Week in Rewind

Welcome to the first of hopefully what will become a regular feature on THE TV ADDICT’S WEEK IN REWIND A look back at last week’s good/bad/ugly in the world of television.

Creepy kids in Hollywood are tricky business. For every Haley Joel Osment, there’s an annoying and pretentious Molly Walker [HEROES]. Thankfully, Eric Kripe and Co. know what they’re doing, and SUPERNATURAL’S second episode of the season titled “The Kids Are Alright” proved exactly that — offering up a trifecta of SUPERNATURAL goodness — frights, heart and surprises. Oh, and did we mention, Ruby’s a Demon!

Episode by episode, Shonda Rhimes is making good on her promise to rehabilitate Seattle Grace’s comatose Doctors. The funeral our favorite residents had for ‘really old guy’ was both touching and funny, which is what GREY’S excels at.

Between Jenna’s declaration of “Me Like Food” and Will Arnett’s game of one-upmanship with Jack this TV Addict can’t decide. Does an entire twenty-two minutes of 30 ROCK count as a ‘moment’?

While HEROES as of late has quite a few to lame stories choose from, the most cringe-worthy is stacking up to be Hiro’s stuck in Feudal Japan. If HEREOS doesn’t start stepping it up soon, this TV Addict’s going to have to start using his only super-power. Changing the channel at lightening speed.

AS IF the gang from GOSSIP GIRL would all be using Verizon phones to gossip. Everybody knows that the coolest kids in school have iPhones.

Because we really thought Justin was dead. Memo to ABC, we’re smarter than your average 5th Grader.

Got a favorite moment from the week in television or a category you’d like to see in next week’s TV ADDICT REWIND? Post away in the comments below.

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  • I agree about Supernatural. Very good ep. 🙂

    On another note, the preview for next week’s Moonlight is drool worthy. 😀 lol

  • I’d like to add the “Best Oneliner of The Week” and “Best Guest Star of The Week”. Drawing a blank on both though for this week :-S

  • nctodc

    Most OOC Moment: I won’t spoil it for anyone (especially my Canadian friends who offer us their favorite export first ;), but DTNG was overrun with them this week.

    Best Oneliner of the Week is a good category, Melinda. It reminds me that TVAddict needs to bring back the TV Quotes of the Week. I feel like there were a few quality lines in Bionic Woman last week (wait, was I supposed to laugh?), but Ugly Betty is always my favorite: “We’re only half brother and sister, which means if we did it, like, 20 times, it was only wrong 10.” –Amanda’s law of sibling hook-ups.

  • Josh

    Haven’t seen Supernatural yet, but I agree with you on 30 Rock and Grey’s. I disagree on Heroes, of course. B&S’ promos didn’t really matter to me because I read Ausiello and Kristin at E, who both confirmed Justin’s fate a while ago.

    I think by Best Episode this week was Pushing Daisies. That show just makes me happy. I love it.

  • gwen

    Totally agree on “Supernatural”. Kripke and Company do creepy well week after week, but this one was great. Kudos to Jensen Ackles for such great interacting with the evil!kids !

  • Mousitsa

    Thank you for recognizing what we fans have known for a long time…. the much-overlooked and highly underappreciated SUPERNATURAL was not only the best episode of the week, it is easily one of the best shows on TV today, especially in this genre. It mixes scares, suspense, drama and comedy effortlessly resulting in one very quality hour. Thanks again!!

  • Kayleigh

    Thanks for giving Supernatural some well deserved promotion! I loved this week’s episode

  • galveston

    Supernatural kicked some ass this week, didn’t it? Loving the Ruby angle.

  • Amy

    Supernatural was incredible this week. They really nailed it with this episode.

  • Still Waters

    OMG, how much do I worship you right about now? You are right on about Supernatural being the best episode of the television week. And truth be told, this show easily ranks as one of the best on television today, seriously. Thank you for the mention, and best wishes on making this blog a regular theTVaddict feature.

  • hermitme

    Good choice on Supernatural being the best episode of the week. 😀 This is a fantastic, if very underrated program and it’s nice to see someone take notice. Thanks for the vote of confidence.

