Which New Shows Get a Second Chance?

Today theTVaddict.com asks the tough question — now that we’ve had a whole lot of pilots thrown our way, what’s your take? Which will earn a spot in your weekly rotation, and which will not make the cut?

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  • I’ve actually liked everything I’ve seen so far. LOL Which are: Chuck, Reaper, Life, Big Bang, Journeyman, Kid Nation, Back to You, Private Practice, K-Ville, Big Shots.

    If I had to choose ones I really wouldn’t miss if they went away at this point: Big Bang (altho it was funny imo), Kid Nation, Back to You, K-Ville. I’d be upset if any of the others went away.

  • SuperChris

    I actually didn’t get to see Chuck the first time around but watched the rerun. I think I’ll add that to my list. Reaper will get a second chance, it was good, not great. Private Practice, probably wont get the second chance though.

  • Frank

    Ive auditioned
    Kid Nation
    Back to You
    Bionic Woman

    The only new shows that I would be upset with losing is Chuck and Reaper.

    I have high hopes for Aliens in America.

    Shows that i refuse to watch the new season of, and that i once was a fan..

    Desperate Housewives
    Prison Break

  • CC

    New shows need to be considered beyond just the pilot. So I’ll be watching all of these until I find a reason not to:
    Chuck, Aliens in America, Reaper, Bionic Woman, Private Practice, Moonlight, Gossip Girl.

  • nctodc

    I’m still holding out to see what the second episode brings before I pass judgment, but right now I’d say that, barring some collapse, Bionic Woman, Life, Pushing Daisies and Cane will become part of my regular rotation.

  • Shannon

    I pretty much checked out everything that was new except for Back to You, Dirty Sexy Money, Kid Nation and Cane…I didn’t care for Big Shots so I won’t be watching that again…I’m most excited about Pushing Daisies and it hasn’t even premiered yet, but is already on my can’t miss list…also Aliens in America looks hilarious! Of all the stations I feel that NBC has done the best with its variety of new shows…Chuck, Journeyman, Life and Bionic Women, I loved everyone I watched! I liked Moonlight and Private Practice more then I thought I would and Gossip Girl is my new guilty pleasure.

  • ewanspotter

    Bionic Woman was really weak, but I’ll give it another go around. Journeyman wasn’t bad, but I fear it’ll be cancelled due to its lack of star power anyway.

  • Chuck, Reaper, Gossip Girl, Aliens in America all need to stick around. The others so far are pretty meh imo.

    However I dont know if mainstream America agrees with that assessment. I think that the CW has a real strong showing this year, with good Television on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursday. Friday not so much.

  • Josh

    Pushing Daisies, Chuck, and Reaper all have full-season commitments from me.

    Private Practice, Dirty Sexy Money, Gossip Girl, Aliens in America, and possibly Bionic Woman will be given a few more weeks to see whether they’re good enough. The Big Bang Theory and Cavemen will not be viewed past the pilot episodes.

  • Linda B.

    Chuck – No
    Journeyman – Yes
    Private Practice and Bionic Woman – will watch another episode of each, but am leaning towards a No overall
    Reaper, Big Shots, and Moonlight – haven’t seen yet, still on Tivo

    Will also give Pushing Daisies and Viva Laughlin a shot when they premiere.

  • It’s too soon to tell for sure. But, based on one or two episodes each, I’m not dumping any yet. I’m going to continue trying out:

    * Chuck (best pilot so far)
    * Journeyman
    * Kid Nation
    * Bionic Woman
    * Private Practice
    * Moonlight

    I skipped K-Ville, Life, Reaper, Aliens in America, and Gossip Girl, simply because there are only so many hour in a day (Pushing Daisies, Scrubs, and Men In Trees haven’t even started yet). However, if these three remain strong but ones I’m trying get canceled, I *might* try to catch up and hop onboard one or two of them late in the game. I just get the feeling I shouldn’t bother with Cane, Big Shots, and Dirty Sexy Money no matter what.

    To make room for new shows, I’m also considering dumping Grey’s Anatomy, if it doesn’t get better. I might even dump Private Practice out of association, unless it truly surpasses its predecessor.

  • deidra

    i love reaper and journeyman
    kid nation, it’ll pass, ok
    moonlight is still on the tivo
    bionic woman looks promising

  • Becky K

    I’m definitely keeping: Bionic Woman, Chuck, Private Practice

    Maybe keeping: Big Shots, Journey Man, Life

    Wait to see: Pushing Daisies

  • shane

    def keeping dirty sexy money, ill give chuck some loving as well…and of course pushing daisies after seeing the pielette… i also may watch private practise just for the fact that its sandwhiched between dirty sexy money and pushing daisies… also i didnt mind big shots. who can resist michael vartan right.

  • Daniel

    i dropped prison break out of my rotation for this season, i might decide to catch up mid-season
    i really want to start watching heroes, but ill have to watch season 1 first let alone watch season 2
    i tivoed bigbangtheory tonight because theres something i like about it, i might not watch every week, but it will be a tivo staple lol!

    i havent gotten around to watching chuck yet…is it really worth it? it looks kind of stupid to me.
    then i will definatly be watching gossip girl and pushing dasies,
    but not sure about private practice and dirty sexy money yet, ill give them another shot.

    then theres my thursday, which i am keeping all of my shows, greys, ugly betty and the office!
    and then sunday i liked DH last night so im going to watch it.

