Earlier today, frequent contributer ‘CT’ took the TV Addict to task for our earlier post titled “The TV Addict to Michael Scott: REALLY?!?”

CouchTater: You know, my friend, I think it’s official. You’ve lost touch with your funny. Sorry, but I thought Michael’s taking the kid hostage was hysterical. The roomie and I laughed our butts off through that entire segment. And as silly as it was that Michael didn’t figure out the whole “chatroom” thing, you have to remember that this is a comedy… and that means we’re supposed to suspend our disbelief. And if you didn’t find the sequences in which Phyllis attempted to try a new route with Angela some of the funniest stuff on television this week, then you…
you… I don’t know what.

TheTVAddict While every TV Addict or Couch Tator for that mater is entitled to his or her own opinion, this TV Addict wholeheartedly disagree with yours. The TV Addict knows funny, and if you’re looking for ‘comedy night done right’ one needn’t look any further than last night’s 30 ROCK.

Jenna’s dilemma as to whether she should remain fat [and popular] vs. thin and lonely was as hilarious as it was brilliant. Jack McBrayer has turned what could have easily been a generic and annoying sitcom sidekick [see GILMORE GIRLS Michel] into one of the funniest performances this side of Melora Hardin’s Jan. And Will Arnett, well why he doesn’t have his own show, or a more regular gig on 30 ROCK remains a mystery.

Simply put, 30 ROCK was laugh-out-loud funny. THE OFFICE — while humerous at times, touching and emotional — was not.

CouchTater: Okay, you’ve got me at a bit of an advantage since I don’t watch 30 ROCK. I tried, and Lord knows I wanted to love it, but too much Tracy Morgan makes me break out in a rash. So after a couple episodes, I gave it up. So while I’m sure it’s very humorous (see, that’s how we spell it in America, where all this great television comes from), it’s kinda like asking a blind man to compare Jennifer Aniston’s various haircuts by holding up pictures for him to judge. I’ve read good things about ROCK this season, but that’s all I can say. I’ve agreed with you before — most recently, last week — that Michael Scott needs to be taken down a notch or two (driving into the lake was just beyond moronic), but the kidnapping incident was perfectly in keeping with his character: This is a man who acts without thinking. Even when everyone around him is saying, “The sky is blue,” he will insist it is Green. More importantly, last night was a case in which — and man, is this the rarity — I think most people could actually empathize with Michael. We’ve all been on the receiving end of some little jerk whose idea of customer service is to say “Whatever, dude.” I was not only laughing at the situation, but cheering Michael on!

TheTVAddict: While I’ll agree with you that we’ve all been on the receiving end of a bad customer service experience and that Michael Scott’s kidnapping incident was perfectly in character. There’s still one problem. It wasn’t funny. Which is sort of what ‘Comedy Night Done Right’ infers. Thursday night on NBC is supposed to let me forget about my rough day at work. These hour long episodes simply aren’t working — and I’m not the only one who thinks so. Check out what respected television columnist Alan Sepinwall said about these hour-long experiments by clicking here.

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  • TV Addict – I’m confused as to the point you are trying to make. Are you trying to say that The Office isn’t funny or that it shouldn’t be an hour long? Because those are two different arguments.

    As for the knowing what’s funny and what’s not funny comment, I think we all have to agree that humor is subjective. People relate to certain things and find some things humorous while others don’t. While I didn’t laugh out loud at the kidnapping storyline, countless others did. And it should be pointed out that during the 2nd half there were other stories besides the kidnapping, namely Andy wooing Angela which many people found hilarious.

    I don’t think it’s a fair argument to say that the whole show wasn’t funny just because one section wasn’t funny. That argument can be made for every single comedy on TV today, right? HIMYM, 30 Rock, Scrubs…they all have week elements and moments.

    As for the hour long episodes of The Office, I tend to agree with you. I think there was many elements that could and would have been cut had it been a half hour format. But again, not finding the show funny and not liking the hour long format are two different points.

    Sorry for the novel, just had to jump in there.

  • GMMR, allow me to clarify.

    Subjective humour aside. My basic point is that the hour long episodes of THE OFFICE are hurting the show. Had we only seen the first 30 minutes of the past three episodes, there would be nothing to complain about. The episodes would have been free from filler, better paiced and more tightly written.

  • Jim Finn

    I agree with the addict and my wife and I have been discussing this as well. The hour long format is killing the show. Last week it was the car in the water, this week the hostage.

    The half hour format as just funnier. It seems the writers are phoning in the second half of the hour long shows.

  • Josh

    I don’t agree that the whole episode was unfunny. CT is right that the scenes with Phyllis and Angela were very, very funny. I also liked the prank that Jim and Pam played on Dwight and Andy’s pursuit of Angela. I just don’t think anything with Michael was even close to being entertaining.

  • Kurt

    BTW, Michael IS the one who couldn’t figure out that “The Chat Room” wasn’t a NYC club. Maybe you should delve a little deeper before you correct a reader, and in turn look stupid.

  • Kurt,

    Thanks for the clarification. For some reason, my imaginary ADHD kicked in and I just saw chat, and assumed ‘CT’ was talking about Dwight.