Gossip About GOSSIP GIRL

Hey Fellow TV Addicts, Gossip Girl TV Addict here. With some of the biggest news, like EVER.

One of my fellow sources, TV Gossip Queen King Michael Ausiello is reporting that the CW has just renewed GOSSIP GIRL for a full 22-episode season. Elaborates CW President Dawn Ostroff.

“People everywhere are talking about Gossip Girl and we believe this show will continue to build audience as it builds buzz. Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage have created an incredibly heightened-reality world that viewers are locking into while advertisers, affiliates and press have also embraced the show. The series has earned its early pick-up and we look forward to a long run on The CW.”

Incredibly heightened-reality world? What high school did Dawn Ostrof go to? That said, we congratulate GOSSIP GIRL on being the first new show of the season to receive a full order. Here’s to many more seasons of high school sex, drugs and debauchery.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way… let’s continue the gossip… just between you and me…. what do you really think of that Michael Ausiello?

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  • mohammad

    hmm…the show is a bit realistic as far as it’s stories go

    like the little brother cutting himself, blair feeling like serena takes everything from her, dan not fitting into serena’s world, etc

  • alex

    when she says “heightened-reality” she actually means LESS realistic, not more. The term refers to the reality (the world) the characters live in that has been elevated to a “heightened” or “fantastical” level. Usually this is refered to as “hyper-reality.” Basically a reduced form of magical realism.

  • Alex,

    Thanks for the heads up!

    Too bad I’m a product of the public education system.
    ‘If only I attended a fancy private school like the kids in GOSSIP GIRL!

  • Joanna

    What do I think of Ausiello? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, you really don’t wanna open up that can o’ worms 😉

    Other than that, Gossip Girl is yet another one of my guilty pleasures, so I’m happy about the pick-up. Although, why did it get a full season pick-up even though the ratings aren’t exactly skyrocketing? I wonder if this strange turn of events in Hollywood has anything to do with the possible Nov. 1st writers’ strike…

  • I read in medialifemagazine.com that Gossip Girls is performing well in the teen market ages 12-17, I guess that’s the ticket to its pick up.