Joanna’s Best & Worst of the Week is thrilled to introduce you all to Joanna. Every Monday Joanna will be sharing her best and worst episodes of the week. Agree/Disagree. Post away with your own.

Best of the Week #1: FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS
I jumped on the FNL bandwagon during the first half of season one and was a little worried that in a desperate effort to improve the ratings, the writer’s would ruin the show in season two. But having seen the first two episodes of the new season. I can safely say that they haven’t. If ever there were two actors who appear to be made for each other, it’s Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton. FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS is in a league of it’s own and unlike anything currently on television. I could go on endlessly about what makes this show amazing, but really you should all just see it for yourselves. [Fridays on NBC and Global TV at 9PM].

It has to be acknowledged that for the first time, fans are finally given a glimpse into the Grissom/Sara backstory. The interaction between the two this week was an example of ‘how it’s done’, acting-wise. As a friend of mine pointed out, it was like watching fan fiction come to life. And with Jorja Fox’s impending departure, that symbolic last scene was just heartbreaking for a die hard GSR shipper like myself. Aside from that, any episode that has William Petersen driving a go-kart deserves a mention!

It’s so hard to pick a third best episode, because I watch so many shows. But I thought to myself, which episode stood out this week in some way? And I have to say it was DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES because it was such an improvement from last season. I think the show may be making a comeback this season, at least in terms of writing. The premiere was both light-hearted and deeply emotional, which is what made this episode top three in my book.

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Worst of the Week #1: PRISON BREAK
Raise your hand if you felt inclined to throw several objects at your TV during the phone call Michael was supposedly having with Sara? Because I don’t know who that woman was or who came up with the grand idea to photoshop Sara’s face into that picture, the annoyance just wouldn’t stop. This whole Sarah Wayne Callies debacle is causing the show to go from bad to worse each and every week. Could they make her absence any more obvious?

Worst of the Week #2: HEROES
Where’s Sylar? Where’s Niki? Where’s Micah? Wait, Claire is struggling to hide her true self. Peter is re-discovering his power. Are we rewatching season one? Did I put on the right episode? Sadly, the new season of HEROES just feels like more of the same. With the only difference being that there’s this enw mystery surrounding the parents that I find not even the least bit interesting. Nor do I consider Hiro’s new world to be something that I simply must tune into. Random Asian girls and rose petals? That just feels like filler material. Who’s with me here?

Worst of the Week #3: GREY’S ANATOMY
I have to admit, the amount of comic relief in this episode almost made me forget how much I’m hating the storylines. I used to happily ride the MerDer rollercoaster, but now even that’s getting tiresome. First he acknowledges that he has a problem, which seems to be the theme of this episode, then at the last minute they spin it back around again. Like he joined AA and fell off the wagon in under five minutes. I thought Shonda Rhimes promised us a lighter more entertaining season? Perhaps she could let us know when it’s starting!

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  • KayDee

    I don’t watch “Heroes,” but since I assume Hiro isn’t riding a rose-colored bicycle in the past, I believe Joanna meant random rose “petals.” Just assuming, as I didn’t watch the episode… *grin*

  • I don’t watch any of your top 3 shows. I don’t feel any of your bottom 3 were actually the worst, although I do share some of the same concerns and annoyances that you do. Those 3 shows, along with many other new or returning shows last week, were good but not excellent for me–all 3 out of 5 stars. I know I’m in the minority on this, but I even gave the Pushing Daisies premiere only 3 stars.

    Too hard to narrow down to top 3, but my top 5 for last week would be (all getting 4 out of 5 stars):
    * Chuck
    * Journeyman
    * House
    * Kid Nation
    * Stargate: Atlantis

    My bottom three would be:
    * Bionic Woman (not bad but alarmingly mediocre, 3 stars but near border of 2 stars)
    * Damages (one of their better episodes, but that’s not saying much; barely 3/5 stars)
    * South Park (only 1 out of 5 stars; often a genius show, this week was a major mis-step)

  • Joanna

    Oopsie, I did misspell that word! Thanks for pointing it out KayDee 😉

    And Todd, I am probably one of the few people that don’t even remotely like Pushing Daisies!

    House was also excellent this week 🙂

  • Joanna,

    Congrats on your first column. Throwing in my two cents as to this TV Addict’s best and worst of the week.

    1. 30 Rock
    2. Journeyman
    3. Friday Night Lights

    Worst [not so much bad as disappointing]
    1. Bionic Woman
    2. Grey’st Anatomy
    3. Chuck

  • Mary

    I agree with your Friday Night Lights assessment. I don’t watch the other two shows, but I know someone who watches CSI and she was thrilled with last week’s episode.

    I did watch Heroes last week. I distinctly remember sitting down to do so, but I can’t remember a single thing that happened. That’s pretty sad.

    I used to be a big GA fan, but haven’t watched it regularily since Izzie was sucked into her own bizarro world and began making a gazillon muffins.

  • Josh

    I disagree with your take on Heroes and Grey’s. Although Grey’s wasn’t anywhere near as good as Season 2, I did like that it was an improvement from last year.

    My Top 3:
    1. 30 Rock
    2. Pushing Daisies
    3. Chuck

    My Bottom 3:
    1. Private Practice [just very disappointing]
    2. Gossip Girl [ok but a very typical, generic show]
    3. Desperate Housewives [not that it was bad, just that I prefer so many other shows]

  • Alyssa

    On Prison Break that was Sarah Wayne Callies’s picture from a costume department with a photoshopped newspaper.

  • Sheindie

    BEST: Chuck, Grey’s and Heroes, Journeyman and Desp. Houswives
    WORST: Bionic Woman, Private Practice and Gossip Girl
    MAYBE: Pushing Daisies
    ALWAYS: Smallville, Supernatural and Brothers and Sisters
    ..and that’s all folks! 🙂

  • Lily

    I so agree about Jorja Fox and William Petersen’s acting abilities. I was blown away by finally seeing them really interact as a loving couple and the last scene did rip out millions of hearts. I cannot accept that she could be leaving the show. CBS is crazy to let this talented actress and poignant love story die.

  • Like some other readers who have commented, I don’t watch most of the the shows you watch.

    I agree with you about CSI being a Best of the Week Shows, but I’d also include: Meerkat Manor, Stargate Atlantis, Chuck and Heroes.

    Regarding your Worst of the Week shows, I disagree about Heroes, and have found Bionic Woman to be completely dreadful.

    Enjoying “Chuck,” “Journeyman,” and the returning favorites, “Bones” and “House.”


  • Linda B.

    No mention of Moonlight from anybody. I finally caught up w/ my viewing and watched both episodes last Friday night. I must say, i was pleasantly surprised. The show is pretty good, or at least better than my expectations and things i’ve read about it.

    Am also enjoying Journeyman, although the earthquake episode was the weakest thus far.

    Pushing Daisies was excellent. I want to see Cantaloupe make another appearance.