friday night lights

In an effort to encourage you to tune into tonight’s second season premiere of FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS [9PM on NBC and Global TV in Canada] is thrilled to bribe you offer you a giant box of FNL swag. If and only if you can complete this one challenging task.

Following tonight’s episode, return to and post in the comments below your favorite moment or line from the show. One winner will be notified early next week via email and sent a ton of FNL swag including Dillon Panthers towels, mugs, seat cushions and more. If that’s not incentive enough to watch, how’s do gratuitous photos sound? FNL stars this guy and this girl! Is there really anything else you need to know?

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  • musterknabe

    Awesome! Do you ship to Germany? 😉

  • NikkiHolly

    My favorite moment….that’s a tough one, man. I think I’ll have to go with Landry calling Matt asking how to put his arm around Tyra. It was just so sweet and cute that he had no idea how to just get an arm around the girl. It really captured the awkwardness of teenage relationships really well.

    (btw, thank you for the shirtless pic of Taylor. That made my night. :D)

  • Chloe

    Julie in the car with Coach. Heartbreakingly honest and honestly heartbreaking.

  • Shumona

    Hmmm… full of great moments. Maybe Matt and Coach’s little reunion at the supermarket. Or when Smash told Matt to smile, and he gave him that huge goofy grin. Or of course, Tami’s breakdown on the couch, and every cute moment between Landry and Tyra…

    oops, I was only supposed to post one right! I guess you can’t blame me for loving it all 🙂

  • mg714

    I love FNL! So many good moments but the one little moment I loved was when Tami mentioned to Coach that Julie was flirting with “The Swede” and Coach asked what happened to “The Saracen”! Loved that line!

  • hegshmeg

    favorite moments were cleary WWRD? The captin of the SS TaTas….Layla’s dinner prayer, landry and tyras hand moments LOVE IT

  • Natalie

    too many fave moments…but loved Julie talking with her dad in the car outside the bar. Missed their relationship!

  • Great season premiere. loved everything from the first scene to the last. Great acting and very intense scenes between Palicki (Tyra) and Plemons (Landry) in the end. Can’t wait until next week. I loved all the lines in the scene with Lyla and Tim. Very funny!

  • musterknabe

    “This is Slammin’ Sammy Meade folks and welcome back to another glorious year of Panther football! It’s summer, it’s 120 damn degrees on the gridiron and the Panthers are entering ‘the firey gates of hell week’ – and I for one could not be happier!”

  • mmmary

    my favourite moment would have to the “the swede” and “the saracen” convesation. is it wrong that i want to be married to tammy and coach taylor?

  • nick

    favorite moment was definitely when eric grabbed matt’s hand and told him not to “stand by and watch it happen”. he’s looking out for matt, but it’s also his way of parenting, even if julie isn’t aware of it.

  • michelle

    wow, tough one, but I think my favourite moment had to be the supermarket scene when coach tells saracen not to stand by and let it happen. It was such touching moment between these two! But I also loved the scene where eric tells tami he had to go back to Austin and she’s trying to hold it all in but she completly breaks down as soon as he’s out the door.

  • Rod

    If the ratings are out and the key male demos are down, it’s your fault! That’s right. Had you researched more, you’d find a much better reason for guys to watch:


  • Best moment – When Coach Taylor tells Saracen “Don’t just stand by and let it happen. Do something about it.” Nice.

  • Rod, believe me… I tried my best to find some better FNL girl pics, but google images turned up nothing. Thanks for helping spread the FNL love.

  • Marie

    Landry’s, “WWRD – what would Riggins do?”

  • becky

    I loved when Landry was panicking over what to do with Tyra during the movie scene and then he finally touches her and she jumps and asks if he wants food while he’s like, “I’m so sorry, I’m sorry” without realizing she wasn’t even mad or anythingl. Funny funny.

  • Chelsea

    My favorite moment would have to be the WWRD scene. The fact that Landry came up with it was awesome enough. But Saracen’s reaction, the fact that he wouldn’t have that problem considering he’s slept with most of the females in Dillon, made it just a little bit better.

  • Anthony

    So much great stuff about this episode. But I think my possible favorite line of the whole thing is Matt asking Landry, “When did you turn into such a tool?”

  • Matt’s “Riggins is captain of the S.S. Ta-tas over there.”

  • Erica

    I guess I’m the odd one out. After that plot twist mid-way, the show is dead to me. How sad that the writers ruined the show that way.

  • Jamie

    The episode was fantastic. My favorite moment would be the end with Landry and Tyra on the bridge. My favorite line is from the very beginning when Matt and Landry are sitting at the pool. Landry says wwrd – What would Riggins do. I think I will be saying this for a long time to come.

  • Cheryl

    I’m so glad FNL is back! I loved the talk between Julie and Coach. It was killing me to see them so distant as I really loved their relationship last season. The WWRD comment was awesome too – it made me laugh out loud.

  • jo

    Dillon’s a 5A school district? Really? I would’ve picked 3A…hmmm…

  • Kate

    I loved that Grandma Saracen wouldn’t take the C off of Matt’s jersey… I hope he gets his groove back, I missed seeing him with Julie.

  • NikkiHolly

    sooo……… who won the swag?