“A long time ago… we used to be friends… but I… haven’t thought of you lately at all… because the CW cancelled you.”

Okay, so that’s not exactly how the Dandy Warhols theme song for VERONICA MARS went. But courtesy of, you can now remember your old friend Veronica forever.

Simply leave a comment proclaiming your favorite Veronica boyfriend and you’ll be automatically entered to win 1 of 2 VERONICA MARS SEASON THREE DVDs.

Then, be sure to check your email box on Tuesday October 23 — coincidentally the same day VERONICA MARS SEASON THREE is released in stores — to find out if you won. Two winners will be chosen at random and notified via email so be sure to leave a comment with a valid email address.

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  • Suzanne

    I’d have to say my favorite was Logan even though he wasn’t always the best for her but I did love the sweetness of the Piz and Veronica relationship so he would be a close 2nd.

  • Debbie

    Logan…they had the best chemistry!

  • Sheryl

    Logan, they had such an intense bond!

  • Mikey Boy

    Hmm…I’d initially say Logan, but he was much better when he wasn’t with her. I’d say Officer Leo just to piss everyone off, (and because he was a nice guy).

  • Amanda

    Definitely Logan. Not a fair competition since Logan is her lobster!

    Second Favorite: Piz. I thought he was fun and Chris Lowell is adorable! They even had cutesy chemistry.

  • Sumiko

    Logan is my favorite of Veronica’s boyfriends. When it was on – the chemistry sizzled and he was totally her equal in snarkiness and smarts.

  • Amber

    Duncan… Logan is a close second

  • MD

    Logan and Veronica!! Their scene during the alterna prom was fantastic. Even though Piz was cute in season 3, Veroncia and Logan’s love is EPIC! 😉

  • Holly Havens

    Well, my choice is definitely Logan, because they started out so conflicted, fell in love and had yet more conflict, and the relationship ended, of course, in conflict – what else? What more could you want out of true love??

  • Unfortunately the show didnt last long enough for Ronnie to get drunk enough to hook up with Dick so I’ll go with Deputy Leo as my favorite boyfriend.

  • My favorite Veronica boyfriend is Meg. Um. What, it happened. Sorta.

  • shanna

    Definitely caught between Deputy Leo and Duncan. I loved all their moments. I agree with whoever said Logan and V were more funny when they weren’t dating.

  • Zac

    My favorite Veronica boyfriend would be Logan. I like Leo, Duncan and Piz, but for me I would have to go with Logan since we saw that they didn’t really like each other in the beginning, but over time, realized that they could be together.

  • Molly Caple

    I would have to say Logan. They just had a chemistry and a passion that the other relationships lacked. Logan loved the Veronica that she was in the moment, and not the Veronica that she had been, like Duncan, or the Veronica that she was perceived to be, like Piz.

  • Amita

    I’d choose Deputy Leo was a nice normal boyfriend who didn’t have much drama in his life. Even though Piz was normal, I didn’t see any chemistry between him and Veronica.

  • Sushil

    Logan Echolls because their relationship had a lot of spark and he relates to Veronica better than her other boyfriends.

  • James

    Duncan was her true love! None of her other relationships made her as happy as when she was with him.

  • Nicole

    Logan. They had great chemistry and were amazing in the first season.

  • Nicole T

    I really loved Troy. Then he turned out to be bad but he recovered! I was always hoping for him to come back.

  • Marissa

    Logan by far. Originally I was rooting for Duncan, but at the end of season 1 the LoVe chemistry was undeniable. Logan and Veronica balance each other out way more than Duncan, Piz, or Troy ever could. Plus hearing them banter back and forth puts a smile on my face every time.

  • Rachel

    Logan would be the best and most exciting Veronica Mars boyfriend. He has the best hotel room and he’s so loyal and protective. He was great for Veronica!

  • Chris

    Logan was a dick but damn did he make veronica mars more exciting. I never liked Duncan he was a really boring charcter.

  • Alison

    Definitely Logan.


    Best nickname for a tv couple ever.

  • Logan was my favorite. Even though he generally treated Veronica like crap, they had their moments when he was caring and sweet. Duncan was like the perfect boyfriend, but they had no chemistry. Same with Leo. Troy was a challenge, too bad he was messed up!

  • Michelle

    I totally bought into the whole epic love of Logan and Veronica. Anyone else for Veronica just wouldn’t do.

  • Ella

    Logan is my favorite Veronica boyfriend. Their highs were high, their lows were low, but I really believed their story was epic.

  • Maria

    Logan! That relationship was so troubled…and probably the closest rendition of all of them to what relationships in real life are like…kind of…

  • Kris

    Logan was the best VM boyfriend. There’s so many great scenes of LoVe on the show… my favorite being the scene at the alterna-prom. Amazing chemistry between Jason & Kristen.

  • Kitty

    Its Logan, they are soul-mates! V also had great chemestry with Troy.