Channel Surfing with C.T.

For absolutely no good reason, I found myself watching ARE YOU SMARTER THAN A 5TH GRADER? The contestant — a Mensa member — made it all the way to the million dollar question, but opted to take a half-million rather than risk it all on the final answer. Good thing, because he would have lost. I’d have been out a bit earlier, when they asked for the capital of Brazil. What I found truly amazing was that they stretch this crap out for an entire hour! Seriously? 10 questions in an hour? Even President Bush could answer — or at least attempt to — more than that in the allotted time! And note to producers of these type shows: If you’re going to show the audience sitting behind the contestant, make sure your sound effects track doesn’t have them cheering wildly or laughing as if host Jeff Foxworthy said something truly funny when we can see that everyone in the studio is sitting in rather stony silence.

Over the summer, I watched all three seasons of GREY’S ANATOMY on DVD, and now I’ve watched the first two episodes of the fourth season. All I can say is that the way they are treated Callie is criminal. Look, I’ll admit to liking Izzy and George together. They’re cute in a sickening kinda way. But Callie was actually good for him, and I loved the conflict the relationship created between her husband and his friends. Here’s hoping karma sends her flying into McSteamy’s arms. And how great was the scene where Bailey — having been repressing her rage since being passed over as Chief Resident — went off on Karev and then sat back, looking as if she needed a ciggie ’cause venting was just about orgasmic for her. Great, great stuff.

I’m liking SURVIVOR more than I have in years, and I can’t really put my finger on why. But for the love of Oreos, won’t someone shove some form of sustenance down Courtney’s throat? That girl is scary thin. Like, Callista-Flockhart-during-the-ALLY-MCBEAL-years thin. Meanwhile, is it just me, or is this the year of the Christian on CBS’ reality shows? First we spent the summer listening to BIG BROTHER’s Amber and Jameka talk as if God had nothing better to do than sit around and smite their fellow houseguests, and now Leslie keeps talking about how she just needs a little private time with the Big Guy. Babe, you’re in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do for hours at a time… how much more alone time with the notorious G.O.D. do you need?

I love THE OFFICE, but sometimes they just take Michael a step too far. Or, as in the case of this past episode, about three miles too far. Even Michael Scott isn’t stupid enough to drive into a lake because a GPS system told him to. Had they played it that he was completely distracted by something and just sort of blindly doing as instructed by the car, I’d have bought it. Maybe. But that’s not how it came off at all. I will, however, forgive the show, because so much of what they’re playing this season is working like a charm. The cutaways are better than ever. My favorite? Kelly telling Ryan that she’s pregnant, and then, in the cutaway/interview, just silently shaking her head “no.” And thanks, Phyllis, for making me feel better about not being able to nimbly tap those tiny keys on a Blackberry!

For my money, the second episode of CANE was even better than the first. But once again, the promos shown at the end of last week’s episode made it look awful! Who’s in charge of these segments? Are they trying to kill the show? I hope not, because I’m just about ready to crown CANE the best new show of the fall season… assuming, of course, that we’re putting PUSHING DAISYS in a class of its own. And why wouldn’t we, since a show is, for once, living up to all the advance buzz which surrounded it.

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  • shanna

    C.T. get out of my head. ITA about Grey’s and Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader. I keep meaning to watch Cane but between work and an already hectic DVR schedule, I haven’t found time.

  • CT

    You know, I was going to ask that YOU get out of my head. I mean, I was hear first, Shanna. That said, find time for Cane. It’s well worth it, IMHO. Which, since I share your head, is also YOUR humble opinion.