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In an effort to sum up Friday’s second season premiere of FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, a classic TV theme song comes to mind. “You take the good you take the bad you take them both and there you have… umm, the second season premiere of FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS?”

First, the good. From the hilarious ‘What Would Riggins Do’ opening to Julie breaking down in the car as she explained to her dad that she doesn’t want to end up like her mom — no show on television does genuine family drama like FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS.

That said, one plot point that I’m not about to spoil [in the off chance you have yet to see the premiere] begs the question. Did FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS just turn into MELROSE PLACE? Or worse, ONE TREE HILL?

I did not see that coming. And short of ‘it’ being a dream sequence [which I’m told it’s not] or a preview of some sort of bizarre FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS/SUPERNATURAL cross-over [he was a demon!], my perception of the show’s most valuable player has irrevocably changed forever.

Will you ever look at Landry Clarke the same again? Did FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS just jump the shark? Or do you have faith that the show’s writers have a plan? Post away with your thoughts below.

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  • From what I understand the next couple of episodes should ease our worries, but I have to agree that this premiere raised both my eyebrows. This incident is similar to what Alias and Veronica Mars did: they went for accessibility in order to draw more viewers, even if that meant implementing storylines that were out of the show’s character. This of course backfired in both cases, but I think Friday Night Light has received more attention about this potential show-ruining moment than Alias and Veronica did, so maybe we can stop this fire before it destroys the whole show. That said, the FNL writers so far haven’t given us a reason to doubt them, so I won’t start until it becomes absolutely necessary.

  • Paul

    if they dumped the body in the river than it’s sharkjumping

  • I am choosing to have faith in the writers. They haven’t steered us wrong yet! The cast seems excited about the storyline, actually, and think that it will resonate well with viewers.

    With Friday Night Lights and Pushing Daisies on a weekly basis, TV-life is good 🙂

  • Did anyone see a shark in that river? 🙂

  • I was really dreading the murder scene, but I was surprised at how sensitive and restrained it was (though I probably shouldn’t have been so surprised, because “sensitive and restrained” is sort of the FNL trademark). The body dumping, on the other hand, is a different story, and I’m really not sure how the writers are going to get us out of that one. Heck, I’ve seen the next two episodes, and I’m STILL not sure.

  • Beth

    I, too, am agreeing to not worry about this storyline and just wait and see where the writers take us. This is such a great show (which I watched this summer because of all the hype), and I think I’m going to withhold judgment for now. Can’t wait until Friday to see what happens next!

  • Yes, I’m a little worried… Landry kind of lost his innocence, but you know, in real life people change too, so depending on how the writers will develop this situation the change can be nice.