Like any good family member, I unconditionally love my BROTHERS & SISTERS. Of course with unconditional love, comes great responsibility. And as any good brother would, this TV Addict feel obligated to point out a few issues I’m having with my fictional family. After-all, isn’t pointing out each-other’s flaws what what family’s for?

Issue #1: Justin
Watching Justin struggle with his Iraqi war injury has been just as painful for the audience as it’s no doubt been for Justin. Simply put, if Justin didn’t finally cave and take some meds last night, this TV Addict was going to have to start popping pills himself to get through the episode.

Issue #2: The McAllister Run for the White House
As much as I love the Kitty and Robert story-line, this TV Addict can only get so invested in a story that’s bound to end abruptly. Since this isn’t THE WEST WING, McAllister’s candidacy will undoubtedly soon implode, the only question remaining is when?

Issue #3: Nora Walker
Again, I love Nora Walker. But the writers need to start giving Sally Field something more interesting to do. When is she going to start to developing a new identity outside of mother and family matriarch? Isn’t it time Nora starting dating again? Like all good Moms, there’s only so much nagging we can take.

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  • Sheindie

    I LOVE Brothers and Sisters and agree with what you wrote.
    ..and it IS about time that ‘David’ (Treat Williams) ..and not another man..
    was brought back. He and Nora had such great chemistry and having Treat on the show – with Emily – would be such a TREAT 🙂 for this Everwood fan.
    What happened to Nora’s writings and art and cooking and ..women friends? ..and Saul should be given more to do – he and Nora are the best actors on the show, and I totally would love to see both of them get an interesting, exciting, humorous storyline.