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eric kripke interview

You chose the questions, sent them out. Only one showrunner [thus far] was cool enough to respond.

Eric Kripke yet again proved how much he cares and respects his fans. Not only did the SUPERNATURAL mastermind take the time to answer your questions, he answered them with his trademark wit and flair. Eric Kripke is the man, truly putting the ‘super’ in SUPERNATURAL.

1. Every day, tens of thousands of television fans visit Here’s your chance to attract a new fan, or two or three! Give us your best one sentence sales pitch to encourage fans to tune into your show come fall 2007.
Eric Kripke:
Supernatural won’t just change how you feel about television; it will change how you feel about yourself.

Just kidding.

Seriously, though, Supernatural is funny, scary, and bloody; if you dug X-Files and Buffy, tune in, you will dig this show, too.

2. What can fans expect from your show at the start of the new season?
This is the season I’ve been personally waiting for, for what that’s worth. The Gates to Hell have been opened, and hundreds of Demons have been unleashed upon the American landscape. We find Sam and Dean fighting the first battles of this new, very scary, very dire war. On a personal note, Dean sold his soul, and he’s living his last year, which is rich terrain to explore. Sometimes he’s hedonistic, something he’s nostalgic, sometimes he’s terrified…all the different emotions terminal patients experience, basically. As for Sam, he’s struggling against Heaven and Hell to save his brother. Meanwhile, Sam begins to grow up this season… He becomes stronger. More decisive. A better hunter. A better leader.

On top of that, there’s Creepy Evil Children, Vampires, Unlucky Rabbit’s Feet, Witches, Bloody Fairy Tales, Evil Santas, Roadside Mystery Spots, and so much more.

3. How far in advance do you plan your show’s story arcs? Going into the season, do you know how the season is going to end?
We have a rough outline of the show’s mythology…usually about two seasons worth. Currently, we know the storyline through about the middle of the fourth season. But the outline is intentionally left with many large, gaping holes, because you figure out so much as you go, and you need to leave room to adjust and improve and alter, as the Season progresses.

4. How much input do you allow your actors to have when it comes to developing their character?
Jared and Jensen deserve the lion share of the credit for developing their characters. The producers only devise storylines and dialogue… But the guys are the ones who bring it all to life, who infuse the characters with charisma and humanity. The more we got to know Jared and Jensen, the better we were able to tailor their roles specifically to their personalities. So its all an organic and symbiotic process.

5. What are your thoughts on online spoilers and spoiler specific reporters? Do you believe they help or hinder a show?
I personally have no problem with spoilers. A certain type of person wants to know the upcoming secrets before anyone else. Hey, man, I’m on-line too, digging up whatever scraps I can about Indy 4. Spoilers get fans excited about what’s on the horizon. For me, speaking personally about Supernatural, the only trouble comes when the fans (and you know who you are!) start judging or criticizing a show element before seeing the final product. Therefore, they’re much less likely to enjoy the actual storyline, because they’re not approaching it with an open mind, they’re already biased. I have to admit, I find that frustrating.

6. When crafting story-lines, how much of a factor is online fan reaction?
I like to use the message boards as real time audience testing. You have to take online fan reaction with a big wheel barrow of salt… you can’t get too affected by any one comment. But when the on-line fans overwhelmingly love, or hate, something, we tend to pay attention to that.

7. Do you find nowadays — as a result of increased competition — you spend as much time promoting your show as you do writing it? And is that a good thing?
I find myself spending a crapload of time promoting the show. We always joke that we’re the best kept secret since the Manhattan Project. We don’t get a lot of promotion or advertising, so we have to figure out ways to spread the gospel ourselves, to let genre fans know there’s a bad ass horror show on the CW, so come find us! Honestly, promoting the show is the LAST thing I want to be doing. I’d so much rather spend my time locked in a cave, focusing on the creative, making sure the scripts kick ass. But we’re a cult hit, not a runaway one, and we’re constantly overshadowed by the specter of cancellation…so I have to worry about promotion. This is the world we live in, unfortunately.

8. You obviously have to answer hundreds, if not thousands of questions from reporters in an effort to promote your show. What’s the most surprising question you’ve ever been asked?
What inspired you to introduce Supergirl to the show? (They thought I was the producer of Smallville.)

Don’t miss SUPERNATURAL when it returns this Thursday October 4 at 9PM on the new CW.

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  • NikkiHolly

    awesome! thank you tv addict! this is going to be added to the list of reasons why my favorite tv blog. 😉

  • Misty

    Such a fantastic interview! Season three is going to rock so hard.

