Got A Question for New Hero Kristen Bell or Tim Kring?

Surely it’s not a good sign when the most exciting scene from tonight’s installment of HEROES revolved around the previews for next week.

The return of Kristen Bell to the small screen will not only be a welcome fix for VERONICA MARS fans still suffering through withdrawal. It will hopefully inject some much needed excitement, energy and fun into what’s turning into one helluva sophmore slump.

On a related note, if you have a question for future hero [or possible villainess] Mrs. Bell, please post away in the comments below. As tomorrow at 2PM eastern, the TV Addict will be talking to both Kristen Bell herself as well as HEROES mastermind Tim Kring.

First on my list of questions for Mr. Kring… What the frak is happening with last season’s best new show? And for Ms. Bell… Will you marry me Ummm… I mean, VERONICA MARS the movie, is there a glimmer of hope for those MARS fans still in denial?

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  • VCAD

    1. I am suffering from a VM withdrawal, yes indeed. Do u find some similarities between VM and Elle? do you think fans of VM will like this new character?
    2. What do u miss the most about VM? Do you still talk to the cast?
    3. Are you still with Kevin?

  • 1. What is your schedule like? Is it tough working on Heroes, and everything else you’ve got going?

    2. The NBC promo for next week said “Kristen Bell joins the cast of Heroes,” not “Kristen Bell guest stars on Heroes.” Is there something you’re not telling us?

  • Sheindie

    For Tim Kring: When will you go on 9th Wonders! and ‘talk’ to all of us HEROES fans? .. and what do you think of the Charity Work that the SArmy is doing? (inspired by your talk of ‘everyday back’) —
    For Kristen Bell: Who is YOUR favorite HEROES character and why?

  • Nicole

    For Kristen Bell- What is your favorite show on TV right now, and do you like and watch shows that you are on at the time?
    Did YOU think Veronica Mars would be cancelled only after its third season?

  • For Kirsten Bell:
    1. What would be your dream movie to do?
    2. Who were your childhood heroes?

    For Tim Kring:
    1. Were there any characters proposed for season 1 that didn’t make it into the final cut?
    2. If you could do any project after this, what would it be?

  • The NBC promo raised my eyebrow as well. Is she doing a multi-episode arc, or can we look forward to seeing her as a series regular?

  • Josh

    Last I read, she was gonna be on for 13 episodes.

    So I guess I’ll try and come up with some questions. I’d love to see Kristen Bell answer something I asked. 😀 haha

    For Kristen:
    1. Can you tell us something about your Heroes character that hasn’t already been released?
    2. You had some great comedic scenes on Veronica Mars, so I was excited to hear that you’ll be in an upcoming Judd Apatow movie. What can we expect from that movie, and when will it be released?
    3. Were you happy with the way Veronica Mars ended, or would you have liked to see it end differently if the cancellation had been announced sooner?
    4. What made you decide to accept your role on Gossip Girl? Do you watch the show yourself?

    For Tim Kring:
    1. It seems like Heroes has received a lot of criticism, especially this season. Does that ever affect the way you write the show or the storylines you use?

  • Shannon

    To Ms. Kristen Bell:
    1. We’ve heard a lot of different things about your character Elle, but how would you describe her?
    2. Working with such a large cast…who haven’t you gotten to work, that you’d love to do scenes with and on the flip side of that, which character would you love to see Elle interact with?
    3. Do you still keep in contact with your Veronica Mars cast and crew?

    To Tim Kring:
    1. You introduced quite a few interesting recurring characters last season…The Haitian, Hana, Claude, Charlie, Eden, Ted and Agent Hanson…are there any plans to bring any of them back? (And yes, I know some of them are dead) Also with so many new characters this season, do you feel that it’s to many new faces, to quickly?
    2. Do you find the character of Sylar to be in anyway redeemable? Would you ever consider having him become a good guy?
    3. Are you worried about running out of abilites for your Heroes?
    4. At one point you said you wanted to bring in a gay character, is that something you still plan on doing?
    5. How involved will you be with Heroes: Orginis? Will you get the finally say with story and characters on the stand alones…also is there anyone you would love to get to write, direct or star in one?