Welcome to the OZ B*tch

Admittedly, riffing on the words ‘THE OC’ was cool, you know, like three years ago — but all the same, with a cast featuring the likes of Zooey Deschanel, Richard Dreyfuss, Alan Cumming, Neal McDonough and Kathleen Robertson — we’re psyched all the same for SCI FI’s re-imagined take on the WIZARD OF OZ. Enjoy this first look at TIN MAN.

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  • CC

    Is it a scifi movie, mini series, or show?
    Do you have a date?

  • Hmm, I’m kind of disappointed with the quality. It seems to be in the style of Stargate and Flash Gordon type of series. No that there’s anything bad with those series (I follow both of them), but I was expecting a bit more when it was described so many months ago. I really wanted something dark and cyberpunk like, while this looks much too fake and fluffy.

    At the time I blogged about it here:

    And I’m sad to say that I think my worst expectations have come true. I’m still going to watch it, but there will be the whole time that nagging feeling in the back of my mind: this could have been sooo much cooler.

  • Hey Melinda,

    While I haven’t seen the final movie yet, I did learn a little more about the production when I attended the SCI FI Digital Press tour in July. Unlike FLASH GORDON, SCI FI seems to have spared no expense with the series. Of course only time will tell.

    CC — TIN MAN premieres in December 2007. Not sure of the exact date yet. Will keep you posted.