  • Scully

    Yay for the new season
    In.Kripke.I trust
    *prays for spectre of cancellation to fade away*

  • I Know Who I Am

    So Kripke has no problem with spoilers, so long as everyone loves what is revealed in the spoiler. Therefore he doesn’t mind if fans judge what they haven’t seen, so long as they judge it positively. Sorry, but Supernatural is the kind of show which attracts intelligent, discriminating fans, not “yes man” fans. We like what we like, but we don’t just autimatically like everything. But if he dumbs it down, I guess he’ll get more of the fans he wants.

  • Kripke amazing as always…He’s a true genious and i totally trust him . I’m still not very sure about the new girls but i’ll wait and see. Season 1 and 2 rocked so i bet this one will be no diferent… SN rules
    Love from Portugal 😉

  • mags

    Thanks for this interview!
    I for one am loving the direction the show is taking and cant wait for season three!

  • tracer

    As one of those spoiler reporter people, thanks for not hating us Mr. Kripke! No, but seriously, I really enjoyed the interview and am totally stoked for this new season! Thanks for posting this and props to Kripke, I always like hearing what he has to say because he’s down to earth and like you said quick witted sarcasm is always appreciated!

    *repeats to self* 6 more days…

  • Shannon

    Hey that was only 8 questions not 10…but I saw 2 of mine in there…how cool is that!!! By the way, you rock TVaddict and Eric Kripke…so freakin Awesome…love that guy!

  • Thanks Eric! 🙂 Woohoo! Spoilers! are awesome. All of you guys give us so much and we appreciate it.

    Thank you TVaddict for sending the questions and keeping up with this show!

  • Samy

    awesome interview! you rock my socks, Kripke!

    can’t wait for Season 3!!!

  • Jason

    So he has no problem with fans using spoilers to get excited about the show but when the spoilers end up inspiring dread it’s different and somehow not appropriate? It’s ok to be biased if your bias ends up on the positive end but not on the negative? Hey, Krip. Maybe the fact that so many people are cringing at the spoilers is a red flag about the direction you’re going.

  • Wishful thinker.

    Seriously, I’m dreading this season. Yet another year of emotional arc for Dean while Sam is the focus and the central of the show. I thought this was a show of TWO brothers, and so far it’s about Sam and…Dean who?

    Seriously Kripke, if Dean can’t be any more than Sam’s prop in the show, just kill him off. I’ll stop watching then, but it’s better than letting this great character diminish into a nothing that you are doing. Whatever Kripke. One of the best characters on TV and here you are, destroying him.

  • ewanspotter

    And this is why the Kripkeeper owns our souls. Such a great guy. Not only is he a hoot, but he cares about his show and the fans.

    Great questions, TV Addict, and great answers in return.

  • ms_erupt

    And this is why Krikpe deserves to be showered in hot chicks and cookies.

    Carry on.

  • Anna

    I think fans are quite helping with the publicity work^^ (at least what I read and hear around here in Germany…)

    regarding: “the only trouble comes when the fans (and you know who you are!) start judging or criticizing a show element before seeing the final product.”

    It’s just sad, that Kripke has to point out that fact.
    @Jason: I think it is one option, to outline worries about which direction the show might take, but it is totally another, to go shout out loud how this is so bad without ever having seen a thing! Critizism can be appropriate and helpful, not in the way some people tend to create their own facts.

  • Get over it, people. It’s *his* show. This sense of fan entitlement is making me sick, and appalled with the lot of you.

  • Mel

    I love the Evil!Genius Kripke!! He’s awesome and so are you, TV Addict!!
    (What happened to the other two of the ten questions? LOL)
    I cannot wait until October 4th!!!

  • immie8

    Thanks so much to you TVaddict and to Eric Krikpe for taking time to do this interview.

    Firstly, I must say I really admire how Krikpe showers SO much credit (and deservedly so) on J2. These two are such fine actors and I’m glad that Krikpe recognizes that and gives them say in how their characters develop. Second that Supergirl comment, what a hoot! LOL!

    Also, as to his comments on spoilers, as a spoiler addict myself I thank him for giving them out and, IMO, I really don’t take his commetns as meaning that he doesn’t like negative feedback, else he wouldn’t listen to fans (which I must say I REALLY do appreciate) at all, but what frustrates him is probably that there are SOME who take a look at spoilers and simply say, “UGH, this is terrible and no matter how they do it I’m going to HATE IT, etc.” and basically go into watching an episode/season believing that. I’m sure we’ve all know people who are like brick walls when it comes to certain things/topics and I think it’s fans like this, who are closed-minded, that frustrate Krikpe.

