Wednesday Night’s Good Bad & Ugly

Simply put, PUSHING DAISIES is reason enough to finally take the plunge and invest in that glorious 42″ HD TV you’ve been eyeing at Best Buy. With its lush visuals and enchanting story, DAISIES was undoubtely the most entertaining and mesmerizing hour of television since last seasons two hour LOST finale. The only question remaining. Can Bryan Fuller and his team make it work for twenty-two episodes? This TV Addict says they can. Stay Tuned…

From the uber disappointing opening credits [budget cuts anyone?] to the seen-it-all-before ‘training montage’, last night’s second installment of BIONIC WOMAN most definitely failed to impress this TV Addict. What’s worse, thanks to the surprise and unexpected death of Jamie’s boyfriend and the sudden appearance of Isaiah Washington one thing is abundently clear. There’s a helluva lot more fighting behind the camera of BIONIC WOMAN than there is in front of it. Here’s hoping creators David Eick and Jason Smilovic get their act together, because last night’s episode felt a lot more like a cheaper version of ALIAS than the high-energy action thriller that I expect from the men who brought us BATTLESTAR GALACTICA and KIDNAPPED.

The fact that even after vegging out in front of my television from 7PM on, this TV Addict still couldn’t manage to stay up late enough to watch PRIVATE PRACTICE, LIFE, KID NATION, THE DAILY SHOW and THE COLBERT REPORT. Networks better start getting the axe out now, or this TV Addict’s going to have start downing Red Bull.

Did PUSHING DAISIES live up to the hype? Did PRIVATE PRACTICE get any better? Is GOSSIP GIRL running out of party ideas already? Post away with your own Good, Bad & Ugly.

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  • SuperChris

    The Good: I agree with theTVaddict, Pushing Daisies was awesome. I loved the visuals and the narrating throughout the show. Reminded me a lot of the movie Big Fish. It had the murder mysteries and the quirky romance you can find in any show, but the feel of the show was just different enough that I felt like I was getting a break from regular TV.

    The Bad: Private practice would probably be here, but since I didn’t even watch it this week, Bionic Woman does. The only thing good I can really say about Bionic Woman was the AWESOME Sylar promo during the commercials.

    The Ugly: I watched Life, but only to see if they would show the Sylar commercial again, but they didn’t. It wasn’t bad, but I really wasn’t all to into it. Private Practice can join them here too.

  • Josh

    The Good: Pushing Daisies, of course. You’re right, the show looked amazing in HD. I’ve seen this thing multiple times now and I still love it. Also, I’d like to give a mention to Dirty Sexy Money. Who knew it would end up being a pretty good show.

    The Bad: Private Practice wasn’t bad….but it was boring. I ended up zoning in and out of the show while doing other stuff. It just couldn’t hold my attention for the whole hour.

    The Ugly: Because of Private Practice, I had to record Gossip Girl and I still haven’t checked out Bionic Woman.

  • Linda B.

    Pushing Daisies was even better than expected. I really loved it. Best part was seeing Cantaloupe run free! I own 3 chows, so seeing one on tv (rare) really makes me happy. And no, they don’t turn on their owners (at least not yet).

    I can’t believe i’m saying this, but Private Practice was a little better this week – but only slightly. Some of the characters are still annoying and underdeveloped. Must be nice to pay $6K for a bike and then smash it up. And, i loved how Addison says she’s this great, very highly renowned specialist, but she sure wasn’t acting like one last week!

    Tivo’d Bionic Woman, but haven’t watched it yet. Might be the last chance i give it sounds like.

  • “Yes I can, that’s how I roll.”

    I must have watched Lee Pace deliver that line 20 times last night. I

  • The Good: Kid Nation was better than last week. This time the challenge did not involve water (well, until started to rain). I’m starting to become more familiar with some of the kids, and there are several that are either smart, witty, hard working, or sweet. I’m really happy that mature-for-her-age Mallory got the $20,000 gold star on her 9th birthday but agree with many of the pioneers that Morgan would be a deserving recipiant in a future episode. Greg would be too for all his hard work–but only if he gets his anger and sharp tongue in check. I also agree with the chanting pioneers at Town Hall that there needs to be an election for new Town Council members because Taylor is acting spoiled, lazy, bossy, and un-inspiring. She rescued herself by starting to cry, but that technique may work only once.

    The Not Bad but Not Great Either: I know I’ll be in the minority, but I wasn’t incredibly impressed with Pushing Daisies. I can’t deny the awesome production qualities and decent acting. As far as the story and overall concept, I’m not totally in love with it. I’m usually a fan of quirky shows (Picket Fences, Ally McBeal, Boston Legal, Gilmore Girls, Men In Trees, etc.), but this show might be *too* quirky even for me. All the death stuff just seems morbid and twisted. And, how unrealistic is it that Ned could go more than a decade without him touching his “alive again” dog or vice versa?