  • After finally having caught up over the weekend, for new shows:
    Sunday: Life is Wild and Viva Laughlin may get a look, but don’t really interest me at this point.
    Monday: Chuck is my favorite, Journeyman, The Big Bang Theory and K-Ville will get a few more episodes. Will give Samantha Who? a look when it premieres.
    Tuesday: Reaper will get a second shot, as I didn’t find it to be all that great. Cane just didn’t grab my interest. Cavemen and Carpoolers will probably get one shot tomorrow night. No The Singing Bee for me.
    Wednesday: Back to You, Private Practice and Bionic woman were all pretty good. Dirty Sexy Money and Life will get a second shot. Gossip Girl is a maybe, as I think I am starting to get too old to watch 20-somethings pretend to be high schoolers and even thought I love Kristen Bell, the narration is actually the worst part of the show. Kid Nation and Kitchen Nightmares hold no interest for me. Really looking forward to Pushing Daisies in a couple of days.
    Thursday: Big Shots was absolutely terrible, as there is only one partially likeable character of the main four. Couldn’t careless about Don’t Forget the Lyrics.
    Friday: Moonlight was just barely worse than Big Shots, making it the worst show so far, but given all the changes to the pilot, it will get one more shot to see where they try and go with it. Don’t care about Nashville already being pulled and probably won’t be watching The Next Great American Band. Will give Women’s Murder Club a look when it premieres in two weeks.

    As for returning shows that I will most likely continue to watch:
    Sunday: Desperate Housewives, Brothers & Sisters and Shark.
    Monday: Prison Break, Heroes, How I Met Your Mother and CSI: Miami.
    Tuesday: Bones, House, NCIS and The Unit. Boston Legal has been dropped.
    Wednesday: Criminal Minds and CSI: NY.
    Thursday: Smallville, Grey’s Anatomy, 30 Rock, The Office, Scrubs and CSI.
    Friday: Friday Night Lights, Numb3rs, Las Vegas and Men in Trees.

    As shows get cancelled, or turn out to not be that good, it will inevitably get paired down a bit. But, that’s the TVaholic’s take on the new season, so far.

  • KayDee

    Well, I haven’t seen Pushing Daisies yet, but the shows I want to keep an eye on are:

  • JustMe!

    For sure: Chuck, Pushing Daisies

    One more chance: Moonlight, Reaper, Bionic Woman

    Absolutely not: Gossip Girl, Journeyman

    Haven’t seen yet: Dirty Sexy Money, Aliens in America

    Can’t be bothered: Private Practice, any and all “reality” shows

  • Here’s my list- 28 shows, not counting Daily Show, Conan, and Colbert Report. Oh yeah…and Cavemen is a joke.


    8:00 Chuck (NBC)
    9:00 Heroes (NBC)
    10:00 Journeyman (NBC)*


    8:00 Cavemen (ABC – 10/2)*
    9:00 House (FOX)
    10:00 Law & Order SVU (NBC)
    Nip/Tuck (FX – 10/30)


    8:00 America’s Next Top Model (CW)
    Pushing Daisies (ABC – 10/3)
    9:00 Bionic Woman (NBC)*
    Private Practice (ABC)
    Gossip Girl (CW)
    10:00 Life (NBC)
    Dirty Sexy Money (ABC)
    Project Runway (BRAVO – 11/14


    8:00 Ugly Betty (ABC)
    8:30 30 Rock (NBC)
    9:00 The Office (NBC)
    Grey’s Anatomy (ABC)
    9:30 Scrubs (NBC)
    10:00 E.R. (NBC)
    Without a Trace (CBS)


    8:00 Degrassi: The Next Generation (THE N, 10/5)
    9:00 Friday Night Lights (NBC)
    10:00 Men in Trees (ABC – 10/12)


    11:30 Saturday Night Live* (NBC – 9/29)


    9:00 Desperate Housewives (ABC)
    Dexter (SHOWTIME – 9/30)
    9:30 Family Guy (FOX)
    10:00 Brothers and Sisters (ABC – 9/30)

  • cam3150

    On permanent rotation; Chuck, Pushing Daises, Dirty Sexy Money, Bionic Woman, Life, Gossip Girl (my new guilty pleasure – love Serena and Dan)

    On the fence: Private Practice (if not for TIm Daly, I wouldn’t be watching this one at all), Journeyman (I like it but am afraid to get too attached — it seems like it my be headed for cancellation)

    Off the radar: Big Shots, Cavemen, Aliens in America

    The old faithful’s that are already on permanent rotation: The Office, Lost, Smallville, The Bachelor (yes, I still watch it), Heroes, Prison Break, Project Runway, Grey’s, Desperate Housewives, American Idol. I’ve recently started watching Biggest Loser and Dancing With the Stars too, if I can.

    Shows I LOVED but had to drop just because I’m too overwhelmed with my Must Watch list: 24, House, Numb3rs. I’ll have to catch them on DVD sometime.

  • BearDogg-X

    First year shows I’m watching: Reaper, Bionic Woman, Gossip Girl, Cane, Big Shots

    Old faithfuls: Heroes, Smallville, My Name Is Earl, South Park, Friday Night Lights

  • Mel

    So far I’m keeping Chuck, Cane, Bionic Woman (guilty pleasure!), Life and Moonlight (Yes I’m surprised too).
    Jury is still out on Reaper. I’m afraid I’m dumping Journeyman.
    Returning favorites:
    Supernatural, Smallville, Numb3rs, Heroes and The Unit (another guilty pleasure)
    I’m probably forgetting something — doesn’t bode too well for whatever it is, does it?