  • Jillian

    Oh hurray, I really enjoy interviews with Kripke. Thank you! I can understand where he’s coming from with the ‘prejudged’ reaction to spoilers. Granted, I like to read them when I find them… but I do reserve final judgment for the actual viewing. I usually enjoy whatever creative stuff comes along with the SPN territory.

    *chuckles* But then again, I really liked and miss Jo…

  • Emily

    It’s fine to form positive opinions based on spoilers but if you form negative opinions(also known as opinions which do not worship the ground Kripke walks:) then you are unfairly prejudging? Seems like a double standard there. Kripke clearly misinterprets what’s going on when it comes to spoilers. Most people are open minded enough to want their negative spoiler opinions to be wrong.

    I know from experience, there are plenty of things I end up disliking on shows I don’t search out spoilers for and you know what? I don’t watch those non-spoiled shows once they start to annoy me. If we care enough to complain about the spoilers it means we want to be proven wrong. Unfortunately for me Kripke doesn’t have a great track record on doing so.

    “On a personal note, Dean sold his soul, and he’s living his last year, which is rich terrain to explore. Sometimes he’s hedonistic, something he’s nostalgic, sometimes he’s terrified…all the different emotions terminal patients experience, basically. As for Sam, he’s struggling against Heaven and Hell to save his brother. Meanwhile, Sam begins to grow up this season… He becomes stronger. More decisive. A better hunter. A better leader.”

    Ah I see they are finally firmly shoving Dean down into his sidekick role as god intended. Dean gets to do nothing but play emo boy while Sam gets to do just about everything else. What about Dean’s leadership skills, which showed themselves so naturally and strongly in Season 1? What about Dean as a hunter, who has been doing this for years longer than Sam yet has never been allowed to shine? I had really, really hoped this show would treat them as co-heroes but nope, it’s sidekick!Dean here we come. There for laughs and the occasionally heartwarming emo-moments.

    No wonder Kripke keeps saying he couldn’t wait for Season 3. He’s always said Sam was based on himself and big brother finally gets put in his place. I knew this is where they were headed as soon as they started crowing about their “role reversal” thing last season. Lots of people love Dean? Ooops let’s give all those traits to Sam.

  • Rebecca

    *I will remain optimistic about spoilers*

    Somthing I’m trying to figure out is this: I finally start to really get into the Dean character, but then sells his soul and becomes an unimportant character as far as what I’m getting from the season description.

    I really have to point this out: Eric says that he listens to fan response if a large number wants something. Fans have wanted to get inside Sam’s head and nothing. Fans want some connection between Dean and the main mytharc for the first two seasons, guess what. Nothing.

  • Mel

    Wow. I just don’t get that ‘its gonna be all about Sam’ vibe from anything Kripke said, here or elsewhere. But, I never thought that about the show in the first two seasons either. It is a show about two brothers — so far, one struggling against his so-called ‘destiny’ and the other struggling to keep his family together.
    Just because Dean wasn’t the one with the headaches didn’t make him a sidekick. Far from it. I think ‘role reversal’ just means all season 2 Dean was trying to save Sam — now in season 3, Sam is going to try to save Dean. And well he ought. Dean Winchester is one of the best, if not THE best characters on TV.

  • Emma

    First of all, I really think its fabulous that Eric Kripke would take time out of his clearly very busy schedule to respond to these questions. And they’re good questions, too.
    I think everyone is getting a little too worked up over season 3. We’ve trusted Kripke this far, why doubt him now? His show is fabulous, the writing and filming is brilliant, the actors are amazing… why must everyone start doubting him just because the show isn’t turning out to be your biggest fantasy?
    And I think some of you have the wrong idea of Dean’s role. It feels to me that it really is a role reversal, and c’mon, hasn’t almost every fan wanted to see Dean more emotional? And Sam really does need to grow up…
    So, in closing I guess, I totally have faith in Kripke, and I hope he’s allowed to continue the show until he’s satisfied that it’s done.

  • Sweet

    Kripke took 2 years to do with Sam what he could and should have been able to do with him in season 1. And once again, giving Dean all the character exploration hurts Sam’s character more than anything else on this show. Where is Sam’s Dead in the Water, where is his What is and What Should Never Be, Kripke? It hurts being a Sam fan, it really does. And since neither Dean nor Sam got to do a damn thing last season about the Demon’s Plans for Sam and the rest of the Psykids, giving Sam the plot meant very little. Sam’s plot was only a set up for Dean’s deal anyway, so it was all about Dean. John touched Dean in the finale, and barely looked over at Sam. Whatever.

