What Happened to the TV Addict?

To discover who [or what] gave the TV Addict this awesome new scar tune into theTVaddict.com all this week. Hasta La Vista Baby!

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  • NikkiHolly

    are you getting a part in Terminator 4? 😉

  • Chip

    thats awesome! i really hope its stuff on the sarah connor chronicles, im so excited to hear about it

  • Ouch! Is this some form of retaliation for those “Hollywood” pics? U meet “Sutherland” head on? Or did Bonaduce jump you? We’re waiting. . .

  • Ouch! I’d guess those “hollywood” pics from last week, but I think you got a new motorcycle for your b=day. =) Although, the sun glasses make your scar look cool! Hhmm? Photo op?

  • jp

    i hope this is about THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES

    i really had zero to none hopes for the show since the last two terminator movies were craptastic but man oh man…. from the graphic effects to the actors to the plot…

    it was aaaaaaamazing. it definitely deserved a fall preview and not midseason… could it be because a scene may be too early for V TECH tragedy families???

    i love me some LENA HEADLEY so i hope this is TSCC!