You Be the Critic: Wednesday Night TV

Was anyone else seriously underwhelmed by tonight’s new television? Discuss… [and check back later for the TV Addict’s thoughts]

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  • So far, I’ve watched Kid Nation and Bionic Woman, and I’m partway through South Park. I’ll have to leave Private Practice and Pushing Daisies for tomorrow or this weekend.

    Kid Nation was pretty awesome. They *finally* had Town Council elections. I don’t know if this is a spoiler-allowed thread or not, so without any details, I’ll just say that I’m *very* happy with the elections. Two out of four of the results kind of surprised me, but at least one went the way I hoped.

    Bionic Woman. Uhh. Another boring plot. Another scene with really bad dialogue. Several more scenes of Katee Sackoff acting a whole lot like her Starbuck character on BSG. I’m still much more interested and emotionally invested in the family struggles of Dan Vasser on Journeyman compared to Jaime’s trouble with her sister on BW. Overall, BW is not exactly bad; it’s just not completely interesting yet either.

    South Park started off bad, but it got a little better halfway through. I may have to watch it again later to pay more attention to background characters in the Imaginationland scenes. I’m about 2/3 of the way through, and they just found a way of making fun of Michael Bay (the hack director of the excessively flawed Transformers movie), making the episode even more redeemable.

    While I haven’t seen tonight’s eps of Pushing Daisies or Private Practice yet, I’ve found previous episodes of both shows mediocre or worse. So, yeah, Wednesday is not my favorite night of TV — too much quantity, not enough quality. Mondays and Tuesdays are much better.

  • Since I’m off this semester, I thought I would get back in the tv habit, but nothing grabbed me. I did love PUSHING DAISIES but due to my own health issues, couldn’t stand to tune in the next week. LOL I do not want to think about death and the “gift” of coming back. Uh, no. As for Private Practice, the first episode bored me. Didn’t even bother to tune in the next week. I’m waiting for LOST. LOL Are you gonna do a live blog next year tv addict for LOST?

  • youKnowWho

    Pushing Daisies: Okay. Couple of cute scenes but I had 0 interest in the procedural storyline. I hope it does not get too carried away with the procedural stuff.

    Bionic Woman: Aghh… This is so boring. This show should be Alias on steroids but it just is not working. I was totally bored with the scenes in the lab, even the Katee Sackoff. The show actually works well during the action sequences. It would be a better show if it was 40 minutes of non stop action, chest thumping, punching, explosions and stunts.

    So far shows this season have been very eh. All of this is just make me miss LOST even more. Oh LOST comeback already

  • Alyssa

    Pushing Daisies had its best episode yet. Gossip Girl was awesome. Private Practice is getting better. And Kid Nation was really tense. And Dirty Sexy Money is always great. Best Wednesday night in years.

  • SuperChris

    I only watched Pushing Daisies last night and I loved it. I was laughing hysterically at the lines, especially the Pooh bear jokes. And plastic wrap never sounded so sexy.

  • h

    Pushing Daisies was wonderful! The witty writing, the fast pace, the Pooh stuff, Emerson running. I loved every bit of it. I agree it was their best show yet. Dirty Sexy Money was same same. If you like it, you like it, but it’s pretty high in cheese factor and predictability.

  • Pushing Daisies was outstanding, you just can’t help but smile all the way through. Bionic Woman was just okay. So far, the sister storyline is pretty lame. Back to You, Private Practice, Life, Dirty Sexy Money, Gossip Girl and Criminal Minds are on the DVR waiting to be watched and CSI: NY awaits viewing via cable on demand.

  • Procedural storyline? I guess technically it was but yet again, Pushing Daisies turns a simple case into something so fantastical and brilliant, my mouth is still open.

    Seriously. Kick Pooh Kick. Genius.!

    I saw GG already on Tuesday so not sure it counts (but it’s almost hilarious in its attempt to hit every cliche plot point out there and I love every minute of it).

    PP was eh, DSM eh. and I finally dropped Bionic Woman and decided to drop Life.

  • For some reason I’ve neglected to PVR KID NATION for the past two weeks even though I enjoyed the first two episodes. Who got kicked off the town council?

  • Josh

    Pushing Daisies was fantasticamazingawesome, so it didn’t really matter what any other show did. It was a great TV night.

    Private Practice was good. Somewhat boring, but not too bad. I only saw the first part of Dirty Sexy Money but I still like it. Gotta watch the rest today.

  • Kid Nation election results for TVAddict…

    Green District: Because she’s the best leader (and probably one of the best overall kids there), Laurel ran unopposed and automatically kept her spot. I’m really proud of her for that. But, I’m also a little surprised no one else in Green ran. Green has the hard working Sophia, the inspiring Michael, and the motherly Morgan, all former gold-star winners.

    Blue District: Somehow, moody Anjay kept his spot on the council. Olivia only got three votes, probably her own, her sister Mallory’s, and one other.

    Red District: Despite a somewhat respectable effort, Mike was crushed in a landslide by the home-schooled, under-the-radar Guylan. The only vote for Mike was his own.

    Yellow District: Here’s the best part. Zach, another awesome kid, beat out the lazy, spoiled pageant queen Taylor. I was surprised by how well Taylor handled her loss, but from the the previews for next week, it looks like she throws tamtrums later on.

  • KayDee

    I’m watching “Pushing Daisies” because there’s nothing else at 8PM that I want to watch. So far, its been pretty good. We’ll see how long it keeps my attention. The other show I like is NBC’s “Life” at 10PM. So far the mystery of why Crews was incarcerated as well as his quirkiness has kept me engaged.

  • Todd W in NC,

    Thanks so much for the update. I definitely have to remember to PVR KID NATION next week.

  • Mel

    I watched Pushing Daisies — what’s with the Dr. Suess narration? I was expecting Horton to hear a Who down in Whoville at any moment. The set colors and so forth, to me, that goes past cleverly stylized to cast-off Cat in the Hat set pieces.

    I’m really enjoying Life — Detective Crew’s just quirky enough to be interesting without becoming annoying.

    I want to like Bionic Woman — but they’re making it difficult . . . .

  • I got around to watching Pushing Daisies and Private Practice.

    Private Practice was okay, but it must have been pretty mediocre, because I’ve already forgotten what the primary subplot was. As usual, the most annoying part was Addison. If the show had been created without her as the anchor, I think it would be better.

    I’m still not onboard with Pushing Daisies yet. That constant narration drives me wonko, the Ned/Chuck romance seems contrived, and when Ned brought back to life the funeral director, he was alive for over a minute before Ned even said, “29 seconds left.” Out of all the shows this past week, I can’t decide who had the more non-captivating episode, Pushing Daisies or Bionic Woman. My tastes are usually pretty mainstream with a lean toward the quirky, so I should probably be liking this show along with everyone else. Instead, I can’t figure out why more people aren’t bored and/or annoyed by it.

    I don’t have a TiVo season pass on Life, but thanks to repeats on USA, I think I’ve only missed one episode so far. I like the premise, the main character, and the casting. I’m not big on cop shows though, so, as with Women’s Murder Club (which is decent enough for what it is), I just don’t know if I want to tune in to a new murder mystery every week.