    At any rate, spoilers are a two-edged sword. They can protect you or cut you down. If fans like or dislike what they see coming up ahead, they only get true confirmation on these feelings when the episode airs. If the episode is good, then no one is hurt. If the episode is bad, and the fans called it ahead of time, that still isn’t the fans’ fault, its the writers’. Fans can get very locked in and rabidly emo about stuff online, but it all comes down to the quality of the episode and the arcs that get drawn out. If the quality is there, no amount of spoilers in the world can hurt the show. Seriously, between Croatoan and the rerun for Bloodlust, I had the gist of the Big Secret kind of pegged with no spoilers whatsoever. Not a huge surprise, there, man.

    I’m a Sam fan, so I can only hope that they finally give him some proper character detailing and exploration this season, along with a real plot that moves somewhere. I want to know and feel what Sam knows and feels. Its very simple. And I have no problem with the brothers being equal partners; it makes more sense given the show’s format. I also have no problem with the brothers feeling the same thing at the same time if the story merits it.

    Kripke seems to have a great attitude, though, so props for that.

  • Jason

    Brilliant? That’s a little, uh, much. This show is decent but there have been a lot of missteps and much room for improvement. Unfortunately, it seems that they’re moving in the wrong direction. Dean’s the more popular character so they’re making Sam more like him and stripping Dean of his admirable qualities in favor of having sex and eating cheeseburgers. Have you seen the clips at the CW site? If that’s the Dean we have to look forward to this season, I might not even make it past episode one.

    The role reversals are tiresome already. I for one, don’t want more emotional Dean. I don’t know of anyone that watches this show that expressed a need for more in that area. If anything, all of my friends thought they had too much of it last season.

    Dean’s hands are tied in regards to the deal so it’s going to be Sam driving things forward, yet again. Dean has never had a strong place in the mythology and that’s because it’s Sam’s (possible) journey to the darkside that has always been the focus. Taking Kripke’s own constant Star Wars comparisons, Sam is his Luke Skywalker and Dean is Han Solo. Han may have had his moments but it was really all about the Jedi.

  • Jason

    I agree that Sam’s character would benefit from some real exploration and not just being the plot device. It hurts both characters when they’re both pigeonholed into one type of character movement. Sam’s characterization being wrapped in the plot of him possibly not being 100% Sam is going to cloud the issue. He needs real character development that’s clearly “Sam”. While Dean really needs a proactive storyline where he’s not just being dragged along out of obligation to someone else. Season one Dean believed in what he was doing. That’s what I want to see again. The Dean I’m seeing in the clips isn’t really displaying the characteristics I’m interested in seeing all that much of.

  • I don’t know who you are but I know what you are

    In all honestly, I’ve never worshipped Eric Kripke as a “god of TV who walks among us”. I’ve always just seen him as a guy at the helm of a great show – which many others help to make as great as it is.

    But I gotta say, reading this interview has increased my respect for him tenfold.

    And unfortunately some the responses below the interview have only increased my disdain for those fans who still harp on with their hate-filled closed minds. No, MORONS, it’s not a “double standard” when Kripke says that he doesn’t mind spoilers, in general, but “the only trouble comes when some fans start judging or criticizing a show element before seeing the final product”. That’s like saying it would be a double standard to say, “I like walking barefoot on the beach, but the only trouble is when there is something sharp hidden in the sand and I cut my foot on it.”

    He’s completely right in saying those fans are already biased. And, of course, he would find that frustrating.

    What? He should enjoy the way they slam things they’ve never even seen and be thankful for the very helpful advice they are giving him on how to run the show?

    It’s the SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS of these doomsayers that gets me. Like the one who proclaims that those who criticise are the “intelligent, discriminating fans, not ‘yes man’ fans” and patronisingly suggests that “if he dumbs it down, he’ll get more of the fans he wants”.

    Yes, because it’s so very intelligent to take partial information and decide you know exactly how the finished product will turn out. As my childhood hero (Dr Who) once said, the very powerful and the very stupid have at least one thing in common. They don’t change their opinions to suit the facts. They try to change the facts to suit their opinions.

    “I Know Who I Am” has at least got one thing right. These fans are ‘discriminating’. It’s one of those ‘irregular verbs’, isn’t it? Like I am ‘discriminating’, but you are ‘biased’ and he/she/it is ‘a prejudiced bigot’. It’s all in the way you choose to word it.

    This person’s assumption that Kripke wants “dumber” fans is so bloody self-righteous! All he’s said in the interview is that he wants fans who don’t close their minds against a storyline before they see it onscreen. I don’t see any request to lower your intelligence in that. All I see is a request to OPEN YOUR STUPIDLY NARROW MIND!

    Geez! Save us from these ‘GENIUS’ fans who KNOW what’s best for the show!

