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I may come to regret it later (in which case, I’ll buy the inevitable DVD), but HEROES is the latest show to be dumped from my list of Must-See shows this season, as is PRISON BREAK. After the massively disappointing finale HEROES offered up last year, I expected them to work hard at winning back some of the viewers who felt the same way I did. (And I’m well aware that not everybody did.) But the first few episodes of this season have had a dreadful “been there, experienced that” feeling that left me disinterested when I needed to be intrigued. And PRISON BREAK — always a show which required a pretty major suspension of disbelief — has devolved into a show which plays by no rules whatsoever… and I don’t mean that in a good way. I love when a show can pull the rug out from under me (DAMAGES is a great example of this), but absolutely despite one which feels as if it’s just sort of making “shocking” twists up as it goes along.

I’m a little late in coming to this particular party, but I’d like to throw some major love toward and support behind the CW’s new show LIFE IS WILD. I know, I know… first Tila, now this. Y’all don’t know what to think. But my wild inability to resist at least sampling new shows led me to tape the pilot a few weeks back. Last night, I finally got around to watching it. (Yes, I’m majorly behind on my viewing this week.) Let me just tell you right now that lead Leah Pipes is a major star in the making. This girl’s the real deal. Better still, she’s surrounded by first rate actors, gorgeous scenery and writing that tries (if not always successfully) to avoid the schmatzier stereotypes of a family drama. If I were a family man, I’d want mine to gather around to watch this every week. LIFE is indeed wild, as well as wonderful, winning and, unfortunately, woefully underrated in ever sense of the word. This is going to be one of those shows that either fades away unnoticed by everyone but me or is labeled “the best show you’re not watching.” I’ll be intersted to see which way it goes. Either way, give this one a chance. Don’t make me beg.

Among the many reasons to love PUSHING DAISIES: How can any show that allows Kristen Chenoweth (perhaps best known to many for originating the role of Glinda in Broadway’s WICKED) break into song not be one deserving of adoration? Please, let this be a regular event!

Immediately after this is posted, I plan to go into hiding. Why? Because I can’t even deal with the words I’m about to type: I kind of enjoyed A SHOT OF LOVE WITH TILA TEQUILLA. Based entirely on what I’d seen and read about the bisexual bachelorette, I was ready to label her as the dumbest thing since Hi-Def Porn (really, some things just should NOT be seen that clearly) but darned if she wasn’t smarter than, say, that guy who’s currently making me wince weekly on THE BACHELOR. And heaven help me, Tila’s show was twice as entertaining. How could it not be? Testosterone-overloaded men, lovestruck lesbians. I’ve never understood why this woman is famous — and still don’t — but I won’t be a bit surprised when this turns out to be a massive hit. You read it hear first: In true AVERAGE JOE style, the final episode will feature Tila deciding between one man and one woman.

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  • Buddy Bill


  • poor LIFE IS WILD, it is danger of getting cancelled

    the show has potential,just BAD timeslot

  • Frank

    TV Addict. You and I are on the same page. I recently dumped Prison Break and Heroes, for me when watching a TV show seems like work- it’s dumped.

    I might tune in to see Kristen Bell, but even Veronica Mars cant uncover why Heroes is sucking so bad.

  • Josh

    You enjoy Tila Tequilla but not Heroes? Okay then……

    I’m still enjoying Heroes, even if the rest of you aren’t. Can’t wait for Kristen’s debut. 😀

  • KayDee

    I also rather liked “Life is Wild.” It’s not scintillating viewing, but quite enjoyable nonetheless. Plus I find the scenery to die for! So I’ll throw a little love from me on the pile!

    And personaly, I found the breaking-into-song on “Pushing Daisies” to be comical, detracked from the charm of the show, and hope they never do it again!

  • SR

    TOTALLY with you on Heroes. The wife and I barely made it through half of the 2nd episode and we’ve given up. It’s still getting recorded, but i have two eps just waiting there unwatched. I complained on here last season about the horrible dialog and it hasn’t gotten any better. But where last season at least had some excitement, this season is BORING.

  • Nadine

    “Life is Wild”? Seriously? I watched the pilot as soon as it aired and thought that it pretty much sucked. Besides being a bad “Everwood”-rip off the dialogue was awful and in the last 10 minutes it was so full of clichés and flat developement of storylines (tiger baby as a metaphor for the kids who lost their mom, the “bad boy” bonding first with his sister then with his stepdad all of a sudden because of the tiger, come on…). Besides, with those ratings the show is not gonna make it for much longer.

  • Aileen

    There’s been a lot of hating on Heroes on the internet this season, which I can partly understand but don’t agree with. People complain that it’s slow, but I felt that the beginning of Season 1 was slow as well. There’s a lot of different story lines going on and the set-up (like last season) takes some time, but eventually all those story lines will be tied together and THAT’S when it will start being great. Last year I didn’t feel that it really picked up until Homecoming (episode 9), so I’m not worried that it’s a little slow coming out of the gate this season.

  • Crazy4Supernatural

    I’m quite disapointed that you dumped Prison Break. I still think that it’s still an exciting show, even tho they killed off Sara (And it just breaks my heart, that they did that!) But I believe that Wentworth Miller is so talented that he can hold up the show on it’s own.

    I completely agree with you on Heroes, the last episode…I was trying 2 watch it, 4 at least David Anders but as soon as the main title came on. I shut it off & and popped in a DVD of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. It’s too boring to sit though. They need 2 kill off Hiro & Mohinder. They’re a yawnfest!!

  • Crazy4Supernatural

    oh, I love A SHOT OF LOVE WITH TILA TEQUILLA!! And I hate reality t.v. with a passion but I don’t know, it’s addicting!

  • CT

    Aileen, you’re totally right in saying that last season, Heroes sort of introduced a bunch of separate storylines which eventually came together, building slowly. The problem is that since we’ve already met most of the characters featured this year, it’s just plain bad storytelling to scatter them to the wind and expect us to wait all season while they slowly move back toward one another to fight off this season’s Big Bad. It’s season two… we shouldn’t have to wait for it “to get great.” Do we really want a rehash of season one, blow-by-blow? I guess those that do will stick it out… as for me, I’ll read recaps of the action and spend my time watching something else. (That would probably sound SO much better if it didn’t come in the same section in which I admitted to liking Tila Tequilla’s show, huh?)