Eric Millegan Talks BONES and Broadway

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Since our favorite FOX shows are off tonight in leu of the MLB Playoffs [damn you baseball!!!], this TV Addict thought he’d help fans get their BONES fix by posting our recent interview with actor Eric Millegan.

But before we get to discussing BONES with the talented actor/singer, this TV Addict — who just so happens to be a huge theatre fan [see:] couldn’t resist asking Millegan what it was like watching SPRING AWAKENING — the show he originally starred in — take home a TONY for Best Musical.

Eric Millegan: I’m glad the show did well, but truthfully it was a little bittersweet. SPRING AWAKENING was going to be my big break. We did a workshop of it back in 2001 at the Roundabout Theatre. I played Moritz. We were supposed to go to Broadway in 2002, but as shows tend to do, it got delayed. I got older and older and by the time the show was ready to go it was too late.

The TV Addict: Of course, you are now starring in a hit TV show on FOX, so I’d say things worked out.

Yeah, [laughs] I’m on BONES.

Did SPRING AWAKENING change a lot since you originated the role of Moritz?

There are definitely some new songs. But the whole idea of doing the play and pulling out the microphones — we discovered that.

Obviously there are enormous differences between theatre and television. Do you have a preference?

I like them both. With theatre, you can’t mess up. Well you can, but you just start over again or keep going. On television it’s easier, you just re-shoot the scene. With singing, you always have to ensure your voice is warmed up and you’re caring for your voice. I don’t have to worry about singing so much on BONES.

When I first went from musical theatre to television I thought, “WOW, it’s so much easier.” But as the seasons wear on, the show gets harder and harder. Obviously TV pays me a lot more, which is nice. But they both have their demands and challenges and I embrace them both.

Has it been challenging to play the same character for three seasons?

Yeah, it’s a challenge. The show becomes a formula. You know your part on the show and sometimes you just want to break out and play a different character. But that’s what a hiatus is for. Between season 1 and 2 I shot a movie. I did an operetta during the Christmas break last season and this season I’m hoping to put together a Cabaret.

Where would you like to see you character go this season?

I’d love for Zack to get a love interest. But I don’t know if the writers are ever going to go in that direction. But I think the audience wants it, so we’ll have to see how long the writers can hold off on that.

Can you talk about your character’s relationship with Booth?

At the very end of the season premiere, Booth says he’ll take my character our for drinks, but we have yet to see that scene. I would have loved to play that scene. There’s a really great scene between the two of us coming up in the episode we’re just shooting [episode 8], so stay tuned for that.

Do you ever spend time online reading fan reaction?

Absolutely, I go to all the time. They’re my audience.

I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic. If I were an actor, I’d be terrified of the internet!

People write a lot of good stuff about the show. Our fans are very passionate. It’s fantastic. I don’t really read too much bad stuff about the show, I guess the people who don’t like the show don’t bother posting.

BONES returns to FOX next Tuesday October 23 at 8PM

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  • Buddy Bill

    I have seen John Gallagher Jr., and you my friend are no John Gallagher Jr….As Perez Hilton might say, Eric has a case of the gayface.

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  • sarah

    Moritz Stiefel?

    i so could not picture him as my favorite sad soulful sleepyhead! but i love him in Bones!

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  • nice to see that this topic is finally getting some airtime. Keeping hush-hush about it doesn’t make it go away… BTW, here’s some more info about watch bones for those interested.

  • Andrew

    I’ve seen all of season 1, 2 & 3. Have watched the first 2 episodes of season 4. It just doesn’t seem the same anymore without Zacaroni… He may not have been the main character (aka Bones), but he made the squint squad what it was, in my honest opinion. But that’s just my opinion, everyone else is entitled to theirs. I’d love to see him come back (maybe season 5) healed up both mentally and physiologically, at least as a recurring guest star. Something for the writers to think about.

  • Nancy

    I almost stopped watching BONES since Zack left.

    Without him. the show definitly loses something.

    Hopefully, he will be back on Season 5..

  • Nancy

    I miss Zack. I do not like the different assistants every week (ala Murphy Brown….steal much?). I want Zack back. Doesn’t everyone???

  • please bring Zack back.The show has lost something without him !

  • Lynn Torkelson

    I love the character of Zacaroni!! I too almost stopped watching when he left. I want Zack back.
    Also, I hope the show does not get into a romantic involvement between bones & booth. I think it would make the show too corny.

  • mae hicks

    Where is Zack i miss him. I hope he returns very soon. Please bring him back.

  • Billhickox_is

    I have been wondering what happened to the character of “Zack” and I am also wishing for his return to “Bones”. Being an American in the Philippines I enjoy very few shows from home. I do also believe that wthout “Zack” the show has lost some subtle humor that the entire group has had. Please do bring back the much beloved Eric Millegan as “Zack”.

  • Daizy4u

    I also liked Zack Addy on Bones “my Zacaroni”..I hope they bring him back..I miss his character so much….