  • Hannah

    **just means all season 2 Dean was trying to save Sam**

    Dean wasn’t. Dean spent all of Season 2 wringing his hands about Sam and the writers didn’t let him do anything else. They didn’t let him try to save Sam. They didn’t let him do anything except want to bury his head in the sand and run off to Amsterdam. Because he knows the demons’ll never find them there, right? This is Dean who had always said they can’t pretend it’s not there and who knows you can’t hide because his own mother had been murdered by the demon. They never had him try to find out what it was that was after Sam that his father was so worried about, or to even track down the sources of his father’s information. They never had him try to find out more about what was up with the Psychic Kids.

    They didn’t let Dean do anything proactive at all. This season, Dean can’t do anything because if he does anything that could be interpreted by the demons as trying to get out of his deal, Sam will die. Then they decided that because Dean has a year to live that makes him equivalent to a terminal patient, despite the fact Dean chose to die and didn’t have it inflicted upon him by disease or some other outside force, which means he’s going to be focused on all sorts of non-hunting cr**. We’re just going to get more emo Dean. It’ll be emo-Dean or idiot-Dean.

    I am more than willing to trade the Sam fans: Dean gets a mytharc connected plotline that he can drive forward, show some heroism and gets to be the clever bad ass he is and Sam can have episodes focusing on his inner emotions. 🙂 Of course it would have been nice if they’d just done the obvious, smart and creative thing and given BOTH characters BOTH things.

    **I really have to point this out: Eric says that he listens to fan response if a large number wants something. Fans have wanted to get inside Sam’s head and nothing. Fans want some connection between Dean and the main mytharc for the first two seasons, guess what. Nothing**

    Another thing large numbers of fans wanted, which Kripke seems to have ignored, was for Ellen to become a Bobby-like character in terms of her recurrence in the episodes. But Ellen, played by the extremely talented Samantha Ferris, was tossed aside in favor of two little chippies who can’t hold a candle to her.

    Ellen and Dean in particular were starting to develop a potentially very interesting relationship, not sexual(though I suppose they could have taken it there if they’d really wanted to as they were both adults). It had alot of potential to be deep, complex and allow us to see a more mature side of Dean. Their hug in All Hell Breaks Loose Part 2 was one of the most spontenous-seeming moments of an already emotionally charged episode. I would have loved to see what she could have brought to the table in terms of helping Dean to deal with the Deal.

    Instead, we get sex and cheeseburgers and inappropriate jokes from a guy who has always understood down to his bones the seriousness of what they do, even if he’s tried to have a good time doing it. The Dean in those clips is like some horrible abberration. I’ve always liked Dean’s open sexuality because it wasn’t, for once on tv, portrayed as something tawdry or sleazy simply because it wasn’t about being in a relationship. That was refreshing and I don’t want him to lose that which is exactly what happens when you take a character trait and exaggerate it too much. Same with the eating. It makes Dean look foolish, less like a “real” person and more like just another fictional character “type” being used for a cheap joke or tittilation. Less is more sometimes, guys. Really. No. I mean. Really.

  • SundayMorning

    Just for the record, I’m allowed to be worried about the direction my favorite show is going, even if the episodes in question haven’t aired yet. It’s my right as a fan, especially if the writers have screwed up something similar before. (For which they apologized, yes, and they corrected their mistake, yes; but that doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to be wary.)

    I love your work, Mr. Kripke, but if you have such a problem with your fans, here’s an idea: stop reading what they have to say, have someone do it for you and leave out the potentionally soul-hurty parts in their reports. And for the love of Television, stop with the “you know who you are”s. It’s almost as if you’re trying to cause trouble in fandom. (“Kripke is on our side! He doesn’t like YOU. We’re the GOOD fans!” — Makes fandom a real ‘fun’ place to be…)

  • Petra

    I’m really looking forward to S3. I can’t wait for it to start!
    Great interview.

  • Mel

    Jason, You and my husband would get along great (and with me too for that matter!) — “Enough with the emo! Go kick some evil thing’s ass already!” LOL

    Gotta love kripke for listening to and caring what the fans think.

  • Ellie

    Well I wouldn’t complain about the spoilers if as a collective they didn’t seem to be completely changing the base premise of this show I fell in love will. The story of two brothers, alone on the road, killing things and saving people. What happened to that? Most importantly what happened to the horror? I was really hoping we’d get back to the spine chilling tales and was hopeful after the destruction of the Roadhouse and the wrapping up of the psykids storyline.

