It’s Time to Downsize THE OFFICE

Sitting through last night’s hour long episode of THE OFFICE, this TV Addict couldn’t help but sympathize with Michael Scott as he quickly grew impatient while old man Dunder reminisced about his company’s humble beginnings. From the painfully bad acting on behalf of B.J. Novak’s ‘Angry Ryan,’ to the utter ridiculousness of Michael driving his car into the lake, I found myself doing something I’ve never done while watching the show — itching to change the channel.

For lack of a better word, the episode was uneven. The hilarity of Creed trying to act younger, Kelly’s fake pregnancy and Toby’s futile attempt to put the kibosh on Jim and Pam’s relationship were brought down by the stupidity of the gift basket story-line and some product placements so shameful they’d make Jack Donaghey proud.

Is THE OFFICE so publicity starved that they’d devote almost an entire thirty minutes to promoting How much do we think Blackberry paid for their not-at-all-subtle infomercial? Is anyone else shocked that the gift basket’s weren’t provided courtesy of

These forced hour-long episodes and parade of cheesy product placements befitting a reality TV show point to one thing. Corporate meddling [and greed]. If you’re reading this NBC President Ben Silverman — it’s time to give back the dedicated fans of THE OFFICE the show they deserve. Thirty tightly packed brilliant minutes of comedy. In other words, it’s time to downsize this office.

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  • Dominique

    I will disagree with you. I don’t think The Office is bad/weak/unfunny … it is actually a pretty good comedy/sitcom that still make me laugh which not a lot of comedies on the air can do for me. The Office is still on my “DO NOT MISS LIVE” show and has been since I started the show. I think the people have been asking for more The Office and I am happy to have my 1 hour every thursday night. I am sure I will hate it when they return to 30 minutes because I will want more. I am more of an hour show fan than 30 minutes show.

  • Common Sense

    No question, week #2 was not as funny as the brilliant week #1. This eps did have some hilarious moments, but I didn’t laugh out loud like last week. I don’t really like “bad Ryan” in power; too much tension.

    On the other hand, 30 Rock was so outrageous, I rewound again and again. It’s now must-see TV for me, along with The Office. (I did miss my Rachel Dratch appearance, though) Anyone else ready for Seinfeld: The Movie?

  • its the funniest show on tv nothing makes me laugh out loud anymore EXCEPT the office

  • xbxtv

    This hour-long episodes are simply two eps back-to-back. Look just a little bit closer and you will realise that.
    Watch it this way, and they are not too long!