In an effort to encourage my fellow TV Addicts to tune into the second season premiere of FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS this Friday October 5th at 9PM on NBC, I’m posting an email frequent reader Cheryl sent me yesterday. Please note, the TV Addict’s commentary is in orange!

Daniel, I have to thank you for all the great things you have said about FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS during the past season [My pleasure Cheryl, NBC has paid me well. Jokes… the TV Addict is not for sale]. I know you have great taste in TV [thanks, the cheque’s in the mail] and after everything you said about the show I knew I had to give it a chance [hmmm.. perhaps NBC should be reaching for their wallet]. When I saw the set at Costco for $25 (seriously?!) [What did TV on DVD Addicts do before Costco?] I couldn’t resist and once I started, the only thing keeping me from watching the whole series in one sitting was the fact that I had to go to work. It is such a phenomenal show – I can’t wait for this Friday night! [Cheryl, I couldn’t have said it better myself].

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  • Ah yes. Our work may be slow but it has it’s rewards. I think I’ve been practically forcing and tying down all my friends to watch the Season 1 DVD’s and slowly converting them all. It’s a tough job but someone has to convince them that we are right.

    and yes. I will go door to door to convince strangers as well if I have to (though the police may have something to say about that).

  • Josh

    Am I the only one who still hasn’t given in and watched this show already? lol I don’t know why, I’ve just never felt compelled to check it out. *hides*

    Maybe I should. After all, NBC does currently air my three favorite shows. Maybe a fourth could be added.

  • Josh, if Dan doesn’t do it, I may have to come over myself and beat you down until you watch it.

    I may have to do the same for people not watching Pushing Daisies as well.

  • Josh

    Ha. I see USA is airing the pilots of FNL, Life, and Bionic Woman on Saturday. I might just watch or record them at that time.

    Pushing Daisies is easily the best new show of the season, so I’m right there with you.