  • Dee

    Thank you for choosing Supernatural!! It’s an amazing show!


  • Nicole

    Agreed, Supernatural was awesome, as it is every week. Thank you for the recognition!

  • Crazy4Supernatural

    I agree with you on SUPERNATURAl, Heroes & Brothers & Sisters

    Supernatural was awesome! JUST AWESOME!!

    I really wish that I could like the Japan scenes in Heroes because of David Anders but I think this whole season is going downhill. David ANders is the only reason why I’m still trying 2 stick with it.

    I just started watching Brothers & Sisters (So I miss the complete 1st season) I love the show tho! But Icome on! I knew he wasn’t dead!

    How do you feel about Prison Break this seasons?

  • Crazy4Supernatural

    I agree with you on SUPERNATURAl, Heroes & Brothers & Sisters

    Supernatural was awesome! JUST AWESOME!!

    I really wish that I could like the Japan scenes in Heroes because of David Anders but I think this whole season is going downhill. David ANders is the only reason why I’m still trying 2 stick with it.

    I just started watching Brothers & Sisters (So I miss the complete 1st season) I love the show tho! But Icome on! I knew he wasn’t dead!

    How do you feel about Prison Break this season?

  • Hey Crazy4Supernatural,

    I’m mixed on PRISON BREAK to be honest. While the Sona story most definitely has potential, I feel completely cheated of the show’s central relationship. Two years of Sara build up with no goodbye. Sarah Wayne Callis owed the fans more. A goodbye scene at the very least.

  • Irishgirl

    Thanks for picking Supernatural. It’s one of the best shows on TV right now and week after week this underrated gem turns out wonderful episodes.

  • Siara

    Thanks very much for covering Supernatural. The Kids Are Alright was a fantastic episode, and it’s nice to see the show get some credit. 😀

  • Mark

    I think it is great that you put Supernatural for best episode of the week, I couldn’t agree with you more.

    Thank you for taking notice to the under-rated/under-promoted drama, TVaddict.

  • naughtyscrabble

    Thank you for naming Supernatural ‘Best Episode of the Week’!

    You obviously recognize a quality show when you see it. The Kids are Alright certainly has everything Supernatural is known for: scares, creepiness, humor, suspense, heartbreak, twists. Kripke works it all together beautifully. And, of course, we get to enjoy the spectacular-in-so-many-ways Winchester brothers!

    You rock, TVAddict!!!

  • Jillian

    *chuckles* I’m kind of zoning out with Hiro (who is falling into a painfully bland hero) and focusing in on David Anders (who seems to be enjoying his quirky character). Which makes for a very strange reaction to that entire part of the story. How it plays out seems like the Heroes make or break point for me.

    Yay, Supernatural. I’m glad they’ve managed to find a new third season direction of intrigue that keeps with the grass-roots spirit of the show.

  • Thank you for supporting my favorite show, “Supernatural”! I enjoyed this episode even more than the season three premier! And both totally creeped me out! This season is shaping up to be the scariest and best overall yet!

  • Tacita

    That episode of Supernatural has been the SCARIEST episode I’ve seen in a long while. And with Kripke uping the gore and nasties, I’m sure as hell pleased! 🙂 Also, the minor character stories actually made me CARE for them. I loved how the mother took initiative to try to kill the “not her child”…even though it failed. Keep an eye out for Supernatural this season all!

  • Lisa

    So if there was a award for favorite person of the week, you’d pretty much own the competition.

    Supernatural was awesome [as usual] this week, and that kid .. *shutters*. And Ruby ! Woahh, never seen that one coming at all ! Do you like the direction the show is going in this season ?

    And thanks for noticing the show like this and spreading word. More people really do need to discover what is Supernatural and realize that there is something in it for everyone.

    I also completely agree with you on the whole Prison Break deal .. I can’t believe they did that.

    Thanks again, 🙂 .

