Amrie’s Take on TV: The Good, The Bad ant the Incredibly Unfortunate

Hello everyone, how has the first two weeks of your TV season been? Series premieres of new shows, season premieres of old shows, and my inability to stay up late enough to watch everything – looks like it’s going to be a good season!

I thought it was a good time to break down the good, the bad, and the incredibly unfortunate of the new season, so far!

The Good
Pushing Daisies, Pushing Daisies, Pushing Daisies….I’ve seen the Pie-lette 12 times since the first time I watched it, and every single time, I’m completely drawn in, sitting with goofy grin on my face, from start to finish. Ned the Piemaker is freshly appointed to the top spot on my TV boyfriends list (it’s important to note that Lee Pace has been on the list since the days of Wonderfalls, but he skyrocketed to the top the minute I saw this show). He’s adorable, isn’t he? Yes, I know there’s a group of people how there that didn’t “get it” or didn’t see what all of the hubbub was about with this show, but it’s one I plan never to miss, and I just can’t wait to see where the season brings us.

Friday Night Lights is finally back, and it’s actually matching its competition so far in key demos. Looks like all of the fan campaigns have gotten at least a few more people watching. There is no complimentary word too strong to express my love for this cast. Amazing, heartbreaking, lovable, charming, endearing, moving, beautiful, you name it, and it’s on my list. Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton. Wow. I just can’t say much more than wow. They move me to tears with the slightest movement or silent scene. Blow me away. And say what you will about the storyline currently affecting Landry and Tyra – I’m a huge fan of Jesse Plemmons and Adrianne Palicki, and if anyone can handle it, and not oversell what could be a huge gamble, it’s these two. Keep the faith in the writers, gang. I think they’ll make it all okay. Plus? Freaking Aaron from 24 is playing Landry’s father, so AWESOME!

Bones and House on Tuesdays on FOX. I love this pairing. It’s a straight 2 hour block of wit, sarcasm, chemistry, science, and awesomeness! The shows go so perfectly together, and the hours go by so quickly, it’s a wonder FOX didn’t try this before. I find myself actually thanking FOX for something, and that’s a Tuesday night of TV that has me (almost) forgetting the dream pairing of Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars from last year. If FOX loved me, they would keep these two shows together and move American Idol. A girl can dream, right?

8:30PM Monday night comedies. Aliens in America and The Big Bang Theory have both surprised in the best ways possible. Scott Patterson and Amy Pietz are fabulous as parents to the kids on this show. It doesn’t even make me think about Luke or Annie (from Caroline in the City!!). And Justin and Raja are awesome. The cast chemistry on The Big Bang Theory is great! I have a soft spot for geeks, being the geek girl that I am, so I love how much they’re making me laugh. Hopefully they can keep it going!

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is just as horrible as ever. In a good way! They find the worst ways to make things funny, and it’s always amazing. I haven’t laughed so hard at a comedy in years. I love the entire cast, and can’t wait to see where the rest of the season takes us!

The Office is such a nice break to the week. Sure, the hour long episodes are a bit long, but with PB&J as an actual couple, is there anything worth complaining about?

The other Good, worth mentioning: Dirty Sexy Money, Chuck, my newest guilty pleasure Gossip Girl, My Name is Earl, Ugly Betty, Brothers and Sisters – all have been addictive so far!

The Bad
Grey’s Anatomy of Seasons 1 and 2, where have you gone? I’m not a Gizzie hater (the name, yes, the relationship, no). Callie could do better than George – McSteamy is waiting in the wings to pick up the pieces! Christina and Bailey are still awesome, and I still love them, but I find myself hoping the hour will end so we can get to our DVR-d episode of The Office. I’m over the will-they/won’t-they/they-already-did relationship of Meredith and Derek. She needs to get over herself if he has any hope of changing her, and getting her to “let him love her” or whatever they’re saying. It’s just a bumbling mess trying to recover from Season 3. I think it can. I hope it can.

Private Practice is not interesting me at all. With a cast as amazing as this one is, I fear that PP will be this season’s Studio 60. Great cast, great pedigree, established show runner, etc. I don’t see the chemistry that a show needs to continue for longer than 1 season. Hopefully, it will get better as the weeks go, but I’m not sure I’m going to hold my breath.

Prison Break has been keeping me interested this season, but the whole behind the scenes brouhaha with Sarah Wayne Callies has turned me off to the show. I understand wanting to raise a family and have some time with your child before heading back to work, but it sounds like the writers did everything they could to get her back, and it just didn’t happen.

Bionic Woman is not living up to the pilot so far – I know, it’s only been 2 episodes, but I hope it gets back to the fast paced woman-power place the pilot tried to go. At least Katee Sackhoff is freaking awesome, so that’s something to look forward to.

The Incredibly Unfortunate
Cavemen. Yes I watched. I want that half hour back, please.

Carpoolers. Ditto that.

Big Shots. Michael Vartan, after the shoddy treatment you got from Alias, don’t you think you deserve better? And Dylan McDermott – yes, you get hotter with age, but that doesn’t mean the material you’re working with will get any better.