    The Bad: Not exactly “bad” just disappointing… Bionic Woman is not living up to expectations. The 2nd episode had a boring plotline, and I don’t care about the secondary characters. So many new shows these days are awesome right out of the gate. But, with this show, it either has a slow build going or is destined for mediocrity. Too soon to tell for sure.

    The Ugly: Too much TV for me too. I didn’t get around to the 2nd episode of Private Practice or the season premiere of South Park yet.

  • I love Pushing Daisies!

    I’m glad Gossip Girls ratings improved!

  • JennyC

    I ADORE PUSHING DAISIES!!!!! Such a unique myriad of quirkiness. Love the narration, story, actors, scenery, etc. This is definitely on my TIVO.
    Bionic Woman is a joke. Too lame and stupid. After viewing Bionic in a bar at the top of the show explaining her life “problems”, I knew this show was going downhill and did not even bother to complete it. Instead, I watched the baseball playoffs on TBS and Back To You. I enjoyed that way more.

  • Courtney

    I’ve already voiced my love of Pushing Daisies, so obviously I’ll put that in the good category. I even watched some parts of it again last night. Private Practice, to me, was much better than last week, so it has another week reprieve on my schedule.

  • Private Practice was MUCH better than the premiere. I really hope they tone down Violet’s stalker impulses and Naomi’s neurosis over every little thing in Sam’s life.

    The characters need to be at least a LITTLE likable.

    Also, I demand more Dell. And Cooper, I love Paul Adlestein.

  • Linda B.

    Tim G. – I agree. So far i don’t really like many of the characters, especially Naomi. I liked the original actress who played her better.

  • Linda B – I KNOW! Merrin Dungey was SO much better as Naomi. I know it sounds mean, but when Kate Walsh and Audra McDonald are on screen together it’s like “BATTLE OF THE MAN-FACES.” Seriously, Audra McDonald’s chin & jaw could give Jay Leno’s a run for it’s money.

  • Linda B.

    OMG – that was too funny! (but completely agreeable!)

  • Vanessa

    I agree with all that Pushing Daisies was top notch TV last night. I suppose I am in the minority, but I am loving Bionic Woman. Although this probably has something to do with my love of Battlestar Galactica. Seeing so many of the BSG supporting players in Bionic Woman definitely shows David Eick’s hand in the show. I must say that my favorite part of Bionic Woman is by far Katee Sackhoff. I would follow her to any show. If Bionic Woman doesn’t make it, I sure hope NBC (or someone) gets Katee Sackhoff her own show!

  • gsus

    The first episode of Pushing Daisies was excellent, I can’t wait to see how the series unfolds. It will be interesting to see what the ratings will be like for Daisies next week. As for Private Practice, I’m just not completely all there yet. To me its missing the grand scale that Greys has, PP is so much more intimate and small, I just wasn’t completely crazy about this episode. And last but not least Dirty Sexy Money! Last nights episode was fabulous. I think it was far more better than the pilot in that it contained its elements of over the top comedy and drama. I really enjoy this series a lot and I hope it finds its audience its fantastic. Donald Sutherland was sooooo good last night as Tripp the final scene with the briefcase was just heart breaking.

  • I agree with everyone about PD. Hubby & I loved it! 😀 We’re all about the emotional heimlich now. 😀 haha

    I liked Private Practice. It wasn’t my favorite, but it was good. And Life was much better than episode 1. My husband thought he was going to have to start watching it by himself cause I really wasn’t sure after last week but I loved this week’s ep much more. 😀

  • Sheindie

    Pushing Daisies.. beautiful, quirky, different and..Ellen Green! and Swoozie! (I hope they’re used more).
    Bionic Woman.. I LOVED Alias and Jennifer Garner..this is a pale, boring and ‘wanna be’ copy..turned it off in the middle.
    Private Practise…”Francie” should have remained. I hope this show and Bionic Woman are pulled and that “Addison” returns to Grey’s..just my opinion, of course 🙂

  • Matt P

    Todd W I have to somewhat agree with you, after all the hype it just did not leave up to it. It was interesting yes, but might be a bit too weird even for me will see. Also think the narrator might get old after awhile.

    I have to agree with Private Practice for the most part, it is an alright show, just not as special or unique as Grey’s Anatomy.

    Life I am still enjoying, not quite as good as the pilot but still a good episode, and curious to see where it goes.

  • Raina

    This comment is a little late.

    Pushing Daisies was awesome. I hope it’ll continue to be that way for the rest of the season. Lee Pace is just adorable.

    I kind of like Private Practice. I enjoy it, because I ADORE Paul Adelstein (Cooper). Tim G, I agree. Cooper needs more screen time. Even though most people would find Violet annoying, I kind of love her. Her chemistry with Cooper is great.

    I haven’t watch Bionic Woman yet. Not sure if I want to.