  • Lucy

    Supernatural is great! Thank you for noticing! 🙂 It is the only show I watch, – I love it for the creepiness, the plot and above all the great interaction and bonding between the brothers. A real quality show! May it survive for many more seasons to come.. 🙂

  • Mel

    As usual, TV Addict, you rock!!! The Week in Rewind is a great feature. Thanks for picking Supernatural as the Best Show this week. The Kids Are All Right was a fabulous episode. I’m loving season three so far!
    And Hiro as the Lamest Storyline of the Week is absolutely spot on. What a waste of David Anders.

  • Kim

    As always, I am glad to hear Supernatural getting some good publicity. Most times it is overlooked due to the 3 power house shows that are on at the same time. I agree that it was the best episode of the week and look forward to it receiving many more, whether on this site or based on my opinion.

    You made a good point about the iphones that should be on Gossip Girl instead… That made me laugh.

  • Lauren

    It’s always great to hear a shout out to my favourite show Supernatural. I have to agree with my fellow fans that this season is starting off much better than expected. Thanks a lot for giving us some promotion (great promotion at that). I’ll be checking back in next week, you’ve obviously got some good taste.

  • immie_8

    Definately agree with your picking Supernatural for the best episode of the week; it was the creepiest episode of Supernatural I’ve ever seen!!! Thanks for the recognition.

  • Julia

    Thanks for supporting Supernatural! The episode was great!

  • Skye2477

    Good call on TV this week. Supernatural hit another one out of the park… creepy kids or creepy clowns… still not sure which was scarier. This season seems to have a new kind of energy, that hopefully will keep people coming to see what it’s all about!

  • This was a very creepy episode. I think the subtleness of seeing what the kids really were was excellent. The show kicks……butt!!!!

  • Mana

    Supernatural: The Kids Are Alright was a pretty good episode. The season premiere left me seriously wanting and this one was much more satisfying… not least due to the creep factor. They need to stop separating the guys all them time, though, because the brotherly interaction is what makes the show work.

    Heroes… Hiro is quickly going from happy cute to seriously annoying. The feudal Japan storyline itself is boring and seems utterly pointless at this point. I realise that it’ll probably come to have some important connection at some point but even if that’s the case the storyline has been poorly carried out so far in a close to slow-motion pace. Not good.

    Gossip Girl, sadly, is getting better. The fourth episode almost qualified as good in the world of teen soaps… now I’ll have to keep watching for a little while longer.

    Also, Friday Night Lights kicked ass. The Landry/Tyra storyline may have been dumb but it has been handled surprisingly well so far. And this show’s really got the best writing and acting on TV.

  • WestCoastPat

    Sorry, but I have to jump in and disagree about Supernatural this week. Personally, I thought the episode was Croatoan-level bad. Most of it was entirely forgettable.

    And for the record, the “trifecta of SUPERNATURAL goodness” is, and will always be, Car, Music and Violence.

  • Jennifer

    Supernatural’s episode was excellent. I’m excited about this third season. The brothers’ relationship has taken an interesting new turn and I love the energy in the new arc.

  • Patty

    Hiro is driving me nuts. And what is up with the craptastic special effects? I fast forwarded through much of the show this week.

    I am a big fan of Supernatural. This wasn’t my favorite eppy but those kids were creepy!

    What if you add “biggest movie ripoff” each week? Seems to be some of that going around.

  • Aileen

    I agree with Supernatural, but I disagree about Heroes. I happen to like Molly Walker and the Japan storyline, which I know makes me in the minority.

  • Supernatural Angel

    Yay for Supernatural. The episode was very creepy. It is seriously the best and most underrated show on TV. Thanks for giving Supernatural the props it deserves.

  • Lanie

    Supernatural was both the best episode this week and the most terrifying I have seen on television in years. Those kids were absolutely horrifying.

  • tngmd

    I have to agree!!! Supernatural really hit one out of the park this week!! Kripke and Co. outdid themselves with the creepy kids!

  • Jonh

    Indeed for last week supernatural was the best show !
    Thanks for the promotion !
    The show deserves it ..not so many watch it ( go figure).