DEXTER Kills in the Ratings

It took a year, but it seems as though television fans have FINALLY clued into what this TV Addict [pictured above with Michael C. Hall] has been shouting from the rooftops for a year. DEXTER is the best show on television. According to the Hollywood Reporter, “more than 1 million total viewers tuned in to the drama series which marks the first time on record that the season premiere of a Showtime series has broken the million-viewer mark for a single run (Nielsen didn’t begin reporting Showtime ratings separate from Showtime Plex until 2004).” Now the only question remaining, who do we have to kill what do we have to do to get another million or two viewers next week?

If you have have yet to jump on the DEXTER bandwagon, you’re missing out. Catch up on season one via iTunes by clicking here.

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  • It deserves more than a million but what they can’t do is reformulate the show to get more viewers. Cult shows must keep the recipe that makes them cult. BtVS and Angel never changed course to get more viewers and their fans are legion.

    DEXTER is brilliant as is, it can evolve, but not bubble-gum itself for more viewers.

  • VCAD

    this is such a good news I live in Latin America and I get Dexter on cable (Movie City channel) the second season hasn’t premiered yet but I can’t wait, Dexter is a great show and Michael C Hall such a good actor, they deserve the best!

  • gsus

    haha i remember last year coming here to this blog and literally harassing you in each comment section to wacth dexter to watch dexter… haha and now look a year later your telling everyone to watch it. amazing!

  • Lindsay

    I love Dexter. It is excellent television. Unfortunately, the reason they got such high ratings is because Showtime was having a free preview weekend and people who don’t normally watch Showtime got to tune in. I would love to see the ratings stay that high, but as long as it is on premium cable, it doesn’t seem likely.

  • beth

    I love this show, and have recently started reading the novels it is based on, have you read any of them? and is so which is better?

  • i got into dexter because i clicked on the wrong clip on youtube
    20sec into the trailer and i was hooked
    now its almost a year later and i own the first season and have watched all episodes of the 2nd season , plus i do have them saved on the computer (TV Tuner Card)