DEXTER Returns, So Do Spoilers

After far too long a hiatus, Showtime’s brilliant original series DEXTER returns tonight for what is shaping up to be a killer second season.

Having already seen the season’s first four episides, this TV Addict is thrilled to report that DEXTER managed to avoid the frequent sophmore slump that plagued our favorite HOUSEWIVES and LOST castaways. Season two of DEXTER ratchets up the emotion and suspense, as America’s favorite serial killer must deal with the aftermath from last season bloody finale and complications that ensue from the discovery of the “Bay Harbor Butcher” [gulp!].

For some fun spoilers that most definitely won’t spoil the show for you, click the link below. And don’t forget to tune into DEXTER’S series premiere tonight on Showtime at 9PM (TMN in Canada at 10PM).

Spoiler #1: A person close to DEXTER will not live past the show’s season premiere.

Spoiler #2: We’ve already met the “Bay Harbor Butcher”.

Spoiler #3: A frosty friend may pay both Dexter and Deb a visit.

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