PUSHING DAISIES: The Facts Are These…

pushing daisies recap episode 2

[Cue British Accent] The facts are these… the TV Addict loves PUSHING DAISIES. From my new television crush — Digby the dog. To the stellar casting of Riki Lindhom — Hollywood’s next ‘IT’ girl playing the adorable pie-eating Jeanine to perfection [remember you heard it here first]. Episode two of PUSHING DAISIES was almost as good as the series premiere.

That said, one thing is concerning me greatly about the show. After two episodes, eighty-eight minutes and forty-five seconds of pie maker fun, one giant pie-sized question remains. Is PUSHING DAISIES unique patter and original style teetering on the brink of cute overload already? Is Jim Dale’s narration and super-duper specificity wearing a touch thin? Did Bryan Fuller go to the Kristen Chenoweth Broadway well too soon? This TV Addict certainly thinks so. Agree, Disagree. Post away with your thoughts.

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  • Quarkz

    It’s spelt ‘Kristin’

    Too soon? Too cute? Certainly not. This show is a cut above the rest IMO.

    Hopefully America embraces change instead of nipping brilliance in the butt just because it isn’t the norm.

  • Josh

    I could not disagree with you more. This show is amazing. Period. I love the style of the show and the narration just as much as I did in the pie-lette. I think it’s wayyyyy too early to be worrying about whether the show is already wearing thin. What’s up with that? It just seems like you’re trying to find something negative to say.

    I did think Kristen Chenoweth’s singing was the one low point of the episode. It dragged on a little.

  • I love this series! It somehow makes me all warm and fuzzy after watching it 😀

  • SuperChris

    To answer your questions, well, even if it is, I’m gonna keep watching till I’m sick of it, cause I loved the episode last night. I liked the singing part, it’s something I think everyone just sort of feels like doing spontaneously and seeing her do that made me happy, as well as the funny interruptions in between. I think this show is random enough to allow that to occur in a normal episode, instead of specifically naming an episode as a musical version.

  • Hey All,

    Before you start throwing pies at me… just wanted to clarify. I love the show. Still the best new series of the season. Just wanted to voice a concern or two that undoubtedly a few people may agree with. Someone? Anyone? 🙂

  • Rich S

    I agree with the TVaddict. I think I would endure the repetitiveness more it I knew that the series would end in 13 episodes. The quirks and the tone are interesting, but sometimes too much of a good thing just makes me want something different.

    There are several new series that I think should have had a limited episode run including Journeyman, Cane, Reaper, Bionic Woman and Chuck. I like them, but I would like them better if I knew shows were going to end in less than 15 episodes.

    For those young ones out there, they used do this in the 70″s, 80″ and early 90’s. They were call mini series.

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  • lonely tourist

    I can’t imagine this show ever wearing thin. I love it BECAUSE of the cuteness, the color, the singing, the narration, the acting. It’s not “too” anything for me…except maybe on the air too infrequently. I can’t get enough.

  • I hope this program will continue to improve, i love it very much. hoping it will last

  • Linda B.

    Does anyone else get stressed out while watching this show? I think the piemaker and Chuck are constantly standing waaayyy to close to each other, and i keep stressing out that they’re going to accidentally touch.

    I also agree w/ the person who said last week on here that there’s no way he could go 20+ years and not touch his dog.

    Despite these thoughts, i really love the show.

  • Linda B. I completely agree! The entire time, I was thinking — there’s no way you’re not going to accidently touch eachother! As well… as an obsessed dog owner. It’s impossible not to hug your dog everyday!

    That said.. still love the show. We nitpick because we love!

  • Linda B., I also agree. Ned and Chuck standing too close and the idea that the dog would never touch Ned are two things that are always in the back of my mind. And, since I don’t love the show like everyone else does, those nitpicks, as well as a few others, are things that constantly bug me and make it hard for me to enjoy the show.

    I will give them credit for Ned insisting that Chuck ride in the back seat and for him making the mid-car barrier. Their close vicinity in the car was something that bugged when watching the “Pie-lette.” Also, I noticed Ned’s started keeping one or both hands behind his back whenever Chuck’s around.

    As for the question of whether the show’s gone on cute overload already, I would say… Not quite yet but coming awfully close. I mean, a car that runs on dandelions??? Come on. Also, I’m not a fan of Kristen C. singing in the restaurant. She’s a talented singer; I just don’t want to watch a musical in the middle of a TV show.

    As for the question about the narration, especially his specific listing of people’s ages down to the milliseconds… Yes, that is definitely getting old *already*. I just feel like the narration is excessive. It doesn’t serve as commentary like Mary Alice’s voiceovers in Desperate Housewives or as personal insight like Red’s voiceover in the movie Shawshank Redemption. I think with the omniscient viewpoint narration being so excessive that they’re cheating. There were several times in the episode that I actually said out loud at the TV, “Show me, don’t tell me!”

    Sorry, I want to like and will continue trying it a little longer, but I’m not quite onboard yet.

  • CC

    Linda B. I agree as well. It’s definitely made me paranoid that whenever they’re close I automatically look to their hands or w/e to see if they touch. But it doesnt bug me that much.

    I was sweetly surprised that the second episode was as good at the pilot. SOOOO interesting and beautiful and I love the characters! I hope the entire season is just like this. I also hope it gains a STEADY number of viewers. Even if it’s not a hit, I really want it to be given the chance it deserves.

    Side Note- You know what I’ve noticed about ABC? Since Desperate Housewives, Lost, Ugly Betty, and Greys have emerged I’ve been watching more of their programming and it all seems really great. Like high quality things. Every new show seems to be good. And just for that I’m actually going to give Samantha Who? a shot.