    However, most of the spoilers have been about the two new female “antagonists”. Scary? Those two? Those pair are the boy’s new foes? Ruby with that knife in the promo was a bit frightening, I was very afraid she was going to cut off those perfect golden locks. The mercenary antiques dealer? Oh, quaking in my boots over here and that horrifically menacing RABBIT’S FOOT? Good grief how am I going to sleep at night! How many more stupid mystical amulets and artefacts will now be needed just to keep this character involved in the show?

    As for the rest, well Dean gets laid..a lot and eats…a lot. Pretty horrific those spoilers are, unless we are talking about the hospital and dentist trips? Then there is the 8 year old that acts like Dean by stuffing his face and chatting up girls – well yes, those spoilers did freak me out, but not in the way I expected them to.

    Subtlety is something Supernatural could never be accused of. Right now this show seems intent on ramping up the sex, ramping up the innuendo and ramping up the comedy until it’s seeming, from this side of the screen to be rapidly turning into a self parody. So, yes, Mr Kripke I am worried, I am going to be astonished at the changes the spoilers are hinting at and I am going to discuss them and wish that some might not be as bad as they sound, because some of them sound appalling. I’m still hopeful that somewhere along the line, amongst all this sex/comedy there will still be moments when this show remembers that it’s a horror show, remembers it’s premise of the gritty reality of hunting the supernatural, the evil in the dark, the spine chilling monsters and the brothers on the road, alone against the forces of hell.

    Right now though, with the promos including the “kick ass” girls and the glamour publicity shots of the new “kick ass” girls and the episode stills of the “kick ass” girls? Is it any wonder I want to send you a dictionary and a thesaurus for Christmas?

  • Katie

    Thank you for the insightful interview, and thank you Eric Kripke for taking the time to answer questions!! I am most definitely looking forward to season three, because I’m very curious to see “life after the YED” for these boys.

    And I share Kripke’s frustration over people coming into an episode with a negative bias, because of something that they’ve read in a spoiler. In my experience, spoilers can often be wrong, and they definitely do not paint the whole picture. Might be why I don’t read them. If an episode’s going to suck, then I want to enjoy every sucky minute of it.

    So far, SPN hasn’t let me down with a sucky episode, nor have the characters (on the whole) disappointed me. I don’t see that happening in season three. 🙂 Looking forward to October 4th!!

  • KayVee

    Well I’m going to take Mr. Kripke’s advice and stop reading spoilers and his interviews for that matter. Because at this point I’m dreading the direction he seems to want to go this season. Not knowing ahead of time isn’t going to make me love tears-of-a-clown-Dean and maybe-he-came-back-wrong-but-he’ll-be-a-great-leader-Sam anymore than if I was completely unspoiled but I guess I can wait until I see it before getting all worked up.

    The more I hear from Kripke, the more I realize that we have very different ideas about what has made his show great for two seasons. Mind you he’s in great company because George Lucas and I had a similar falling out about two films ago and I haven’t looked back since.

  • Amy

    I love Kripke, he’s the man!! Us fans are doing our best to promote the show too!

  • Gwenllian

    “Kripke took 2 years to do with Sam what he could and should have been able to do with him in season 1. And once again, giving Dean all the character exploration hurts Sam’s character more than anything else on this show. Where is Sam’s Dead in the Water, where is his What is and What Should Never Be, Kripke? It hurts being a Sam fan, it really does.

    I’m a Sam fan, so I can only hope that they finally give him some proper character detailing and

    exploration this season, along with a real plot that moves somewhere. I want to know and feel what Sam knows and feels. Its very simple. ”

    ^^^ Completely agree with this.

    I’m praying we finally get some insight into Sam’s emotions this season; that we finally get some decent, well written characterisation for Sam to the standard that Dean has had; SLs and emotional arcs that are run with and not dropped by the next episode – e.g were were his reactions to what happened with Madison, the emotional fallout for him from the events of BUABS?; that this time he’s given a plot in which he has an active role (instead of one in which he just frets, worries and frets some more) and that he gets a plot that Kripke doesn’t suddenly get bored with.

    S2 was a difficult season for Sam fans. We knew more about Dean’s love for extra onions than we did about what was going on in Sam’s head in S2. I think Sam’s repression habit became a little too convenient for the writers.

    But I do fear that Sam’s characterisation is again going to be brushed to one side to allow for the whole ‘did he come back wrong’ SL to unfold.

    Come on Mr. Kripke – there are a lot of Sam fans out here who would love to know more about what makes Sam Sam. You did it with Dean, now it’s Sam’s turn. He deserves a WIAWSNB too.

