Our Hero Kristen Bell

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Enjoy a first look at new hero — or if we’re to believe the rumours, villain — Elle. Played by none other than Veronica Mars herself Kristen Bell. Touted in a recent NBC press release as a sexy, intriguing and mysterious, Bell will no doubt inject some much needed excitement into the struggling sophomore series.

The bad news, Bell doesn’t arrive until October 22. And even then, we have a sneaking suspicion that she’s only going to appear in the final shocking moments. Guaranteeing fans return for HEROES first November sweeps episode the following week. Forget Sylar, the real evil geniuses — NBC’s marketing department. This TV Addict’s already programmed his PVR.

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  • Sheindie

    nah.. none can forget Sylar, says this SArmy member # 49 🙂 –
    ‘Elle’ will nonetheless be a welcome addition to this awesome show.

  • JennyC

    I am excited for Kristen. This season is a little slow and convoluted, but I think things will come full circle…once Hiro is back to the present!!! More Sylar please!

  • Anon

    Now that Sylar can transform – I think he will end up looking like Kristen. IE – thats his new faked identity.

  • I have yet to jump on “Heroes” (no pun intended), but with my girl Kristen Bell coming on board, I am so there to check her out. I miss VM!!!