Download Thursday’s SUPERNATURAL Season Premiere Now

supernatural for free download tvAttention SUPERNATURAL Fans, Christmas has come early. Don’t celebrate Christmas? How about some news that’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Courtesy of iTunes, you can catch tomorrow’s third season premiere of SUPERNATURAL right now. Simply click here to download the episode for free.

Ready, set, commence your Ruby and Bella bashing now!

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  • Josh

    Yay! I was wondering how I was going to watch and record three shows tomorrow night. Now I don’t have to!

  • ewanspotter

    Dang it…

    See, while I’m dying to watch the episode, I don’t think think this is the best move ratings wise. Granted, fans are still probably going to watch the episode, but why risk losing some of that audience The numbers are never amazing to begin with — good, considering the competition — but not amazing.

  • Stephanie

    I couldn’t ruin it for myself like that…

    and I completely agree, ewanspotter….they need the numbers.

  • Rachel

    Well I’m downloading it but will still be watching tomorrow night!

  • I am downloading and still watching tomorrow. =)

  • Jillian


    I actually started watching SPN when they showed the pilot a week early on Yahoo. I might have missed the show completely without the free ‘sneak peek.’

  • Skye2477

    watched it, loved it, will be watching it on TV tomorrow (and DVRing)… A awesome season opener

  • Joe

    I’m trying to download right now but i keep getting a timed out error! I hope i can download it later on….

  • Clara

    I have stupid study hours for my first semester at college and they’re during the premiere, so i wont be able to see it if i don’t watch it here! i hate it that i cant add on to the ratings, but i certainly have in the past! I’m so excited for the new season! I can’t wait to see what kripke and the boys have in store for us!!

  • Brian

    Nice to see you guys are taking the highroad here and not going out of your way to possibly instigate any fighting. /Sarcasm

  • Anne

    LOVED IT! so much! the ep rocked! and Ruby was there for what…..3 mins tops and she was cool! 😉 I have a feeling she might be like a guardian angel or something coz that would make sense!

    Ohhhhh im so excited!

  • Mousitsa

    As a self-proclaimed spoiler-fanatic there is no way in the world I would have the will power to NOT watch it early. But I will also watch it Thursday night as well. Although I am not sure it was wise to offer up the episode before the actual premiere considering it needs every ratings point it can get with that competitive time slot. It may have been better to offer it free after the actual premiere in order to draw in new viewers who hadn’t watched it live. (I’m not complaining though… I thought it was great). I just hope the CW factors in the total number of downloads in their minds when the ratings are reported.

  • cully

    It’s slightly bitter that it’s not possible for people outside the US to see the show through Itunes. Well, I guess I’ll just have to wait another four months until it (hopefully) shows up on our screens again 🙂

  • Laura

    I think this is an excellent move on their part! Now people who don’t get the CW clearly or at all can watch without the snow! (For one episode, at least.)

    Also, they only take ratings from people who have those Neilsen boxes, so if you don’t, they won’t know whether or not you’re watching anyway. This is a great way to show our numbers and attract attention for the show.

    Thank you, iTunes! And thank you, TVaddict, for bringing our attention to this!