Random Musings on Wednesday Television

Last night’s third installment of GOSSIP GIRL officially cemented New York’s most privileged high school students as this TV Addict’s favorite new Josh Schwartz show of the season. Nothing against CHUCK, but it seems that the brilliance of ALIAS has ruined secret agent spy shows for me forever. Are you more into gossip girls or nerd herds? Vote for your favorite Schwartz show on this week’s theTVaddict.com poll of the week [see right sidebar].

As great as last night’s episode of PUSHING DAISIES was, I’d like to offer up a little advice to showrunners everywhere. Never cast Patrick Fabian [or William Mapother] as your ‘bad guy’. Not only is he obviously the most evil guy in the room, VERONICA MARS fans will forever remember him as Professor Landry.

The award for Wednesday’s laugh out loud moment of the night goes to DIRTY SEXY MONEY for inventing the word ‘Twintuition.’ Reason #123 why I wish I had a twin, or at the very least a lot more dirty sexy money.

Since there’s only so much television this TV Addict can handle in one night, last night’s episode of BIONIC WOMAN was sentenced to weekend watching courtesy of my PVR. Today’s big question of the day — is it worth watching?

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  • I agree Gossip Girls is really good at first I wasn’t so sure but now its been given full season run I can see this being a great show.

  • Damien,

    I loved how the writers shed a little light on why ‘B’ can be such a Bitch. The fleshing out of the relationship between ‘B’ and her mom was fantastic. Her mom was a total witch and definitely fun to watch.

  • Josh

    I like Chuck a million times more than Gossip Girl. GG is an alright guilty pleasure, but I still find myself getting annoyed at times by these self-centered snobs. For me, I don’t think it’ll ever reach the level of The OC.

    I still remember Patrick Fabian as Professor Lasky on Saved By The Bell: The College Years! Even back then he was the bad guy, coming between Zack and Kelly.

    I know you didn’t mention it, but I’ve gotta say that I really liked last night’s Private Practice. I thought it was the best episode yet.

  • Josh,

    Props for your Saved By The Bell: The College Year Shout Out! Who doesn’t love Zach, AC, Screech and the gang.

    Thoughts on PRIVATE PRACTICE coming soon!

  • As soapy and scandalous as Gossip Girl is, it feels more familiar to me than Chuck does. Both shows are a tad formulaic, but Chuck has the better cast and better writers I think.

    Oh, and I love Patrick Fabian. He’s kind of a hottie. He can be on every show as far as I’m concerned.

  • I just couldn’t get into another show with rich, pampered, snotty, ridiculous teenagers so I’m not watching GG.

    Also, I can’t remember for the life of me where I have heard or seen it but Dirty Sexy Money was def. not the one to come up with twintuition originally. 😉

  • Kate

    Gossip Girl is predictable and story lines have been done before on other teen shows. Though I really like the characters on the show it is lacking originality. Pushing Daisies is original in story telling but I agree, the precise time telling is a bit much and it is only episode two. I am behind on Chuck but I like it.

  • Kid Nation was so good last night I actually found myself cheering out loud a few times. Pusing Daisies was overly cutesy and even a little boring. Bionic Woman almost redeemed itself with better insight into its overall story “arc” but was still frustrating thanks to awkward dialogue and a lackluster lead performance. Private Practice remains consistently average with decent storylines and good performances but also annoying dialogue for Addison and awkward interaction between her and Tim Daly’s character. South Park went the gross and juvenile route again but was still better than last week’s vulgar cuss-fest.

    Out of 5 Stars:
    ***** Kid Nation [1.04]
    ** Pushing Daisies [1.02]
    ** Bionic Woman [1.03]
    *** Private Practice [1.03]
    ** South Park [11.08]

    Man, Mondays are making Wednesdays look like crap.
    (I’d give this Monday’s Chuck, Heroes, Journeyman, and Prison Break all 4 stars)

  • Todd… KID NATION on my PVR and will definitely get watched this weekend. Glad you liked it.

    PRIVATE PRACTICE is getting better, but still not there. When I start caring more about the Doctors, and less about the patients, it will be up there with GREY’S first season.

  • Vanessa

    If you (like me) love Katee Sackhoff, last nights Bonic Woman is definitely worth watching. I hope they keep Katee on this show forever!

  • Linda B.

    TVa – my thoughts exactly on PP. I think if the storylines regarding the patients weren’t interesting, i would’ve given up on the show by now. I’m just not interested in the doctors at all, except last night – Tim Daly’s insight into his bad marriage.

  • I’m with Josh. I screamed out. SAVED BY THE BELL The New class as soon as I saw Patrick Fabian! haha…

    Well, I still like Chuck better but Gossip Girl is definitely becoming one of my favorites of the new season. And Todd in NC. Really? I would have thought you would have liked PD still cause I LOVED IT yet I’m getting really tired of Heroes and now just waiting for Veronica Mars to show up. And as much as I loved Journeyman, I was kinda bored this week.

    Private Practice is getting better but its still not there yet. But Paul Adelstein rocks. Now they just need to give Audra McDonald better lines.

  • Veronique

    Thanks, TV Addict, for pointing out Professor Landry! I had a bad case of “where have I seen this guy before”. I was sure I had seen him in one of my favorite series and I can’t believe I didn’t think of Veronica Mars!

    As for Gossip Girl vs. Chuck, well, I don’t watch Chuck, so that’s an easy one. I almost stopped watching GG after the second episode, but I’m glad I didn’t, the last two episodes have been really good.

  • Elliot

    bionic woman? hmmmm… probably not, but if you have the time why not?