Luckily enough for this TV Addict, tonight’s season premiere of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES once again continued the show’s trend of hilarious highs [Bree’s fake pregnancy comes to mind] and incredibly tedious lows [Susan’s pregnant! Groan!]

With that in mind, we at present the first ever [and super snazzy] DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES Entertainment Index. Agree? Disagree? Post away in the comments below.

[1] We waited all summer to learn that Edie really wasn’t dead. Shocking and not at all predictable!

[2] Susan to Mike have their first love quarrel when Susan asks Mike, “Are you Happy?” Sensing it’s going to be a long season.

[3] Tom Scavo can’t be bothered to get out of bed and help his cancer ridden wife Lynette find her wig. Worst husband ever.

[4] Nathan Fillion makes his highly anticipated first appearance.

[5] Bree and Orson go shopping. Shameless and not-at-all subtle Macy’s product placement.

[6] Nathan Fillion appears again. R.I.P. FIREFLY.

[7] Susan Meyer is getting old and may be going through Menopause. Alert the Emmy Committee.

[8] Ms. McClusky wonders aloud why Dana Delany disappeared from Wisteria Lane all those years ago. Fans wonder, nay pray, that Delany’s story-line will be more entertaining than Alfrie Woodards.

[9] Turns out Susan really is pregnant. Nathan Fillion — Worst gynecologist ever.

[10] Final voiceover. Dana Delany asks “Did we make a mistake coming back to Wisteria Lane…” Umm, you know what they say, if you have to ask…

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  • tdot

    ^ thats good. but only do for DH. I laughed out load when Bree got that huge fork stuck in her stomach that was funny. And Dana Delany’s story line is already better than alrie woodards!!!

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  • Shoot, I was totally going to drop DH but it totally rebounded nicely last night (with some help from Nathan Fillion of course!!!)