When asked to sum up the new season of HEROES one word comes to mind. Nissan Rogue… umm, we mean ‘uneven’.

With that in mind, theTVaddict.com presents our second ever [and super snazzy] HEROES Entertainment Index. Our clever way of chronicling the phenomenal highs [Sylar returns!] and middling lows [Hiro’s story-line] of one of our favorite shows. Agree? Disagree? Post away in the comments below.

heroes recap

[1] Sylar’s finally back.

[2] Matt Parkman, Mohinder Suresh and Molly. Is anyone else smelling a spin-of? Next year on NBC, MY TWO DADS [with superpowers]

[3] Thanks to an awesome name like Takezo Kensei and one really big sword, did anyone else expect David Anders addition to the show to be so painfully lame? Did any of the HEROES scribes watch ALIAS?

[4] Claire finally learns that West’s power isn’t that of a stalker. He can fly!

[5]It says a lot about the episode that our highlight thus far is seeing a LAW & ORDER SVU commercial starring Sabrina the Teenage Witch Melissa Joan Hart and Veronica Mars’ Beav.

[6] Set your phasers to stunning. STAR TREK’s Uhura returns. Next up. Spock as the ultimate bad guy.

[7] Can someone please explain to us the deal with Maya & Alejandro’s power? And while you’re at it, calculate the odds that Alejandro’s prison buddy just happened to have stolen Claire’s Nissan Rogue.

[8] Peter goes all Sylar. Very cool.

[9] Sylar goes all Sylar. Even cooler.

[10] Claire’s new boyfriend West was actually abducted by a mysterious man with Horn-Rimmed Glasses. That’s going to make one awkard family dinner. We can’t wait.

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  • SuperChris

    There’s an obvious connection between Claire’s Rogue getting stolen and the one that Derek has.

    Sylar finally is back! Now there will be some highs to the show. And i didn’t think Maya and Alejandro’s scenes were all that bad. Their power is cool in my opinion, especially since hers and his complement each other. And Maya totally had a Sylar moment as well.

  • SuperChris,

    It is all too conveinent that Nissan’s Amazing Rogue is bringing our HEROES together!

    Also, can you please let me know what Maya and Alejandro’s powers are?

  • Jim Finn

    What about the lame flying scene that appeared to be filmed by three year olds….Where are the special effects. I thought I was watching a rerun of “Greatest American Hero”

  • SuperChris

    I’m sorry theTVaddict, I don’t actually know, and from what I’ve read there is no name for it yet. Most keep calling it the black plague just cause of what it looks like. But all I really can tell you is what we already know from what we’ve seen. Maya cries black tears, and everyone around her dies from it. Alejandro then can stop her from doing it and reverse the effects on everyone around him.

  • MAS

    The only reason I watch this show is because of David Anders. I work during the show, stopping only for his scenes. Comic relief from an otherwise boring show. I didn’t watch it during Season One, and the minute David Anders is gone, I’ll be gone. (At least Alias had enough other characters to keep my interest, even though the show was dumbed down after Season One.)

    The Maya thing is just a rip-off of the X-Files (another great start that eventually fell by the wayside).

  • mdb

    Maya is such an interesting character because she has a good heart and we root for her – but her superpower seems to only be able to kill people. Will she eventually become a villain? Will her power drive her to suicide, or madness?

  • Sabine Dinis Blochberger

    You could call Alejandro /dev/null, if you were a sys admin 😉
    He absorbs and nullifies a power by touch (any power? yet to be seen). I0d call Mayas power a walking Biohazard (or chemical hazard?).

    And holy cow, more great acting by Zachary Quinto!
    Did you see Sylars watch? Still 23:53, but now the glass is fixed? Wha?

    RE the rogue – is it really the same? I thought it was a dark grey, and Claires was light grey?

  • SuperChris

    Yeah, they’re the same. The bumper sticker supports the Conquistadors, and if you look at the cheerleader uniforms in the first episode you’ll see it’s the same logo. Also if you look closely it’s a California license plate.

  • GNS

    I work in downtown LA where they do a lot of filming for TV shows. Walking into work today, off 4th, between Spring and Main, I saw Claire’s infamous Nissan Rogue. It looked like they were setting up a scene to take place inside the car. I didn’t see any actors though, bummer.

  • Ashley

    I hear ya MAS! I started watching the show because of David Anders too. I hope they give him more to do because as funny as he and Masi Oka are together, I desperately want him to be the bad guy. I can’t help it, I got so used to it when he was Sark. He’s just so much more capable than playing the drunk soldier.

  • Mel

    Wonder Twins Unite!!!!! ooops– wrong show, Sort of. This endless trek across Central America and Mexico has grown old fast.

    And speaking of ‘trek’ — finally – Nicki is back –Yaaay!! And she did absolutely nothing interesting — BOOOO!! Let’s hope that Ms. Nicholls has an awesome power of her own, cuz I’m with Mica — what’s the point of the powers if you don’t use them?

    The whole storyline of Hiro in the past is just lame and predictable and uninteresting. What a complete waste of David Anders. Honestly. Unless Hiro brings David’s character to the present with him– its also a complete waste of time.

    I’m mourning the loss of Peter’s emo bangs but liking the new Peter pretty well.

    The only thing keeping me watching the show, is the fact that it had this same glacially paced beginning to the season last year — they almost lost me then too. It was around the 4th episode when I thought it really got interesting.
    So I’m still hoping . . . . . .

  • Aw come on! David Anders lame? Sure the storyline may not be as interesting but David is the only thing keeping me from tuning out whenever the back to 1671 Japan storyline comes out.

    Once Hiro gets out of Japan Kensei will be much for interesting. Its only a matter of time.

    And I got to disagree with hype of Claire finding out West can fly. It was a rather poorly done scene. Nathan does the flying thing a whole lot better.

    Otherwise this episode was great!!!

  • Sheindie

    Well, Nathan can actually FLY while West kinda floats..
    Maya, under stress, can cry black tears that will kill people, but if her brother is there to hold her hands, he can absorb this black death and if the people are almost dead, but not truly dead, he can bring them back.
    If David Anders is really 400 years old.. and is the ancestor/relative of any of our heroes and transports into the future, I think it’ll get exciting.
    Peter is a Sylar-like (almost) well-built guy and fangirls are very happy right now, I’m sure 🙂 … and that last painting? – stunning! Mo, Matt and Molly (M&Ms) are my favorites right now..Too bad Mo and Matt are not.. but
    they’re terrific dads to Molly.

  • Savetheworld

    I think the first couple episodes have been a blast. People have been saying the Rogue was written out of the show, but it will definitely be back later.
    I think Nissan’s sponsorship has cut back a lot on commercial time which has been nice. I found this video that plays off of the maze commercial they keep showing. I thought it was cool: