Dear Kevin Walker…

I know things are looking bleak.

To have spent all summer reveling in your first stable relationship, only to discover that the love of your life is being sent off on a mission to Asia Malaysia for eight months to a year. Talk about a downer.

But before you drown your sorrows in another WICKED matinee, consider this. Jason McCallister isn’t really off to Malaysia. He’ll simply be spending a few months in Laughlin Nevada. And while the ‘bishop’ said that his ‘mission’ would be lasting around eight to twelve months, we have a feeling that you’ll be reunited with Jason just in time for February Sweeps [trust us, we’ve seen VIVA LAUGHLIN].

So grab a Tequila, cheer up and send the Walker Family our love.

Thrilled you’re all back,



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  • I’m counting the days til Viva Laughlin is cancelled, if only to get more “Eric Winter-just-out-of-the-shower” scenes.

  • Josh

    I just wish Kevin wasn’t so damn unlikable. I find myself rooting against his relationships because people like Jason seem way too good for him.

  • Nathan

    God I hope you’re right TvAddict! I have this fear they’re going to try and stuff Kevin back in a relationship with the cute (but whiny) Scotty. After finding real love with someone as hot and perfect for him as Jason, how could Kevin possibly go back to slummin’ it?

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