Scranton also worked beautifully… it was as if to say, “My God, I didn’t realize how crazy it was, even when I was in the middle of it.” Any comedy worth its salt can do the standard set-up, punchline, laugh-on-cue scenario. The office transcends that by giving us outrageous laughs about people we care about. And why do we care about them? Because we get to know them… which includes their personal lives. Without the intimate details, the office would be just another workplace sitcom. It might just as well be Murphy Brown.

  • tralfaz,

    I think you thought I was being a lot harsher and critical on THE OFFICE than I actually was (which could simply due to the fact I didn’t properly get my point across!).

    I really enjoyed THE OFFICE last night. I’m just pointing out that it’s evolved into so much more than a simple comedy series. There is serious character development and romance. Which some fans are really going to dig and some not so much.

  • Josh

    The episode being an hour long is probably one of the things that made it feel a bit less comedic. When they’re trying to pack everything into a 22 minute episode, it’s probably going to feel a lot more laugh out loud funny than when it’s spread out into a full 42 or 43 minutes.

    But I thought they had a great mix last night. There were a number of hilarious moments, and the Jim/Pam situation was done perfectly.

  • Common Sense

    Last night’s OFFICE premiere still has me laughing, when I think back to certain moments (i.e. Michael revealing “the face of rabies”–MEREDITH–and saying “we should ALL be afraid”).

    I have absolutely no criticism of the episode whatsoever (besides, as a cat lover, not comprehending how Dwight could kill a cat). It was clever, hilarious….and continues as TV’s funniest comedy, hands-down. Creed popping into the shot, naming every painkiller known to man…Kelly saying “if there really was a heaven, I’d be married to Ryan”…Stanley’s insanely funny remarks…the giant check…the stripper nurse…everyone playing the “race” straight…the suck-up’s sore nipples…oh man, just awesome.

    In the words of George Costanza’s insipid boss, Mr. Krueger: It left me “wanting more.”

  • I watch cause I LMAO… simple as that.

    plus, cause my friend just got hired as a new writer on the show! woohoo! so you know, in support (or really, so that he can get me in or something. haha)

  • Janice

    Did you even watch the show?
    It was hilarious! It started out with a bang…literally, and kept me laughing the entire way through.
    Yes, I loved the Jim/Pam reveal, but that didn’t even take up a lot of the show. Looking at the whole episode critically, it’s easy to see that the major story-line in the episode(s?) concerned Michael and his guilt and/or Michael and the fun run. PB&J only seemed like a major plot line if you let it become one.