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  • i worship at the altar of dean winchester. each and every day.

    thank you, mr. kripke. we love you out here in fandom, even if the mere thought of rubella just squicks some of us all to hell. please allow us our opinions. we’ll still love you, no matter what.

    the biggest part of what i love about supernatural is, it does take us places few producers of shows ever dream of going. you weren’t really joking, or shouldn’t have been, when you said, “Supernatural won’t just change how you feel about television; it will change how you feel about yourself.”

    you did an awesome thing when you created the premise and put together a cast and crew of some of the most talented people on the planet. it gives us something to think about, dream about, laugh about, cry about, and share with other thinking, creative people. a show for the analyticals as well as the dreamers among us. oh, yeah, and it scares the crap out of us, too –which just makes it that much more addictive.

    thank you eric, for putting fandom in the backseat of your hell-on show & taking us on one helluva ride every week. amen.

  • Supernatural-Fat-Cat

    I hope we get to see more Sam this year. In season two he was brushed off way too hard, and I know alot of fans who had stopped watching the show because Sam wasnt being treated fairly. I stuck with it because im a Jared fan, but I dont know if I would of made it if he wasnt Sam. Sam didnt even get any insight on how he felt about the dads death, it was all Dean, every episode was about Dean. Even the episodes that were suppoes to be about Sam, they turned into Dean and how he felt about it. Every episode ends on Deans face, and Dean always gets the last line before comercial. Its really upsetting how hard Sam was pushed aside in season two. We know nothing about him, we havent gotton into his head at all. I know you can hear us Sam fans Kripke, and we have been asking nicely for over a year now. So please give us more Sam that we have been missing. Give us an episode like What Is and What Should Never Be, for Sam. Let us know Sam as a person like Dean fans know him. We dont know anything about Sam besides hes a special chosen one from the Demon, who is he as a person? Please show us.

  • Thanks, TVAddict and Mr. Kripke for a very interesting interview.
    I’m am very much looking foreward to season three of Supernatural.

    I guess you can’t please all the people all the time but poor Eric can’t catch
    a break from either side of the Sam/Dean debate. One is getting too much
    character developement while the other character languishes. And Vice-Versa.

    I just thank God that season three is a done deal. And continue to pray that we
    get a season four (and five) AND I’m leaving it all in Mr. Kripke’s very capable hands.

  • hermitme

    ” Where is Sam’s Dead in the Water, ”

    I believe that one was called Playthings.

    I doubt people stopped watching the show because Sam wasn’t getting his share of exploration, any more than Dean fans stopped watching the show because Dean wasn’t, and still isn’t any part of the important active arcs.

    This season looks to be very promising for Sam fans. They will have Sam growing up, Sam with 5 arcs all his own, Sam saving Dean, and Sam becoming a better hunter. No doubt they will give Sam the emotional exploration that’s sought by the Sam fans, and this is fine.

    But I wish the Dean fans would get more than sex, cheeseburgers and a great hunter who’s no longer into hunting.

    Thanks for the interview Mr. K. and we appreciate the time, but I sure do wish that Dean won’t be shuffled to the sidelines while Sam and Ruby move the story forward.

    Isn’t there a place for Dean in the mytharc at all? I mean, yeeesshhhh!

  • Thursday can’t get here soon enough for me. I’m so pumped for the season premiere.

    And I’m glad that Mercedes McNabb will be guest starring this season too.

  • Alicia

    What I don’t understand is that there are people who think that Dean doesn’t get enough exposure on the show, that everything about spn is ‘Sam centered’. Seriously, are you watching the same show I’M watching? Everything has been split 50/50! I mean sure, one of the main plots of season 2 is that Sam might go darkside, but another MAIN plot is that Dean’s freaking at large! He’s the one that Hendrickson whats to burn at the stake! What the hell do you guys mean when you say that its the “Sam” show? To be quite honest, we know almost nothing about Sam besides the fact that he wanted a normal life, and that he and John never got along. But Dean? We know what kind of music he listens to, how he uses jokes to lighten tough situations, that he’s a movie nerd, that he eats ALOT, that he’s dependent on his family, that he’s loyal and and only becomes a leader when there is no one else that can take over (Whenever there’s another hunter besides Sam around, Dean let’s them take over, like John and Bobby and GORDON (in bloodlust)… etc). There is so much more to that list too, yet there’s nothing on Sam.

    I wish there wasn’t so much negativity going on about the characters, it’s really starting to split fandom *sighs*

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  • JustMe!

    Thanks TVAddict for giving Supernatural such great coverage. Some really good questions for Kripke.

    I’ll admit that Dean Winchester is probably my favorite TV character ever and I’m incredibly grateful to the writers for episodes like “Dead In The Water”, “Something Wicked” and “What Is and What Should never Be.”

