JEZEBEL JAMES Return Cut Short

jezebel james

With today’s announcement by FOX that they’ve cut back their order of the new Amy Sherman-Palladino comedy THE RETURN OF JEZEBEL JAMES from 13 episodes to seven, this TV Addict must take a moment and ask the obvious question — why does FOX bother?

FOX has an unfortunate track record of putting together high concept shows [see DRIVE and WONDERFALLS] with actors we love [see Nathan Fillion] and brilliant creators [see Tim Minear, Bryan Fuller] only to cancel them right out of the gate.

Should FOX not do us all a favor and simply cancel THE RETURN OF JEZEBEL JAMES before we even have the opportunity to fall in love with it? Why not go ahead and replace it now with reruns of HOUSE or a fifth or sixth helping of AMERICAN IDOL. The last thing this TV Addict needs is to fall in love with another show, only have the race cut short or the reunion end early. Who’s with me!

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  • ewanspotter

    Amen, brother.

  • So with you on that. Still not quite over the cancellation of the O.C.

  • Nathan

    Don’t forget Firefly which, in my opinion, was one of the best tv shows ever! I know, bold statement!? If given the time to shine by Fox it could have been great, no legendary but no FOX has to cancel everything good ie. Tru Calling, Firefly, Drive, Wonderfalls and keep crap on the air ie American Idol, The Bachelor, Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader and The Next American Band. Where are they getting their ratings from? Mars? Someone needs to tell the FOX execs how to do their jobs right.

  • Common Sense

    As a CW fan, I’m thrilled that FOX keeps making one boneheaded blunder after another. I know their execs are ‘dumber than 5th graders,’ and hope they keep this management team. That way, it won’t be long before this network is completely irrelevant. I now watch only one show on FOX, Prison Break, and that became a “non” must-see last week when they messed up that series beyond repair (**** in the box). Hey, great idea just hit me…who’s up for a paraody of the SNL video, with the h*** (or s***) in the box?

  • Sean Storm

    This news really bothers me, and for many reasons. First, I LOVE Parker Posey! I was kind of bummed that her show didnt make the fall cut, but understood the reasoning at the time: FOX has a horrible fall track record and they were keeping quality shows like this and SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES held back until the AMERICAN IDOL-ized winter. Third, i had to put up with the Horrible, Nasty, Aweful ‘TIL DEATH when instead I could have had Parker all this time? UGH!

    FOX has been the home of some of my favorite one-season wonders (FIREFLY “The BEST and only ‘real’ TV Sci-Fi before BATTLESTAR GALACTICA 2004 version”; WONDERFALLS -Go Bryan “PUSHING DAISIES” Fuller!; and GREG THE BUNNY). Perhaps Parker will join the gang on my DVD shelf one day.

  • Um. did they not remember that House was failing until American Idol showed up preceding it?

    Seriously, why DO they even bother?

  • Jeez. SSOOO looking forward to Parker Posey on TV w/ Lauren “6ft under” Ambrose !! I totally agree tv addict, if FOX is already cutting their order for 7 eps from 13- why bother? FOX obviously is going to KILL IT before we even SEE IT. Which brings me to the question? What FOX shows do I watch? UH, NONE.

  • Crazy4Supernatural

    T.V. Addict, give us some Supernatural & Prison Break news!! These are the only shows that keep me sane.

  • David D.

    AMEN!!!! Fox, is the WORST network to have a show picked up on!!! I honestly can’t believe some of the things they have done! There are so many to list that I will instead reply with, I told you so! Reunion was the last straw for me…Besides Family Guy, which is STRICKTLY the only show I will watch ON-AIRING DATE I will not invest my time in a series on Fox untill the season is finished and complete on dvd. That goes for The Great: (insert any one season wonder here, or two season w/ a shortened second here!) and House, The Good: Simpsons, Bones, Mad-TV, and The Dying Supurb: (Once was great but falling…) 24 and Prison Break! SOrry But fox lost my trust ages ago! Now the response I get is always, fox isn’t that bad…my answer NO! SHUT UP…THEY ARE…GO AWAY! and all of the networks make mistakes and/or blessings and cancel a show, however, none have a track record near fox! (Although NBC was starting to get close….)