K-Ville fans – I ask you…if a show airs on FOX on Monday nights at 9 and nobody watches, will it still exist before November sweeps?

Gang, you know me. You know I’m watching everything currently airing and some shows fit into the good, bad, and incredibly unfortunate categories, so I didn’t want to single everything out. Can you imagine how long that column would be haha? What about you guys? What are your good, bad, and incredibly unfortunate so far this year? Love the feedback – or on AIM at mytakeontv.

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  • Jessica

    I actually thought Carpoolers was pretty funny, I laughed out loud several times but we all have our opinions 😉 There are so few good comedies on tv these days, I think I’ll DVR this one for a good laugh.

  • shanna

    No mention of HIMYM? I’m loving it so far.

  • I agree with most of your stuff, of the shows I watch, but I’m enjoying Big Shots. LOL I dunno. 🙂

  • KayDee

    Regarding Bones: Fox actually did pair Bones with House when Bones first debuted in 2005 … for all of 4 months before moving Bones to Wednesday nights @ 8PM for the “hallowed” American Idol. The better question is – Why can’t Fox leave these 2 terrifically paired shows together?

  • Elliot

    I don’t have time to watch all the new shows… but…

    – I still need to see Pushing Daises, but…

    – Journeyman – Is still getting on its feet, but it is obvious when a show has a solid story and really good producers.
    – Reaper – Watched this weekend, and I actually rather enjoyed it. Then again I loved Dead Like Me and love even more that “deloris herbig, as in her big eyes” is the receiver at the DMV 🙂
    – House – Still good, and maybe better then when Entertainment weekly sent out the very first ep before the pilot aired and I was hooked even then.
    – Stargate: Atlantis – Other then the first season I always felt this knock off was subpar to the parent SG1. But the season 3 finale and the first 2 eps of this season have been fantastic. I actually watched those three eps in a row and only wanted to see more.
    – How I Met Your Mother – I love this show, what more can I say? I’ll break it down like this: ep1: LEGENDARY. ep2: solid. ep3: hilarious, but I have one beef with it: Trudy. What happened? This is a TOTALLY different Trudy then the one we met before. Previous, awesome Trudy: kinda shy, wanting to do something crazy for a *change*, introspective, smart. Current, slutty Trudy: sorority girl, stupid, competitive, whore? Seriously tho… what. the. hell. (and I’m only actually angry because you shouldn’t mess with Whinney Cooper)
    – My Name Is Earl – I missed pretty much the whole of the second season, but watched what has aired so far this season. It has been awesome.
    – The Office – I know the “tv addict” complained about this, and I read that… and then I watched the show… and wondered what you may have been on? Unrealistic expectations or something? Both episodes were hilarious. Not quite up there with season 3 material, but still great episodes.
    – South Park – The second half of season 11 started. And oh my God, that episode was hilarious. As always, Trey and Matt do an excellent job of making you laugh while making you realize that there really is a serious side to things.

    – Heroes – Finally an episode with a plot! Something is happening again and I am yet again curious about what could happen. Way to get there eventually guys. But, as always, it’s Heroes and I love it 🙂
    – The Big Bang Theory – I want to like this show, and I even laugh at it. It just seems so… well… not as smart as they try to make the show out to be? It feels like it’s going to collapse under it’s own big head.

    – Bionic Women – is still meh. 2nd ep was better then the first in terms of pacing, but sometimes it’s just lame. ex: If I were to throw a flash bang grenade into a building, what are the chances that every mercenary in there is going to run out with their hands up with no one behind them pushing them out? hmmmm? Here’s a tip: If you are going to write an action/drama, be sure to get writers who know how to write action.

    Yeah… watched a lot of tv over the weekend.

  • The Bad:

    “Bionic Woman” — cliche ridden, bad dialog, worse acting (other than Miquel Ferrer), just a lame and oddly very boring show.

    The Good:

    “Stargate Atlantis” – Woo-hoo! Awesome first two episodes, very solid. Terrific acting, wonderful scripts, lovely music, and terrfic sfx.

    “Pushing Daisies” – just wow! Loved it.

    “Heroes” – Love Hiro.

    “Bones,” “House,” “Meerkat Manor,” “CSI,” “Supernatural,” and “Chuck” also wonderful and I look forward to the next episodes.


  • Mary

    Boring – Private Practice -except for Adelstein and Brenneman, Bionic Woman, Moonlight

    Potential for good – Gossip Girl, Chuck, Reaper, Dirty Sexy Money, Heroes

    Great Season so far – Bones, House, Stargate Atlantis, Supernatural, Numb3rs, Brothers and Sisters, Without a Trace

    Unfortunately, there are no new shows in the great category.

  • Patty

    My loves: Supernatural, Brothers and Sisters, Chuck, Numb3rs, Aliens in America, and Bones

    OK shows: Gossip Girl, Heros, Stargate Atlantis, Flash Gordan

    (I don’t really watch shows that I think are goign to stink up my screen, but I did see Big Shots and hated it. I love all the actors, but the show basically sucked.)