Commercials Done Right

seinfeld bee movie commercials

Jerry Seinfeld’s BEE MOVIE TV JUNIORS remind this TV Addict of two things. One, there wouldn’t be a need for DVRs, PVRs and TiVos if all television commercials were that entertaining and original. And two, between last week’s appearance on 30 ROCK and this week’s BEE MOVIE interstitials, Jerry Seinfeld is sorely missed on Thursay nights. Here’s hoping that once he conquers the big screen, he’ll take a second stab at the small screen. Putting an end to those ‘Seinfeld Curse’ rumors forever.

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  • Jim Finn

    Ok, I guess it was just me who found them not funny or interesting at all. The guy with the cans…..really?

  • Usually we are on the same page but I had the exact opposite feeling last night seeing Seinfeld. I just wanted him to go away. And while I’m not saying that “Seinfeld” wasn’t one of the best comedies of all time, it was the truth then and is now – Jerry Seinfeld can’t act. It was almost painful to watch him on 30 ROCK last week.

    But talk about the genius of advertising…if got you to pimp the movie in a big way today, so they did something right 🙂

  • GMMR.

    Completely agree, Jerry Seinfeld can’t act. But he can write. And I’m willing to bet you tuned into his BEE MOVIE commercials rather than fast forwarding them. How many people can get you to sit through a commercial when you don’t have to? That’s talent.

  • Josh

    I actually didn’t sit through his Bee Movie commercials. But I did love his appearance on 30 Rock last week.

    You’re right though, problems would be solved if commercials were more entertaining. Then again, extending the awesome Geico commercials into a series didn’t exactly turn out well. I guess stuff is better in smaller doses or something.

  • Lane

    I thought they were incredibly lame and they did not inspire me at all to see the Bee Movie. I found them to be painful to watch, just like the one skit in each episode of Saturday Night Live that sucks and won’t end soon enough.

  • Question to everybody who didn’t like the commercials? If more of them were on, would you stop to watch them or simply fastforward?

  • Jim Finn

    I would staop to watch only because I truly love Jerry Seinfeld. In that way, they worked. Nobody said he isn’t talented. However, it doesn’t change the fact that they were not at all funny.