    I can understand why Sam fans are clamoring for this level of exploration for the youngest Winchester. But it also occurs to me that the reason Dean was given these great “character” episodes (especially in season 1) is because the writers didn’t have anything to give him that was of equal weight to Sam’s mytharc episodes. That left them with little else to do but “peel back Dean’s layers” as Jensen likes to say. Lucky for them Jensen excels at this type of episode because in the hands of a lesser actor, they could have been incredibly maudlin.

    I agree that “Playthings” and also “Houses of the Holy” and “Heart” were attempts to give Sam this kind of “character” episode. Perhaps they weren’t as well done as they could have been (through no fault of Jared’s but because the writing was weak) but I don’t think anyone can deny that they were still an effort to give Sam exploration.

    At any rate it looks like this season will be the season of Sam so that at least should make his fans happy. Dean fans will just have to wait and see I guess.

  • JustMe!

    Just wanted to respond to Alicia’s comment: “I wish there wasn’t so much negativity going on about the characters, it’s really starting to split fandom.”

    This fandom has been split since Kripke decided to make Sam special/chosen/demon prince, pick your own adjective of the season.

    If you’re going to claim to be telling the story of two brothers, you can’t focus the entire story on the destiny of just one of them. That’s what Kripke has done so he shouldn’t be surprised when people think the other is being left out.

    Unfortunately for him the un-special brother is the much more popular one so they seem to make more noise. Maybe he should have just been upfront from the beginning and said Supernatural was the story of Sam and his very excellent sidekick of a brother Dean. Then people wouldn’t have higher expectations for Dean and may have been satisfied with his role as protector, best big brother ever and of course, chauffeur. 😉

  • kay bennett

    I have really enjoyed the show, having been a fan of X-files, until tonight. I was furious with Eric Kripke for inserting a line in the Oct. 27th story regarding our Vice President of these United States, Dick Cheney, as “having a place reserved for him down below”. How stupid and juvenile is that?? Why do you have to insert your liberal, immature comments into the storyline. How did that relate to anything in the script except your hatred of this presidency. Young kids watching do not need to hear you disrespect such a high offical in our government. Can’t you just tell a story without inserting your warped political view? How petty! You have lost this viewer and as many others as I can influence. If I were Mr. Cheney’s lawyer I would sue your slanderous mouth big time! Grow up and stick to the story lines!

  • Well, Season Three is up to epsiode 8 as of this writing…

    I’ve loved Supernatural since the beginning and, don’t get me wrong, I STILL love it…but it’s different. Gone is the “grim, colorless” filter we once had, adding grit to the world of the hunters. Now, everything’s bright and colorful, like a Smallville ep (okay, maybe not THAT bad).

    We’ve got two new female leads who, frankly, just aren’t doing it for me, no matter how much I wish I could like them. I think Ruby, at least, is interesting because she plays a role in the mytharc, but I think the lady that plays Bella is a better actress…but a poor character. She’s just the “tough, sexy” chick, which, in my opinion, has become just as stereotypical as the “whiny, defenseless” chick that this new breed of bad-@$$ women were created as a direct response to.

    Also, I notice that this show is a lot funnier this season…but I don’t know if that’s a good thing. People on here have complained about the emo Dean, but I LIKED the emo Dean. The man only has a year to live (for now), but things are just a little too cheery in Supernatural Land. But, of course, this is only Ep 8, so I’m holding out hope that things will really start to get serious and real again.

    But, please, for the love of God, bring back Samantha Ferris. Man, she is HOT for an older woman, and has the sort of strength that characters like Ruby and Bella WISHED they had. She was a real female character, not just a CW babe with a gun.

    And, am I the only one who’s noticed a lack of rock n roll in this season? where’s the Boston? Where’s the AC/DC? I’ve noticed a signficant boost in the special FX, so I’m guessing they didn’t have enough in the budget for metal after that was said and done, so I can forgive them for that. I just miss it, that’s all.

    I’m enjoying the mytharc of this season very much and I cannot wait to see how it ends (assuming the show’s still standing after the strike ends), I just hope to see a return to the grit of seasons past. I’m ready to see less of the two girls (or at least see them become real characters and not “foils”) and more of a focus on the Winchesters again. And bring back Jo for an ep! I miss her!

  • gensen

    kripke, dont you dare make dean look like he’s just a sidekick.. while making sam the focus of the story!!
    many people are watching the show because of dean..

    i for one, watch it because of him and because of the story.. and if he’s just gonna be downgraded or worst, killed in the show, then i am telling you that you better terminate the whole show as well..because many would stop watching it then..

    the show is nothing without dean…got that?!!!

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