You Be the Critic: CAVEMEN, CANE & REAPER

As is often the case when I miss an entire night of television — I turn to you, my far more intelligent and better-looking readers to do my job [was that enough sucking up to get you to post?].

Were CAVEMAN and CARPOOLERS as bad as I imagined? Was REAPER’s second episode as strong without Kevin Smith directing [Star Bret Harrison doesn’t think so]? Did CANE continue to entertain in that we’re-ripping-off-DALLAS-and-we-know-it kind of way? Did Kelly Taylor Jennie Garth get the boot on DANCING WITH THE STARS [I hope not!]? Did they catch that creepy killer from last week’s episode of BONES? And finally, since I’ve already seen the screener and can talk about it — was HOUSE not amazing? Have these interns not breathed new life into what at times can be an incredibly formulaic show? Does anyone else want to see a spin-off? Or at the very least, see these interns stick around for a few episodes? Post away and let us know.

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  • I love Reaper. 😀 It’s my favorite new show of the season, I think. Bret Harrison rocks, as does Ray Wise the devil. But to me, Tyler Labine (Socks) steals the show. He and Bret have such a great chemistry together and when Bret, Tyler and Rick Gonzalez (Ben) work together, it leaves me in stitches.

    Jennie Garth didn’t get the boot. It was Albert Reed, which kind of sucked. Would much rather have had Wayne Newton or that Dallas Mav. owner guy go.

    As for House, I adored Olivia Wilde, Kal Penn and Edi Gathegi (the black Mormon). I am hoping they stick around for sure!

  • gsus

    Eh I watched Reaper last night and for some reason I felt like I was watching Dead Like Me season 4 with horrible writers/actors etc. It just felt so rehashed and unoriginal… But then again its a CW show so can’t really expect much.

  • vtskier

    Caveman and Carpoolers were beyond godawful. I think I am dumber for having watched them. Not one single moment of intelligent writing nor one laugh

    Reaper was OK, but not as good as the first episode. The devil character is excellent casting, but the mother (some might remember from Falcon Beach) can’t act her way out of a paper bag

    Cane was solid.

  • Linda B.

    I just caught up w/ the 1st episode of Reaper last night. I thought it was okay. I figure i’ll give it one more episode to catch my iterest, but sounds like the second episode was not as good as the first. I guess i’ll be dropping this one.

  • JennyC

    I have to admit that I enjoyed Caveman. It was funny, especially due to the comic genius of Nick Kroll. However, I did feel that the episode was not so much a premiere episode, rather, it seemed like a second episode. I believe this show with a few tweaks can be an excellent show. PLEASE WATCH!
    Now as for Carpoolers, it was a terrible rehashing of The Office in a car, with worse writing and acting.
    I need to check out Reaper!!

  • nctodc

    I don’t know what I was thinking…I saw Nick Hedge’s appearance on “The View” and it was so funny that I thought I ought to give “Caveman” a shot.

    I should’ve trusted my first instincts.

  • Mel

    I’m a Jimmy Smits fan — adored him on NYPD Blue as Bobby Simmone —and I like Cane. These first two episodes have been mostly set-up of the relationships and the backstories. It could maybe pick up the pace a little but I think the acting is good and the cinematography is very pretty. I hope CBS gives it a chance to find its audience and it doesn’t go 3 and out like the last two dramas that aired for them at 10 on Tuesday.

  • Skye2477

    Caught Reaper this week (both last week and this week’s shows) I have to admit I enjoyed it. the first epi really did shine under Smith’s direction… but i still found this week’s episode enjoyable. I think Wise’s Devil is so wonderfully played… and creepy when you remind yourself who he really is. Is this show Buffy? Heck no… but could it learn to stand on it’s own and be a fun tuesday night watch/DVR? Yeah i say so.